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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ok you two break it up - this thread is about jinn possession, stop fighting like a couple of girls. Thanks for this, I will do :)
  2. Ive always wanted to ask this - what is a malang?
  3. Do you believe in jinn possession? Or is it mostly mental illness instead?
  4. I suppose its up to the family if they will allow this, maybe its important for them to maintain the bloodline. Im glad my family aren't were not like this otherwise I wouldnt have ever been born (syed mum / shia dad) Although my Grandma was very angry about it, threatened to disown my mum etc, caused her a great deal of emotional torment. My grandma did get over it. Eventually.
  5. Freud wrote a good book on dreams, apparently dreams are the gateway to our subconscious. Maybe there is unresolved issues between you and the person concerned, would it possible to talk to that person?
  6. Who knows but he is a good guy for ridding the world of umar. Abu Lulu RA
  7. Pretty much anywhere in America ;)
  8. You can say; 1. No thanks, Im waiting for Colin Farrell to propose (im kidding) 2. Im not looking at getting married right now, but if you leave your details etc etc 3. Tell him that your therapist doesnt think its a good idea right now Use your imagination :P
  9. Because killing isnt enough for these evil satan worshipping illegitimate filth. They want to mutiliate the body as well.
  10. Pisces - we rock. I get on best with fellow pisceans, scorpios and capricorns.
  11. In theory you are right - but sometimes you can ask a question and expect civilised (no swearing, general rudeness etc) answers. When this does not happen and baboons descend and trash the thread with their childish rantings, then maybe the OP has the right to request that the thread be closed.
  12. Mods can you please close this thread. I have the answer now and frankly I was dumb to even ask it.
  13. Ok boys, maybe if some of you weren't so muta obsessed you would not come across as sad and desperate. But I guess the truth hurts... Western men expect to marry one woman only and shock horror actually only be with her! They are mature enough to have platonic relationships (yes I'm also sure some of them have impure thoughts, but are mature enough to have self control). Maybe when you have all reached past puberty you will understand this, but for now keep on throwing your toys out of the pram. I'm outta here, before I get got by the teenage posse.
  14. Im sure non muslim men have their fair share of depravity also, yet they dont complain about women as much as some of the SC kids do... As for the pm's I am particular about who I choose to trust. Disprove what? That your rubbish theory makes no sense.
  15. Sunni or wahabi? Why am I not surprised. Trying to stir trouble between Shia men and women. Sad on so many levels.
  16. No, you really dont. You are still in high school. Btw are you even a Shia?
  17. Why dont you stop spewing your absolute nonsense. As a Psychologist, I know all about evolutionary Psychology and the rules of attraction - so please spare us from your amature pop psychology because clearly you have no clue what you are talking about. Its probably best to keep playing with your playstation
  18. I am quite disgusted with some of the male responses on here. How come other men that are not Shia manage to control themselves? In western countries you see men who are capable of interacting and having platonic friendships with women - yet some of you lot cant handle it. Perhaps is just the teenagers that are answering - I doubt mature men would have such lack of control or desperation.
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