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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not sure how to get a screenshot though :( But thanks To be fair, I have not had a run in with this person before.
  2. If someone wanted to complain about someone on the site, who would be the best person to contact? The evidence has been deleted which makes it difficult. Someone who is neutral would be best. Thanks :)
  3. Or, if you have a low sperm count/infertile than your wives can divorce you, Islamically. Then she can leave you and get impregnated by another man Lets be honest here, if most of you manage to get one wife then you will have done well.. ( arranged marriage to your cousin isnt that bad, so Ive been told) Other than that Happy New Year Kids!
  4. Wasnt Mike Tyson a member? Snoop Dogg is a member apparently :wacko: Seems to attract an, interesting type of person..
  5. We have had some frank and honest discussions on here. Waiting for him and Silvercrest - whilst I disagree with your stance on polygamy I respect your views and normally we agree on lots of other things. Truce :Hijabi: Its New Years Eve lets all stop arguing and celebrate a the start of a new peaceful and good year for all of us Inshallah :)
  6. Just to be on the safe side, have a shower :)
  7. Sis, you being a Shia is not relevant, speaking to some of the teenager hormonally charged boys in the way you do is something your father has a right to disapprove, even if he isnt a Shia Please be careful :)
  8. Im worried about you little sister, some of the things that you say are going to make you a target for undesirables. Do you think your father would approve of some of the things you say online?
  9. * In ghetto voice* Oh no you didnt! Dude, Im not a selfish, or stupid pro-feminism loud mouth woman. You are really showing your lack of maturity resorting to cheap and nasty tactics. Im beautiful (and modest) and clever, I dont need to share a man Grow up!
  10. Thats cos we are man hating feminists, and we were put on this earth to spoil their fun Islamic right
  11. Funny that, I think its the virgins that they want, not those poor unfortunate women
  12. If my husband wants to have other women, then thats up to him, though I would take him to the cleaners.
  13. Not only are you a man hater, but you are a feminazi too :P
  14. I dont think I could do that. I couldnt share a house with another woman, she might try and take over the running of the house, that is unacceptable. What if she used my bone china plates for beans on toast or tried to wear my clothes :o :no:
  15. Please provide evidence if this is the case, though I very much doubt it. Women are allowed to see their friends, go shopping and even leave the house after sunset :rolleyes:
  16. Other than umar, I feel quite sorry for gays it must be hard not to give in to your animalistic nature. At uni we knew of boys that were very obviously gay but were made to marry their first cousin. Misery for them and their poor spouse. I guess its between them and Allah (swt) and we should probably not judge them.
  17. For me its this :D http://www.shiachat....alling-you-out/ Coolio's gangster paradise is the best
  18. Bambi, I wanted something tougher, like Darth Vader :Hijabi:
  19. The only place he needs to go to is a Psychiatric Ward. I confess I probably shouldn't have said the things that I've said to him. Allah (swt) please forgive me for ridiculing him as he seems to be suffering from a mental ailment
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