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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not very shocking considering that this belief was quite popular among the early Imami community, even so amongst the proto-Sunni majority, and since there existed several other versions. Not only that, but I'm fairly sure they didn't trust a munafiq with the task of faithfully compiling together the entirety of the Qur'an as it was revealed, especially when he's running around burning out other vulgates like his predecessors did to the house of our Noble Lady عليه السلام. That being said, there's much dispute regarding just how these alleged interpolations made their way into Shi'i hadith compilations, some suggesting they're authentic statements of the Imams عليه السلام regarding the tampering of the original text, others  claim that some of the narrations are true but are intended to be taken in non-literal manner, and yet others are of the view that the bulk of those ahadith are fabrications, falsely attributed to the Imams عليه السلام with some claiming them to have first arose out of the proto-Sunni masses. Allahu 'Alam.



  2. (bismillah)

    Irfan is nothing like sufism, it is to know Allah not from the command sense, but from the inner deeper sense, the spiritual. Sufis take it outside the realm of life, and change it to their own agenda, far beyond the way of the imams and prophets.Their interpretation is infact taking them to the wrong goal. They dont even consider our imams, they forget this world, and they have haram methods. Brother, Ayatollah Khomani didnt make it, he understood it. Same with Ayatollah Behjat, they were amazing people. Irfan didnt come from anyone. Its a way of thinking, "inner knowledge", they call it. The matter is, is how it is portrayed and where it comes from. In Shia Islam's case, the imams and prophets, Allah. I believe, everything is a proof of Allah, dont you? Well that is irfan, knowing the essence of Allah. Irfan is finding your deeper inner self. Irfan is not just taking the do's and dont's but contemplating on even the first letter b of bismillah. This notion of irfan also has philosophy, they are connected. This spirituality came from our imams far beyond ibn arabi or sufism, dont listen to some of the nonsense some people say. If you listen to me, and watch the lecture or read the articles you will understand my position and why I accept it. This is one of they ways were I can connect with Allah, where I can try and figure out this absolute, magnificent creator. Yes, i can never truly know Allah, but by having consciousness of Allah it will get me closer to my goal, to my struggle, to my purpose. This is why I follow spirituality and philosophy.  Our imams were deep like this. Allah even talks about spirituality, what do you take of the verse, im closer than your jugular vein? A command? no, it has a much deeper meaning than that. A way of understanding that is irfan, philosophy, spirituality. Not just, fiq, or simply obey and follow. This is my take on it so far. I can talk about it alot but its too big of a topic. For the last time, I suggest you read the articles, watch the videos, then ask me questions if you need to. I hope I helped a bit.




    They're pretty much the same, considering the fact that Sufis and those who are more Irfani-inclined read the same Sufi books (namely those of Ibn `Arabi and al-Ghazali). The only difference is that Irfanis try to appropriate Sufi ideas in a Shi'i context (like Fayz Kashani did with al-Ghazali's Ihya' ulum al-deen, though at that time the term "irfan" wasn't popularized yet).



  3. Its called Real Face of Shia by Umar Bakr Falafa.


    Sweet. I would recommend another really good book as well. It's called How lying and/or attributing false things to Allah, His Messenger صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم, and the Imams عليه السلام invalidates one's fast by Anonymous. ;)



  4. I saw this film 3 times in the cinema, and many more times on dvd, but I wouldn't say it is the best film ever made, that is taking it a little far.


    The frost...sometimes it makes the blade stick!



    Man, I love that quote. Here's the full scene:




  5. Shias believe in Ramadan?

    What kind of trick is this?


    I know, huh? It's amazing that they believe it to be a month of the year.


    No they are not. Shias follow 12 prophets


    Shi'ahs, as almost every other religious denomination, are certainly not monolithic. So, Twelvers believe in 12 Imams and well more than 12 prophets. So, you're statement just shows your lack of knowledge of the subject matter. Perhaps, you should pick-up a good book and read, it'll do wonders for your mind. I know...reading? But trust me, it's a good habit.



  6. Ahsant.. So it would say, that if the women rejects to do that, he shall admonish her, and separate his bed from the womens bed, and then hit her. The question is then: So if she says NO, he can't hit her?


    Yeah, so it would appear that from the Qur'an and the ahadith of the Masumeen [as] that the "hitting or beating" is done lightly with a miswak (akin to spanking as opposed to actually causing physical harm), provided there isn't a legitimate excuse like if she is ill or something. One of the reasons (perhaps the main reason) for marriage is to regulate sexual behavior in society, so if a woman simply refuses to engage with her husband (who can't fulfill the desire through any other halal means), it doesn't mean he can oppress her but she ought to know that her action is not justified (and that is goes against the fundamental purpose behind their marriage).



  7. ^ From the point-of-view of the Qur'an, the verses can be interpreted to confirm the historical crucifixion, but deny his spiritual death. Remember, that even in Islam, Jesus عليه السلام is the Messiah and expected to return at the End of Time. So, it could also be taken to mean that they did crucify him, but that they did not "kill" him because he is destined to return and will still carry out his messianic tasks. It could also be understood why from the view point of later Islamic scholars, denying the historical crucifixion would be of benefit in the polemics with the Christians of their time (i.e. you would be taking a shot at the most important theological event in Christianity, which they took as an indication of his عليه السلام atonement for the sins of mankind but that Muslims would obviously disagree with).



