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  1. Ramadan Kareem everyone : ) MSS
  2. Salam :) Here's an amazing vid: عليكم بسنتي وسنة الخلفاء الراشدين
  3. Salam everyone :) I would like to share with u my thoughts about "Khulafaa Rashidun" which I explained in video.Thank u for watching and leaving comments. عليكم بسنتي وسنة الخلفاء الراشدين
  4. Voila... الشيخ الأزهري أحمد كريمة - الخلافة لآل البيت<--
  5. Salam everyone, U will not regret V V ㋡ سيب الشيعة يروحوا النار
  6. Salam everyone, long time no post :) Enjoy!! ثقافة الجنس | فيلم وثائقي للبالغين
  7. Salam everyone :D After the big success of last Ramadan series "UMAR", how do u like a movie (Bollywood style) that tells the story of corruption, rebellion, palace siege and execution? Would it make a true story or fitna story? Your different opinions are needed, but nobody tells us it's not relevant today with all the Arab springs rising around, seriously!!
  8. ÇáÓáÇã Úáì ÓÇÞí ÇáÚØÇÔì (Exclusive scene)
  9. ÇáÓáÇã Úáì ÓÇÞí ÇáÚØÇÔì (Exclusive scene)
  10. We should listen if they decide to speak... (Video)
  11. "Fitna" is worse than killing :shaytan: :shaytan: :shaytan: (Video)
  12. Amazing video implicitly identifying the 12 immediate successors of Prophet Muhammad (S), counted in Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim & others...
  13. Salam brothers & sisters, Here's my new vid! I promise you'll learn a new thing. It is 60 min long yet is worth to watch: The Last Days Leader Don't miss it! and remember: "forgiveness & rightness bring peace & justice"
  14. "The affairs of the people will continue to be conducted (well) as long as they are governed by twelve men." -Sahih Muslim- For Raafidhah, that authentic version of Hadith is not predicting any succession of 12 governors knowing that people affairs had been severely affected by fitan & civil wars (Ridda wars, anti-Uthman revolt, Jamal war, Siffin war, etc.) which have set up the ground for perverted kings to rule over the Ummah only 30 years after the perfection of Islam. For Raafidhah, the Prophet was only recommending 12 rightly guided successors to his Ummah who is free afterwards to face the consequences of immature choices until the 12th man rises to restore order and justice, ending by Allah's will all the afflictions caused by the Ummah: “If there remained but a single day until the end of time, Allah will prolong that day until He sends a man from my progeny…” -Sunan AbuDawud- For Raadidhah, that explains further why the holy Prophet had always reminded of 'Ahlulbayt' or 'Sunnah' being the only weighty trust 2nd to Quran; just like older nations, the Ummah has 'neglected' or 'corrupted' that precious heritage and gone astray due to ambitions of power & wealth: "You will follow the ways of those nations who were before you, span by span and cubit by cubit so much so that even if they entered a hole of a mastigure, you would follow them." -Sahih alBukhari- Therefore, we do not call them Raafidhah because they have an alternative source of the prophet's Sunnah, or more Hadith reported by Ali than by AbuHuraira, or less people considered as true Sahaba: "Some of you will be brought in front of me (on Doomsday) till I will see them and then they will be taken away from me and I will say, 'O Lord, my companions!' It will be said, 'You do not know what they did after you had left.'" - Sahih al-Bukhari - Furthermore, we do not call them Raafidhah because they reject a 4-guided Khilafah whereas now they cannot pledge allegiance to the dead and cannot be blamed for historical rejections (AbuBakr was rejected for 6 months, Umar was avoided, Uthman was rejected in the 2nd half, Ali was even fought.) Nevertheless, we call them Raafidhah because they accept a 12-guided Khilafah whereas now they pledge allegiance to the life-prolonged 12th man and support his underground movement: "One who dies without knowing the Imam of his time, dies the death of Jahiliyya" -Famous Hadith- Finally, we have to understand that Raafidhah are a brilliant minority because they use both their strong logic and mystic ability so as to get attention to their true belief & distinct way of life as a community or nation (Hezballa/Iran vs. the World)
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