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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It is believed by all schools of thought that Mutta'h is in Quran; 1) Sunni (Bralvi) says it was ordered in Tabook and Moota war in presence of Prophet (s.a.w) then it was suspended. Question: Ayats of Muttah's are present in Quran where are its suspended Ayats? 2) Sunni (Devbandi) says Mutta's was present till Claphat of 3rd Caliph. Question: Do any one has right given by Allah to suspend Quran for any reason? 3) Jamait e Ahl e Hadih (Who believe they follow only Quran and Hadith only. ) In chapter Muttah book Bukhari it is clearly mention in several sayings of Sahaba that Muttah performed ti
  2. water and few gram mixture: known as brain (I think so)

  3. You only can convince one either to girl or to her parents (i'd prefer 1st one :))
  4. Sad & thinking when will day change and i get new kotta of comments.
  5. [quote 1) It is narrated from al Baqir (as) that he said: “When the woman is owner of her affairs of buying and selling, and freeing/manumitting and witness, and is given of her wealth what she wants: Then indeed, in her case it is permissible that she marry without permission of her guardian, however, if it is not like that then it is not permissible to marry her except with her guardian's permission.” 2)Su'dan b. Muslim from abi Abdullah (as) who said: "No problem with marrying the virgin if she is satisfied, without permission of her guardian." 3) He asked abu Abdullah (as) about the mut'a
  6. 1) Pakistan is a country based on geographical locations, which were never ever under control of India before British (don't be panic google it). 2) Urdu is a Language which is considered a rich and most spreading language in whole subcontinent (Bollywood movies are in Urdu not in Hindi/ common Indian speaks in Urdu not in Hindi they just write Hindi alphabetic you never hear words like 'arambh, sena pati, vibhol, shala, balikay etc') 3) HIndi/Hindustani was not replaced but, Hindi lost her words (which were taken from sanskrit), common man was unable to understand Hindi (just watch 'Mahabhart
  7. :) atheist my only one comment is left which i can post till 13 july so i am quieting :(
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