  8. He never asks proper questions. It's all ways these idiotic questions....

    You haven't even learned about the basics of this religion . First learn then ask...



    How is this a stupid question? The poor guy just heard something and wants to get a straight-foward answer. If you can't say any more than what you've said (without any evidence or reasoning which is what he's probably asking for), then perhaps you shouldn't bother posting.


    I don't have the ahadith on me, but I recall that the "beating" referred to in the ayah of the Qur'an is contextualized to mean "beating with a miswak" and that no harm shall be caused. Plus, that's only after admonishing and distancing oneself in bed.



  9. Hi, there


    thank you for your begining of this club. cuase I dont see the film in english (it was a persian translate) I cant say a specific dialog but I love it  in all.


    We are glad to have you. Please don't hesitate to post something (even in Farsi). Insha'Allah, other brothers and sisters can benefit from it.



  10. Thank you brother Ibn al-Hassan for taking this courageous initiative. You are right, we don't have to practice taqiyyah for Allah is with those who speak the truth. I'm gonna start with a few quotes from the film, the first one aptly captures the emotions of your quote:


    - Some of you are thinking you won't fight. Others, that you can't fight. They all say that until they're out there.


    - Would have been like the sun on my heart for a thousand years.


    - I knew a man who once said "Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back".


    This should suffice for now.


    - Are you not entertained? (!)


    Masha'Allah, brother. Keep them coming. I would like to share the following video clip (I love this scene!):




  11. Welcome to the Gladiator Fan Club!


    Bismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm,


    Thanks to the brilliant brother who started this recent thread, we have come to know of a number of other brothers and sisters who hold the firm belief that the film Gladiator is indeed the greatest movie ever made (and most likely ever will be made). Unfortunately, they have long held this belief in secret, afraid to speak the truth, forced to practice taqiyyah due to the overwhelming number of Star Wars fanboys on SC (you all know who you are). Alhamdulillah, with the few members who have been bold enough to take the initiative to declare the truth of this matter, I felt it appropriate to start a fan club here, dedicated to this amazing film. Insha'Allah, this is open to all Shi'ahs, Sunnis, and those from other religious backgrounds. Anything relevant to the film is allowed, be it sharing an epic quote, posting an awesome video clip, or just discussing a particularly cool scene. Please leave the bashing and other religious issues at the door. We are all Gladiator fans here and we ought to be united as one. It is our duty to make the truth available to all, especially our dear brothers and sisters who are misguided in their infatuation with the Star Wars saga. May Allah عز و جل guide them to the truth.


    Remember, "Brothers (and sisters too), what we do in life echoes in eternity."






  12. Sure, Gladiator's a nice quaint film and all.  But the greatest..?  Please, all those fight scenes but not a _single_ lightsaber duel in it.  What type of movie is that!?




    Stop spamming, you Starwarrian. All the Star Wars films put together can't even match half the greatness (and I'm being very generous here) of Gladiator. Man, kids say the darndest things...



  13. Except that the caliphs themselves didn't necessarily see it that way (i.e. them being only political successors while Imam `Ali عليه السلام was the spiritual successor). Plus, this tendency to divide the succession across these rigid lines of politics, religion, and social spheres is clearly a later doctrinal development. Did the Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله consider himself simply a statesman or a military commander or even a gnostic? He was a Divinely-appointed leader with authority over the entire ummah (that means all affairs that concern the Muslims and even non-Muslims). Breaking down his succession across these lines is quite anachronistic and really just a way for the Sufis to do their thing while keeping it cool with the mainstream Sunnis (God forbid you ever expose their leaders as the usurpers they really were).



  14. Asalamu alaikum;

    You might remember me back here when I stated that I became a Shiatul Ali and left mainstream Islam. Well, my parents have become some sort of problem now.

    My parents have become.. Nasibis. They hate the name Ali, Fatimah, Hassan and Hussain. They try as hard as they can to brainwash me back into mainstream Islam.

    My mom went as far as saying that the 12 Imams never existed and it was all made up. My dad is still insisting on Ibn Saba.

    I've not mentioned anything about being a Shia to them, yet, they always bring that topic up. As if they were trying to make me confess.

    Masha'Allah I've been praying for their hidayah and I just hope they stop doing these kind of things.


    Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq عليه السلام has said: "Our Cause is difficult; the only ones able to bear it are a prophet sent by God, an angel of Proximity, and a faithful believer whose heart has been tested by God for faith." (Basa'ir ad-Darajat)



  15. Ibn al-Hassan


    Have we reached an impasse? Is that even possible, though? To disagree, you have to respond and explain why.


    Yeah, I'm starting to think we're just running around in circles. I disagree with some of your presumptions and what I find to be flaws in your thought process (I elaborated on that in my last post). And I'm sure you would likewise say the same about me. So, perhaps we should break here.



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