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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Your welcome :) Alhamdulilah its a really good book. I remember being read the "kids" version when i was younger :)
  2. A test? I understood that the test is in this world until the point at which we die and then there's no test after that. IMO the Barzakh is just a middle way between this life and the next but we aren't tested in Barzakh as it is the place for punishment for the sins we committed in this world. Most of the research I've done says that Barzakh is actually a physical place (to my understanding that is) which is also backed up by Ayatollah Najafi's book "Journey of the unseen world." Source: http://www.followislam.net/books/journey/index.htm
  3. That is so interesting :o! You're interpretation is quite right. So what that basically means is that if you are a true Shi'ite then you may survive the depths of Hell even if you are a sinner. However, that worries me even more as Barzakh will be like hell for those who have countless sins. Inshallah we will be forgiven for most of our sins in this world. Makes the grave sound horrific... The description of the grave works as a motivation to stop ourselves from sinning. AND that's only the grave! Imagine what Hell is like :o That hadith is stated in the Greater Sins book by Ayatollah Shirazi (which @ghajarkvala posted above you comment LOL :P) Just saw your comment Snipe_ :)
  4. Definitely! Thanks Maitham for the link :) @Snipe_ I'll try getting round to watching it tomorrow inshallah :)
  5. @Ali_Hussain Salaams I agree with your view that most of us will then fall into "oblivion" as we are in between purely unbelievers and purely faithful. It also makes sense that those who are purely faithful will enjoy the Barzakh as if it is a road to heaven and that those who are purely unbelievers will suffer and (inshallah) be partly forgiven through this punishment. But then the question arises (as I believe your question is also) if we are neither purely faithful or vice versa and are in between, then aren't we forgiven for some of our sins through the punishment of the squeezing of the grave until the DOJ? Or do we just fall into "oblivion" where we are not forgiven through punishment until the DOJ?
  6. @Shabberhaider That is a very good point and comparison. Im guessing that will only really apply to the very pious such as the great companions of the Ahlulbayt.
  7. Some sleep through it? I thought it was like another sort of afterlife. But yeah, true say, it would make sense that the very pious would just sleep through it till the day of judgement because they may not have many sins to be accounted/punished for. Could you give me a link to their page please? Thanks a lot :)
  8. Yeah that's what I believe also. I don't think it would be logical that the people who die on that day when the Universe will be destroyed will just "skip" Barzakh. Some of your sins are supposed to be forgiven through the punishments in Barzakh so everyone should undergo it. I also read that the extremely pious people will not suffer in Barzakh if they haven't committed sins and that the squeezing of the grave will actually be like a comforting hug for them.
  9. Salaams, As many of us know, there is a 'waiting period' between when you die and the Day of Judgement which is called "Barzakh" in which everyone will undergo the squeezing of the grave and other punishments (depending on the severity of your sins obviously). When the Universe is destroyed on the Day of Judgement (after Imam (a.s.) resurrects and builds a government etc and brings peace to the world) will the people who die on that day also undergo Barzakh? Will some be resurrected straight after they die without needing to go to this "middle-realm"? What are your opinions/ideas? (Please correct me if any of my knowledge is wrong :))
  10. Salaam there is also another hadith ive heard which states there were 1000 adams before this Adam. One theory is that before our Hazrat Adam there were humans which hadn't been given their soul yet. Hence they didn't know the difference between right and wrong (i.e. the neanderthals etc.) Our Hazrat Adam was the first to have a soul placed in him. Thats one theory I've heard. Some also say that the Adams before were humans evolving gradually to the perfect form; Hazrat Adam (who then had a soul given to him by Allah SWT. These are just theories though remember.. I need to research more into this =)
  11. Salaams I would like to change my user name to: Mujtaba-Syed Thanks SC admins :)
  12. I believe its when one of the signs are present.
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