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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. But who else is as handsome and educated as you are? You have spoiled us for all other men - it must be the way you look, speak and generally carry yourself... Admins dont lock this thread, it should be kept open as a shrine to him...
  2. Oh yes we are his devoted followers B) How can we live without his words of wisdom, from now on we shall all bow down to him :P Im off now to build a shrine for him :lol:
  3. Lol I've noticed he has changed his picture on his avatar. Wise move.
  4. ^^ he is totally deranged and delusional. As I am a married woman he is also very disrespectful
  5. You dont own SC don't tell me what to do. Actually, I wasn't going to say this but... There is no way you are going to find a wife because you are quite ugly and weird looking. Sorry but it's the truth. you're personality also sucks too. Do You know how desperate you sound? How many females have actually responded to you on this thread? That's because you have absolutely no chance getting a Shia girl on here. Now I've said all I'm going to say to you. So please don't bother with another nonsense reply.
  6. Ignore him, he's been trolling all day. He is a total fantasist
  7. Only for some women, usually those with no careers who couldnt support themselves financially
  8. Ok, I have a question. Would a man, say 60 want to marry a 60 year old woman?
  9. Money has no appeal for me whatsoever, sorry. Of course Im already married, to a Doctor, but that was not the reason that I married him.
  10. I would say, 30 years would be my maximum bro. Knowledge and experience does it, not money
  11. Brother Quranist - maybe your sales pitch is not right. Dont be offended, but, perhaps a makeover might help? Hair cut and different clothes? And the others are saying that you have bragged about getting loads of women, most women like the less cocky type. Again, dont take all this the wrong way
  12. This is in the chatroom? This is why I would never go into that, kind of attracts some of the freaks
  13. If I was a Marja I would put an age limit of 25 for those wishing to do muta :P
  14. These kids that want an older woman are just looking for a 'mummy' figure. I suppose there is nothing wrong with having adolescent fantasies :donno:
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