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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Im not saying these women are not out of control, I find it difficult to understand their thinking or what makes them behave in such a unfeminine thuggish way. Its just I find violence against women dreadful. Read up on the Psychology of Aggression.
  2. Im sure these women are dreadful, throw the book at them (legally) but by beating them in this manner its going to make them even worse, even more aggressive.
  3. The women behaved disgracefully, but hitting them continuously with a metal bar whilst they were on the floor was over the top.
  4. Whilst the woman concerned was indeed vile, couldn't he have found a way to restrain her, rather than give her such a beating?
  5. Guys, you are really missing out in not being able to be friends with the opposite sex I'm still good mates with my first school classmate, who I met when we were four years old, he lives in Jordan now but at least a couple of times a year we skype each other and catch up. It's all perfectly innocent and he's like a brother to me.
  6. Your friend sounds like he has a personality disorder - he needs professional help. If you know his family perhaps you could have a word and voice your concerns, of course this has to be done delicately...mental illness is a huge stigma in our communities, the amount of Asian girls patients that I have seen would rather say that they are possessed than suffering from a mental illness is awfully high.
  7. I think I have my answer. Men say no but women say yes.
  8. You could be the new Pakistani Quentin Tarantino :D
  9. Macissac is very very different to you. But dont worry HH, I daresay no women will be beating down your door, rest assured.
  10. But shouldn't we give them the benefit of the doubt? Surely not all of them are like that, maybe some just appreciate female input :)
  11. Sounds like you have your head screwed on right :)
  12. Sounds good, its always nice to listen to interesting people :) And yes, Marbles is a good lad :)
  13. Ha ha - so its okay to be friends with a woman as long as she is not beautiful
  14. Sorry to hear that brother - I suppose you have to do whatever it takes to protect yourself from getting hurt
  15. Doesnt this depend on the type of contact that you have? Maybe you unconciously picked a female that you liked and tried to turn it into a friendship
  16. ^^ So you believe friendship with non mahrams is not possible?
  17. Do you think its possible that two people regardless of gender can be friends?
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