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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I,am currently reading: What the Dog Saw: and other adventures by Malcolm Gladwell
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjNBsvwcAoQ#t=277 A fascinating BBC documentary that portrays the deep hate between the various factions in the Muslim world and the cynical use of media to deliver hate and violence. Article on the same topic http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/alqaida-the-second-act-the-hate-preachers-fuelling-sectarianism-9205931.html
  3. IRAQI military helicopters flying over Baghdad have been dropping leaflets. Unlike those that fluttered down from American helicopters at the start of the invasion 11 years ago urging Iraqi soldiers not to resist, these ones are meant to persuade citizens to vote in national elections on April 30th. “In Saddam’s time they used to drop money from helicopters on national holidays,” recalled a wistful Baghdad resident, looking at a leaflet depicting the new electronic voter-registration card. http://www.economist.com/news/middle-east-and-africa/21599406-election-draws-near-rifts-between-iraqs-t
  4. In a SPIEGEL interview, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki discusses accusations he has become another Saddam Hussein, the return of terrorism to his country and his fear that the civil war in Syria will destabilize the entire region. SPIEGEL: Prime Minister Maliki, you have governed Iraq for almost eight years. How many attacks have you survived? Maliki: I can't even say how often my enemies have been after my blood. I've been attacked at close range during public appearances, but there have also been attempts to poison me. My plane was supposed to be shot down once, when I was on my wa
  5. Syria: Troops kill 40 rebels near Damascus DAMASCUS: Syrian government troops on Friday ambushed rebels near the capital, Damascus, killing at least 40 opposition fighters, state media reported. The ambush was part of the military's offensive against rebel strongholds around President Bashar Assad's seat of power. Also Friday, Kurdish gunmen battled jihadi rebels in a northeastern Syrian town along the border with Iraq, leaving a number of casualties on both sides, activists said. Such battles have become increasingly common in Syria's bloodletting, adding another complex layer to the civi
  6. Here's some recent info on Al Qaeda murderous campaign Part 1 http://www.understandingwar.org/report/al-qaeda-iraq-resurgent Part 2 http://www.understandingwar.org/report/al-qaeda-iraq-resurgent-part-ii
  7. It happened nearly three months ago Gunmen kill 3 Syrian truck drivers in Iraq http://news.yahoo.com/gunmen-kill-3-syrian-truck-drivers-iraq-132112355.html
  8. The man is a Iraqi nationalist who obviously has a strong Shia base of support and he has my support Good interview about Maliki The life of Nouri al Maliki, an Interview with journalist Ned Parker http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/the-life-of-nouri-al-maliki-interview_19.html
  9. To best honest even when there were 150,000 extra American troops and all their resources they couldn't,t stop the terrorist bombing which in some cases were much bigger then the recent bombings such as the 215 in 2006 Sadr city. Also unlike the old bombings which targeted one place such as Sadriya market in central Baghdad causing massive casualties these recent bombing are small multiple bombings on soft easy targets such small markets,ice cream shops, cafes which are numerous and it,s hard to protect all of them. This is what the interior minster spokesman said : I asked interior minist
  10. It,s defiantly not one of the largest airbases in Syria. It has been under siege and isolated from other government troops for at least six months and its incredible that they lasted this long. A more detailed report here The victory, said by the groups to have been led by two foreign men in an armored vehicle who carried out a suicide attack to breach the defenses of the Minakh air base, was bound to boost the morale of an insurgency that has faltered in recent months with rebels fighting among themselves and losing long-held ground to the army. Abu al-Haytham, a rebel fighter who fou
  11. Wave of car bombings target Iraqi Shi'ites, killing 60 (Reuters) - Car bombs ripped through busy streets and markets in Iraq on Monday, killing at least 60 people in predominantly Shi'ite areas in some of the deadliest violence since Sunni insurgents stepped up attacks this year. The 17 blasts, which appeared to be coordinated, were concentrated on towns and cities in Iraq's mainly Shi'ite south, and districts of the capital where Shi'ites live. Militant groups including al Qaeda have increased attacks in recent months in an insurgency against the Shi'ite-led government as a civil war in nei
  12. Insurgents increase attacks on Syria’s religious sites This is the funeral of Anas Romani, the administrative manager of the Shrine of Sayda Zaineb --- the granddaughter of Prophet Mohammad. Romani was killed in a mortar attack on the religious site on Friday. Participants in the funeral hailed Romani as a martyr. He was the last victim of attacks on the holy site. This small hole in the ground is the only sign of the 60 mm mortar shell, which Killed Anas Romani and destroyed the generators’ room. The shrine and its surrounding areas have been the target of repeated attacks over the past
  13. Blasts in Iraq kill 6, as toll from previous day's powerful wave of attacks passes 70 As the scale of the carnage became clearer early Sunday, police reported that a total of 12 car bombs went off in Baghdad late Saturday. They said the blasts and a shooting in the same area as one of the explosions killed 57, including some who died in the hospital overnight. More than 125 were reported wounded. Those attacks and others around Iraq on Saturday killed a total of 71, according to police and hospital officials. That made for the country's deadliest day since May 17, when a series of exp
  14. This has to be the only article that i,ve read about Iraq that describes the situation accurately and how it truly is. Not an Iraqi civil war Iraq is, quite simply, on the receiving end of a major al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) offensive. AQI remains one of the most capable of the al Qaeda affiliates or regional franchises. As a percentage of the population, Iraq has lost more of its citizens to al Qaeda explosives in each of the past three months than the United States did on September 11, 2001, according to AFP statistics, which show there were more than 400 casualties in each month of April
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