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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why do you want to spread fitnah by "cursing" someone else's revered personalities? If Imams did it, they did a wrong thing. You don't have to keep repeating same mistakes and causing fitnah amongst Muslims. Seriously, this is just common sense. Why would you 'curse' when you know it will cause tensions within Muslims?
  2. I am not. I'm here to understand what Shia Muslims believe. So the only controversy is the 'order' of the Qur'an? right? Qur'an is complete and undistorted. The only difference of Shias is the 'order' of the surahs of Qur'an, right?
  3. How would you explain this video? Where one of the shia ayatollahs claim that the Imam Mehdi will reveal the *real* Qur'an that Ali (R.A) had...which companions tried to destroy? Doesn't it imply that current Qur'an is incomplete, distorted? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psISn_xQ2uY How do you guys explain this?
  4. Can someone answer to my this question please? "Which" sahabas do Shia curse or they don't respect them? I mean 3 Caliphs , Ayesha are held in high esteem by Sunnis but Shias don't show them the respect...How many other people are there whom Shia curse while Sunnis held them in high esteem? Amir Muawiya (Father of Yazeed)? who else? Can I get the list? A complete list will be appreciated.
  5. How they caused hazart Fatima (R.A) to suffer? also , can you give me the list that I asked in my last post?
  6. Why? Why you shias don't want peace to happen between Sunnis and Shias? Why you just WANT to derail relations? You can voice your opinion in a civil way too...like "I don't agree with first three caliphs. I believe that Ali (ra) should have been first caliph" etc..but why you HAVE TO "curse" , "abuse" persons whom Sunnis regard in high esteem? Its Shia like you who tarnish the image of whole Shia community and flame the sectarian flame. Shame on you and all others like you. I have one more question from respected members here ... "Which" sahabas do Shia curse or they don't respect them? I mean 3 Caliphs , Ayesha are held in high esteem by Sunnis but Shias don't show them the respect...How many other people are there whom Shia curse while Sunnis held them in high esteem? Amir Muawiya (Father of Yazeed)? who else? Can I get the list? Thanks....
  7. Ok , so I want specific answers from senior Shia members here... 1-Does all Shia abuse Umar (R.A) , Usman (R.A) , Ayesha (R.A) and Abu Bakr (R.A) etc? Many sunnis say that Shia abuse sahabas and say bad things about them. Islam says that Prophet's wives are "mothers of believers" and yet Shias put fingers on Ayesha's character? Why? Does Shia Islam support it? or not? Do you think Abusing Sahabas is fair? 2- Shia's believe that Qur'an is not complete? Many Sunnis say that Shias believe that Qur'an is incomplete? Why is it? Do ALL Shias believe it or only some? How do you know that Qur'an is incomplete? 3- Shias believe that Gabriel made a "mistake" by giving revealation to Muhammad (SAW)...Shias say that 'actual' deserving person of Allah's revealation was Ali (R.A)? Again , does ALL shia believe it? or some? or not? Are such believes not kufr? What is your view about it... --------------------------------------- So are these things true? not true? to some extent? Can any senior member explain? Shias are free to comment here. I want to learn more and more about Shia Islam and its beliefs. There is alot of propaganda also , I want to clear my mind...
  8. So you like Christianity more than Sunni Islam...hypocritical. Also , whether Sunni or not Sunni ... Their content WON'T be against any other sect...and it helps to further Islam too..so whats the problem in supporting them? With this attitude , no wonder Shia's are disliked. Selfish and anti-Sunni WITHOUT a reason (as the case here..you have absolutely NO reason to not support the initiative..It has nothing to do with Shiaism...but yet , you won't support it because its "Sunni" and instead , you'll feel happy if Christianity , the most vile enemy of Islam , furthers in Islamic "Sunni" Indonesia) .....wow..just wow. Then Shia complain ....Smh...
  9. Well , they'll teach "Tawheed , Qur'an is the last word of God , and Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger...etc" ... They'll teach BASIC Islam to the masses..Do you really believe that they'll teach sectarianism? wow! You can go to their site and see it yourself..Go see their "programms" and future goals..their materials..etc...NOTHING is sectarian there...
  10. Does that even matter? They'll spread Islam...no sunni , Salafi , Shia.. New Muslims don't even have sects..This come in later in the life , if ever. C'mon now... So you people are satisfied if "Christianity" is spreading in Muslim lands...but if "Sunni Islam" spreads..then you have a problem? What kind of twisted logic is this? Shia Muslims should also target untapped communities like South America Inshallah... All Muslims must support the spread of Islam..Sectarian differences come later...but alas...Muslims and sensible? Doesn't seem the case now a days... No , these people are leaving Islam because they don't even have enough knowledge about the deen. They are poor. Christian missionaries help them and exploit them..and deceive them into Christianity...This is a common tactic. How sad is that Muslims care about their 'sect' more than they care about Islam. Disgusting and pathetic.
  11. All those who are doubting the authenticity of this video.. Please go to this site .. http://http://www.me...ssionworld.org/ The project is started by mercymission organization. It is a well-known organization.... The studio this video was shot in is also famous for 'Islamic productions' ....Please , rather than blaming "Oh Salafi , Sunni , Shia etc" ....can we , for a moment , think about Islam? Do these people look like sectarian goons? These are honest people trying to spread Islam. We ALL must help them and donate them. Even Hamza Tzortiz appeared on their program...is he a sectarian guy? Come-on , why you people are fining excuses about not to help this organization in their noble cause? Sad. For those who think that the situation is alright...Have a look .. "Christian revolution in Indonesia" .. This report came in 2010 ... http://www.time.com/...1982223,00.html I agree that number might not be as big as 2 million..but does it matter? Is it acceptable even in 20,000 Muslims are converting to Christianity in Indonesia every year?
  12. Though this video is bit exaggerated , but the underlying message is absolutely true! Get this STRAIGHT Muslims.... Christianity is the BIGGEST ideological threat to Islam among religions... Christianity is the only other 'organized' religion. They want to convert all others to their religion. They know that Islam is their ONLY hurdle among religions..In Christian missionary channels , they "specifically" have segments refuting Islam... etc ...Why ONLY Islam? They don't refute Judaism , Hinduism etc etc..Well because unlike us fool Muslims , Christians have identified their target well while Muslims are still arguing "Shia vs Sunni" issues! WAKE UP! Muslims must wake up and smell the coffee...Why don't Muslims start a mass dawah campaign in Africa , rural China , South America etc etc? Any scholar Sahib in this forum reading this? Any person that can contact Arabs/Iranians over it? Rich Arabs , Pakistanis , Egyptians , Iranians etc etc have the resources....they must fund Islamic global Dawah campaign Inshallah.. Inshallah Muslims can still counter this !..but if we don't do anything...like we have been not doing anything since 50 years ...then Christianity can get a huge advantage over Islam Muslims MUST start an organized campaign to bring people into Islam Inshallah! See how Christian missionaries do it...we can study their tactics too and incorporate them into out campaign...Teams of Muslims must be sent to Africa , China , South America etc to bring people into Islam by charity and dawah Inshallah... Here is the organization behind this campaign..... http://www.mercymissionworld.org/ Donate to them , get involved , take part in the further expansion of Islam ...
  13. Good post , Brained. Pakistan holds the LARGEST Shia population in the world after Shia majority countries like Iran and Iraq.... Pakistan has MORE shia Muslims than India has.... With political stability and more literacy , Shia situation will improve further Inshallah..
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