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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow, anyone would think that I insulted his hero...

    Umar is no holy figure, he is the murderer of Bibi Fatimah (as) and her unborn son.

    Logical - hope you have had fun here, for the last week you have taken the mickey out of Shia's (muta etc) but its not so fun when someone takes the mickey out of your lot i.e. umar et al.

    Btw no real Shia would ever refer to umar as a 'holy figure'. Massive fail lol

  2. I don't even know who she is LOL. We were talking hypothetically.

    If she lives at uni, she pays her own food , expensives, and is not dependent on her father, then some marajah would allow a temporary marrige without the need to ask the father.

    If she is a virgin then you would need the father's permission. But I think you already know that and are just trolling. Goodbye logical.

  3. Sister, then you would know more than me that everyone gets loans. A tuition fee loan, and a maintenance loan.

    Women go to uni and study , most in the uk in terms of shia women. They do degrees and live at uni.

    My degree is 5/6 years. Her degree will be 3 years.

    I will finish a few years after her.

    islam needs a new prophet pbuh to solve new world times.

    You do realise that it comes to a very small amount? You have to actually live on that. Ive seen many students struggle to cope, but if you think you know best then go ahead dude.

  4. the thing is, sister enlighted is on the ball here. She is actually giving me the only realistic solution. Find someone who wants to go to uni too but also get married.

    Sister Yoda, that's how it works here in england. You get student loans for your bills. They GIVE it to you.

    Perhaps in your country it works differently to mine.

    I live in the Uk and teach Psychology at university. I know quite a lot about student finances.

    Yes i know, he may be logical Islam , but it not a reason to make rude replies when the brother is asking for help .

    i dont understand the holier thing posts

    No I dont suppose you would.

  5. (salam)

    OP :

    Thank you for posting this. I'm not saying this because I agree with your post, but because it was meaningful and It taught me how difficult it must be .

    Allah help you Inshallah.

    The Akhira must always come first. Dunya is not a priority , therefore, marriage should be a bit more important than finishing a secular degree around the age of 22 . You can do both (marriage and studies) at the same time .

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