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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Oh look rational thinking/ logical Islam has posted something similar before. Please don't post any more half naked pictures of yourself, this is a family site.
  2. Désolé mon français n'est pas très bon, je l'ai fait comprendre certaines parties de la vidéo, mais est-il possible que vous pouvez traduire s'il vous plaît? :)
  3. Good theory - but I imagine it would be hard to moderate. I think the parents would be the best way to communicate
  4. Let me add to your list: 1. Show respect to your elders - something all our parents teach us. 2. If you are a sister dont try and belittle your fellow sisters. It can take some courage for some sisters to actually post, please support them. 3. Try not to show off and suck up to the boys, it can make you look desperate. 4. Recognise a troll (wahabi etc) when you see one, they are usually the ones laughing at your nice/stupidity. 5. Dont post patronising orders to other members. And remember to smile :)
  5. Wow, anyone would think that I insulted his hero... Umar is no holy figure, he is the murderer of Bibi Fatimah (as) and her unborn son. Logical - hope you have had fun here, for the last week you have taken the mickey out of Shia's (muta etc) but its not so fun when someone takes the mickey out of your lot i.e. umar et al. Btw no real Shia would ever refer to umar as a 'holy figure'. Massive fail lol
  6. You have not answered the question. I repeat do you agree that umar was a coward and ran away from battles screaming like a woman?
  7. So you agree that umar was a coward and ran away from battles screaming like a woman?
  8. If she is a virgin then you would need the father's permission. But I think you already know that and are just trolling. Goodbye logical.
  9. Like I said, good luck with that. I assume you have her father's permission?
  10. Yes, I would. Even when you think you have finished your period you can still have 'pockets of blood' up there (sorry TMI) :)
  11. You do realise that it comes to a very small amount? You have to actually live on that. Ive seen many students struggle to cope, but if you think you know best then go ahead dude.
  12. I live in the Uk and teach Psychology at university. I know quite a lot about student finances. No I dont suppose you would.
  13. You know, I cannot abide those girls that suck up to random strangers on the internet, usually at the expense of other sisters :mad:
  14. He his logical islam :no: Check out his previous threads. Then quit making holier than thou posts at me.
  15. It does feel like a safe haven from all the bickering ;)
  16. The things people will say to justify their twisted beliefs sickens me. They forget that slaves are human beings, not animals.
  17. Just read the rape slave thread. Words fail me. I did not think I was a bad judge of character, appears I was wrong.
  18. The question should be - sisters would you marry a guy as ugly as this
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