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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well done enlightend for what seems to be successful match making :) It would probably be best to let those two get on with things in private
  2. Really? That was quick I hope she checks him out before agreeing to anything.
  3. But are you a follower of umar? Yazeed? Muawiya? Or a follower of Ahlulbayt?
  4. Lol, I prefer the apple shisha - not very glamorous Im afraid :blush: But its really quite nice, strawberry is good too :) Also I do it very rarely. Though do try mint tea, that is really nice
  5. What we need is a virtual area for girl talk, like this
  6. If he loves you then he will wait for you. Let him graduate first and get a job, then your parents may take him more seriously. Concentrate on your studies, and see what happens in the future :)
  7. Congratulations Naz - hopefully doubleagent and Hameedah next :)
  8. We have put forward our arguments and suggested some names. Lets be positive, maybe they will surprise you :)
  9. Fair enough :( But we do need some female mods...hopefully things will change
  10. You are so sweet little brother - but I think even umar would be a better mod than me :o Lets get behind our other sisters :) Disagree with you there sister - you and Doubleagent I shall lobby (and stalk if you say no :P ) Step up - its your destiny..
  11. Sorry, I should have said Hameedah too No way lol. Well, this is progress of a kind. Maryam and Doubleagent I know you are reading this, do your duty for the sisters :D
  12. No one is suggesting anything different, but there are no females kai, sisters want some girl mods too.
  13. Lets not get diverted... Kai please stop trying to wind the girls up.
  14. Cmon silvercrest, lets be serious. Do your duty! You owe it to the sisterhood :Hijabi: Gonna have to convince Doubleagent and Maryam...
  15. She has been on here for some time, I think an experienced female is what is needed Well lets get her back
  16. This thread is not meant to be confrontational - so I hope nobody takes offence or deletes this. There does not seem to be any female mods on here, which is quite unusual on a mixed gender forum - why is this? There are many good women on here who have been here quite a while, there presence here would greatly improve the quality of some of the output on here. Now, I have suggestions (probably should have asked them first :)) Gypsy, ImAli, DoubleAgent and Maryam. You can shut down discussion by claiming this is a forbidden topic, but what is needed is constructive dialogue. Alia PS I meant why aren't there any female mods on here, sorry for typo
  17. I nominate Gypsy Imali, Maryam and Doubleagent - these women have good akhlaq and would be very good at this Dont get me wrong, I like some of the mods, Macisaac is a good lad, and so are some of the others And yes Marbles, expect to get hit by lightening now that you have discussed a forbidden topic :P
  18. Good luck sami and all the best. You are a total weirdo, but an entertaining one at that :)
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