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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) Tauheed Mosque in Hauketo, Oslo- Norway It is by the grace of God that a mosque for the Shia community, and all muslims, have finally risen from the ground and into the sunlight here in Norway. The Tauheed Mosque aims to spread the message of unity and religious kinship, and aspires to become a place of dialogue and tolerance, in a multicultural and diverse society such as the one found in Norway. It has taken many years to get this far, and only a little remains to reach the start of this Mosque's journey into Norwegian society. However, the project is in need of a
  2. Thanks sisters! Both links are helpfull :) However, there is still confusion and inconsitencies (for example, the text in arabic and farsi that sister Hameedeh provided also only accounts for 6 personalities, not 7. In addition to including a part about Imam Hussein that I didn't find in any of the other recitations and texts.) So here's what I'm going to do inshallah, in fear of excluding anything, I'll "stich" together all the different endings to form one single encompassing ending. And as for the 7 personalities, I'll include both Sayeda Fatima (as) and Imam Mahdi (aj), and regard Imam Has
  3. The plot thickens.. When announcing the 7 things, some texts/recitations include Sayida Fatimatiul Zahra' (as), and counts Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain as one, as the two "sibts", and includes the Mahdi (aj) as the seventh.. Some exclude Sayeda Fatima (as), and count Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein as two seperate parts.. And the link sister Hameedeh provided mentions neither Sayeda Fatima (as) nor the Mahdi(aj), leaving only six persons accounted for if we are two account the two sibts as seperate posts.. I officially hate my life
  4. (salam) I'm planning on doing an audio recording where I recite the sermon of Imam Ali ibn Al-Hussain (as) in damascus infront of yazeed (la), The only problem is that I can't seem to find the correct ending for the sermon! The recitations on youtube have different endings, and the texts I found also have different endings.. Some recitations have parts that I can't find in the texts... This is so frustrating! I want to use a reliable and true source to recite the sermon from. Does anyone know where this can be found (in arabic). I would be forever greatfull if you could post the entire sermon
  5. @2, I think you're missing a fundamental point brother cc_30. A fatwa from a marja' is by definition not haram to follow. There is no absolute "truth". Had there been, then both scholars would've been in agreement. It is, as you put it in point 1, a matter of context. If YOU honestly feel that you're not READY for the responsibilities and that the girl is not ready, then, based on obl.pre, you abstain. However, if you're confident that the girl knows what she's doing, and you're ready to take on that responsibility, then you proceed, as per scholar Bs fatwa. But nowhere do YOU have to prove th
  6. Haha, it seems my frustration got the best of me, and I do apologize if my language offended anyone. I actually wanted to edit some of the language later but it wouldn't let me. At the time of writing, "Flying turd" seemed diplomatic and soft to me. As for "pathetic", it's probably not the wisest word to use in regards to the fiqh itself. I apologize. :) EDIT: And I am all for balance! I did not mean to say that we should throw them out and disregard them. I meant we should get our priorities in order so that we do not neglect the big picture. I do agree that I expressed myself a bit too extre
  7. 1- The man in my avatar and Sayid Ali Khamenei are both men who have done tremendous amounts of positive work for our progress as Muslims. Either you don't understand what I'm saying, or you're just compelled to "defend" out of instinct, with complete disregard to the context I presented. Had Ayatollah Khamenei spent countless hours on petty issues while disregarding the big issues, then yes, the man in my avatar would classify that as a waste of time. I mean, you would've had a valid point if my statements were made in a world full of Hassan Nasrallahs and Ali Khameneis. As this is not the ca
  8. (salam) You know, I bet 90% of the people in this discussion dont even realize what brother اهل البيت is saying.. If people are too blind to realize that there is something seriously wrong with how people do taqleed nowadays then I can only pray for God to enrich your intellect so that you can acknowledge this problem. 1- Irrational arguments like "they are RIGHT in NOT explaining due to people's limited knowledge" equates to saying that teachers should not exist because people need to learn. Please restrain your elitism people. Saying stuff like "You dont know so you should shut up" makes me
  9. I agree 100%, and I think most "Ayatollahs" as you refer to them, agree as well. I mean, what is the technical name of these "Ayatollahs"? Is it not "Maraji'"? Ergo, it is all about Rajoo', as you put it. But you know, when discussing matters like these, it is important to be wise enough and acknowledge semantics for semantics. Whether someone calls it taqleed, rajoo' or football, at the end of the day it's just semantics, we have to focus on the intent. So, if your goal is to discuss people's UNDERSTANDING and PRACTICE of "Taqleed/Rajoo'", then be sure to make that clear from the get go, in o
  10. (salam) Thanks for your response brother! :) There is no doubt that Al Amr bil Ma'rouf wal Nahyu 'an il munkar is obligatory. However, my question pertains to proper conduct and etiquette. For example, if you see someone doing something wrong in their prayers, you don't interrupt the person's prayer and scream "STOP!! YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG"... You wait until the person has finished and approach in a respectful manner. Also, when Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Hussein (as) saw a man performing wudu in an improper manner, they did not EXPLICITLY tell him "you're doing it wrong". They (as) approached t
  11. (salam) This is a slighly funny story. I offered my friend some chocolate mousse which I had just purchased from the local grocery shop, and I took a portion for my self as well. While I was eating, and enjoying the best chocolate taste I had ever had the pleasure of tasting, he sensed a weird scent from his cup before he had any. So he studied the package and found out it contained 1,1% Alcohol. He immediately told me about it and I stopped eating, after being disappointed and sad of course. :( Now, the question is, should my friend have waited for me to finish before letting me know, since i
  12. (bismillah) Allahuma Salli 'ala Muhammadin Wa Ali-Muhammad. (salam) I was in a discussion the other day with a friend, and we got into the topic of God's Justice. Me being a shia told her that God is Just. She stopped me right there and asked "Why does God have to be just??". Now, from a religious perspective, if God wasn't just, he wouldn't have sent messengers and books, God wouldn't have introduced the principle of Reward for Good deeds and punishment for evil deeds etc.. But, how do you explain God's justice to an atheist who doesn't even believe in God's existence, let alone God's mess
  13. (bismillah) (salam) From Sunni Sources: Why the Asr prayer may be prayed immediately after Zuhr, and the Isha prayer immediately after Maghrib From: http://www.shia.org/AboutPrayers.htm The part I just pasted here can be found at the bottom of that page. The page also provides ahadeeth from Sunni sources in regards to doing Sujood (Prostration) on earth. So, just to conclude, you can pray zuhr and asr, back to back (but you must of course seperate them into two prayers, some people think shias pray 8 rakkaats, that's wrong.. The Zuhr and Asr is the same as for sunnis, 4 rakaats each, two se
  14. (salam) The brother Simorgh was talking about recommended prayers, or recomended things and "rules" in general, not the obligatory prayers. With that said, ANYTHING that is obligatory(wajib) is more important than ANYTHING that is "recommended" (mustahabb). Furthermore, Imam Ali (as) has said: "La naf3a fil nawafil itha darrat bil fara2id" - "There is no benefit/use in the Nawafil (things that are mustahabb) if they negetively affect the Fara2id (Things that are wajib)". so, for example, locking yourself inside your room praying nawafils(mustahabb/sunnah prayers) while your mother is asking
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