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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. aha I wish ! although as a student i dont get much sleep anyways :(
  2. A_Ali

    Need Advice

    Hey man i totally understand, namaz was my energizer in my day but slowly it became different.... What i realized was that i was making mistakes, and i was holding back from Allah. like when you pray to Allah you ask for many things, but at this time take the time out to talk to god....i know it sounds crazy but it strengthens your connection. another thing every time i committed a sin i felt like something was off in my namaz, this took me a while to realize, and also don't try to hide any information from Allah because he is the all knowing. and take your time in your prayer. remembe
  3. K well allow me to explain... After the survivors of karbala/family were released.they held the first ever majalis in Damascus/syria, after which the family of imam Hussein went to karbala to see the body of the imam that was unburied. on the first day of arbaeen they buried him and held the first ever majalis in karbala. This day also marks the one month mark after ashura. hope I helped !
  4. Well man, your not necessarily a racist, its just personal preference. Think of it this way, you dont need to like everybody. Just tolerate.
  5. I thought was obvious bud, imam ali had much influence in the day to day affairs of the caliphate, LOOK IT UP. perhaps you probably didn't get the memo. Umar asks imam ali to make decisions on his behalf, to counsel him at times. Imam Ali was a huge political figure, he was the son of the prophet, he had the backing of a large group (shia). Ill tell you this when ali spoke, Omar listened, he may choose to act on it or not, but it wouldn't outright discount anything ali would say, as it would weaken his position as caliph. If 2 well known "companions" stand against each other, people choose sid
  6. Ahh a cynical one we have here. You forget that she was given the right along with all the female persian slaves to marry whomever they wished. By who you ask ? imam ali. Sharbanu chose imam Hussein. A "slave" chose a member of the ahlul bayt. on the top of my head, imam reza, kazim(not 100% about this one),Jawad, oh and imam al askari married a christian byzantine princess. She converted after the marriage.
  7. K look this up, it has many of the main mosques here http://www.jaffari.org/ look at the affiliates section. brampton has a strong, indian/punjabi presence. missisauga has a strong pakistani presence, good shia presence. richmond hill has a strong irani presence, strong shia presence scarborough and etobicoke also have a good muslim presencem but brampton is a good choice but car insurance is the highest in the country here, and tons of bad drivers its your choice, anywhere in the GTA would mean you would have accessibility. But the centre my brother mentioned was masomeen, its a great p
  8. It is permissable, given that they would be willing to convert and accept your values. look at most of our imams, they married non muslims, like look at imam hussein he married a persian princess, she was Zoroastrian, Shahrbanu
  9. Ask yourself this.....what makes a sect legitamate? more followers? more theology ? consider this.
  10. Hey man I think i can help, this sound like famililar struggle many young men go through. It would help me a lot if you could tell me how old you are, if not exact give me a bracket, like 16- 20, 12- 16, or whatever. Believe me this information alone would make a big difference. Regards A.A
  11. This is a boy who is very hesitant, which is why hes speaking in hypotheticals. hes frightened, yet i'm puzzled why he is. Your father cannot speak english "apparently" so its not like he can read this forum.
  12. Well I'm not married but i feel i may be able to help out here. I have a few family members/friends who have married people from a different religion, converting them or already converted people. the main problem would be overcoming what your family would say as people are often not "welcoming" of people from a different race, let alone culture. The 2 factors are those, race and culture, your community will need time to accept this change, they must as Muslims, And believe me people will gossip, and they may give the white person a "hard time" and by that i mean they aren't open to talking w
  13. salam To answer your question, no as long as he doesn't look like an uneducated fool, he can be respected. Tell me what is Islamic ? wearing sandals, a shalwar kameez, and a turban ? as was in the prophets time ? Ammar is simply trying to show that is one of us, the common people, hes trying to help appeal to the greater audience. AND mainly the youth, when someone in their teens sees this from a religious person, its inspiring and it kind of helps relate to us. THE YOUTH ARE THE FUTURE AND IT IS TO THEM THAT HE WANTS TO APPEAL TO. Hes dressing like a common man, respectable and in my opin
  14. Moderation is the point of almost every islamic rule, without moderation, man falls.
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