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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not in particular, I was more or less just asking in general.
  2. Salaam alaykum. I have always struggled with getting my prayers right so I figured I'd post my understanding of it here. I found an e-Book and I just want to make sure that the information in it is right/that I typed it up properly. Thank you in advance. - Recite Al-Hamd - Recite Al-Ahad - Bow and say “Subhana Rabbiyal Adheemy wa Behamdeh.” - Stand straight and say “Sami’aa Allahu Le-man Hamidah. Allahy Ackbar.” - Prostrate and say “Subhana Rabbiyal A’laa wa Behamdah.” - Sit on legs and say “Allahu Ackbar. Allahu Ackbar.” - Prostrate and say “Subhana Rabbiyal A’laa wa Behamdah.”
  3. Is anyone else here married to someone who isn't Muslim? What are some struggles you've had? How have you overcome them together? My wife is very supportive of me, but wary of religion. She was raised in a particularly hardcore branch of Christianity, so me finding Islam again has been troublesome for her. When we met I was not practising so I don't expect to change her mind, I just want to know if anyone else here is in the same boat. Also to get some help on how we can work together, while not compromising our religious beliefs.
  4. In my location (Alberta, Canada), I have also been called a traitor by non-Muslims. They labelled me a 'traitor to Canada' for becoming Muslim, and I was actually denied housing because I was a 'security threat'. The struggle is real. I'm so glad I have this community to turn to.
  5. I said the Shahada in 2012. I've since had many struggles with my faith. I also struggle with mental illness and now that I'm back on my meds full-time, I'm ready to commit myself to Allah SWT. Being a revert to Islam, struggling with mental illness and living in a place where people are largely racist and xenophobic has its challenges. The good thing is that I've learned a lot and I don't see my struggles as a failure. I learned and continue to learn, and I look forward to reconnecting with Allah SWT.
  6. I messaged her. I'm just a bit confused because several years ago I put up a request here to change my name and it wasn't a problem. Have the rules changed?
  7. I would like to change my username to Habil Ali
  8. I was lead to a door where I knocked and Allah (SWT) answered.

    1. Anisa Bandeh Khoda

      Anisa Bandeh Khoda

      Salam beautiful, how are you??? I've missed you! Inshallah You're in the best of health and eman!!!

  9. Here are two haikus I wrote about Karbala. I will add more as I write them, if people would like to see more. [i also wasn't sure exactly where to put this, if it's in the wrong place I apologize] Haiku #1 Hooves trample his chest: Their tears would fill the Nile and tell his story Haiku #2 Held in tender hands, The child cried for water and was killed instead
  10. Omar blocked Ali (as) politically...is that really on par with genocide? He was a harsh leader but is that really like killing the Prophet's (pbuh) family? I understand why there's a problem with Omar but each companion wronged Ali to different degrees. Not all of the companions commited crimes that are curse worthy like Yazid and Muawiya did. I just can't understand this extreme hatred to the point of spitting on their figurative graves. We are encouraged as Shi'a to learn as much as we can with as little bias as possible so we can get the right information. Is religious identity so important
  11. On a partially related note...in all this talk about Omar supposedly being gay, it's being forgotten that ALL of the caliphs did good things in their lives. ALL of them helped the Prophet (pbuh) in his own way. Yes, Omar was a bloodthirsty tyrant but do you think it's mature to sit here and call him a homosexual? What point do you think you're proving? All you're proving is that you know how to insult somebody like you're still in middle school. Congrats. Have anger for the wrongs that have been committed but how is it right to completely overlook the good things they've done?
  12. Taurus is a bull (earth) and Cancer is a crab (water). I also asked if he was Pisces (water) because in my experience Pisces/Taurus are really incompatable signs...that is, if the people actually act like how their sign states. Not everyone does. EDIT: Also, I'm a pisces so I can see some of my own "meh, it'll work out" qualities in him although he takes it to a whole new extreme.
  13. ^ And is he a Pisces? He has a very relaxed attitude toward life, which is good in a sense...but he's letting his responsibilities go and he knows it. It sincerely seems like he just doesn't care. This has nothing to do with you being a "bad wife": you are doing EVERYTHING you can to keep your life together. I've been keeping up with your posts, starting from when he first left and it just seems like that his MO in life. If things get tough, meh, it will work out somehow. He's completely neglecting the fact that you need to do whatever you can and Allah will do the rest, not the other way arou
  14. Part of you would be right ha ha ha How did you guess? :o :P
  15. Woah, back the truck up for a second here. I get what you're saying and I agree, lots of people would use Taqiyya to save their lives, that's what Taqiyya is for...but why'd you mention whites? Do you think that whites are more likely to be "yellow bellied" and not stand up for what they believe in than the Arabs or Africans? Or that pure blooded Arabs would be more brave than white people and therefore refuse to use Taqiyya? :donno:
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