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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bradfordistan? Isn't that what the racist say about Bradford? Because of our strong Pakistani community?
  2. i make now (plus by the help of many more hadiths over this topic) a list of those who out of whole muslim community went out to represent the truthfulness of Islam. And my note book page appears like this 1- Muhammad s.a.w 2-Ali a.s 3- Fatima s.a 4- Hassan a.s 5- Hussain a.s CONCLUSION STEP-5 HMMM so it means in whole Muslim ummah of that time, there was non more truthful than these people. So i should rather stick to these people when it is them vs others. Just a thought one simple verse: If you help him (Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) not (it does not matter), for Allah did indeed help him
  3. This reader judges in your favour brother because mr yam HAS TO PROVE HIS THEORY of who the hypocrites were?!? Quran doesn't mention who the disbelievers were...........but yam does........so am waiting for yam to get PROOF from Quran.........instead of going around in a circular argument the ONUS is on yam to prove otherwise he is lying and doing tahreef of Quran ASTAGHFIRULLAH
  4. Didn't Hazrath Abbas ra also say same thing to Ali ra too? From the same SAHIH Hadith?
  5. I guess this should be sufficient http://twelvershia.net/2013/08/15/al-salatu-khayrun-min-al-nawm-part-1/
  6. Asalam alaikum "I thought I will butt in cos this is going on and in and on just how ameen likes it lol And the cheesy lil pats on each other's backs even if both you cannot even find a single verse in Quran you may as we'll smack yourselfs cos you still haven't come near to the answer,talk about self loathing lol From a neautral stand this is how the people reading it see it The question raised by br justthetruth IS THEIR PRECISE VERSE ON IMMAMATE? It is so simple and basic look at the question he is not asking for a Hadith or an explanation,NO, just a simple statement from the supreme almig
  7. lol my posts have been banned i wonder why??? mmmm

  8. oops sorry brother i cannot give perfect answers and believe you me no one can give you perfect answer either not even YOU YOURSELF as for our proofs from hadiths , is a dif mahdi compared to shia ! brother like saima and me know THAT BELIEF IN IMAM MAHDI AS ISNT USOOL E DEEN so if she doesnt believ and i do it doesnt matter Allah subhanawatallah will not judge us for that , for one we have NEVER seen him and billions who have passed away have niether i may not see him you may not see him before we die, and as for A NEW MUSLIM lol brother i repeat again its not usool e deen unlike yourself bro
  9. gayba and immamate is tradtion of nabi sallalahualaihewasalam? i never knew, and as for REGARDLESS if its in quran or not? then where do you take your religion from? hadiths?
  10. no brother he is not mentioned in quran either, i believe in him through sayings of nabi sallahualaihewasalam
  11. you know and i know there is none just like NO VERSES for imam mahdi as , either !!!
  12. Here we go again ............ This is Shia view of kaab alahbar it's on wiki!! Umar and a number of prominent companions had a very positive attitude towards Kaab. However the most knowledgable and the most farsighted among them, namely, Imam Ali ( as ) discredited Kaab. Kaab did not dare to come close to Imam Ali ( as ), despite the fact that the Imam was in Medina for the duration of Kaab's stay. It is reported that Imam Ali ( as ) said about Kaab : Certainly he is a professional liar![2] So you believe a liar? According to shia As for the title farukh..... Umar (Raziallah Anho) gets the tit
  13. AWWWWWW REACHED THE END OF YOUR TETHER???? L O L OK here is son e proof from SAHIH BUKHARI on dajjal written 1400 years ago Amir b. Sharahil Sha'bi Sha'b Hamdan reported that he asked Fatima, daughter of Qais and sister of ad-Dahhak b. Qais and she was the first amongst the emigrant women: Narrate to me a hadith which you had heard directly from Allaah's Messenger (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) and there is no extra link in between them. She said: Very well, if you like, I am prepared to do that, and he said to her: Well, do It and narrate that to me. She said: I married the son of Mughira and
  14. Yep sweet dreams kid too now that you have answered like the LION you are roaring on about sujoods and what not but..........still stook trying to explain IMAMATE by using words of bow down and prostrate and how it comes into your vicabulary Lol well done So after all that IMMAMATE is still something UNKNOWN in Quran as I still believe and you still cannot prove
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