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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. And surely, we return to proxy wars. He tries to label people as random even though I am a two-year ShiaChat user and posted a refutation directly to his website, which obviously does not and will not refute. I have only posted once on your evil website, and by the way, please correct your usage of grammar. I don't have websites at TwelverShia.net. Now get over it and present what you want to say, and I call upon you to do it, or do you think that is shirk? Again, refute the article or else you declare your inability. We don't need to go to your forums to prove something simple just like h
  2. Please ignore the Nasibi who is trying to hide in his cave. He found out that he was doomed to be refuted and thus only finishes his anger by saying I would not debate with him. As he might not know it, I am not even 20 years old nor did I ever enroll in an Islamic school or Hawzah. On the other side, he is a sheikh and has multiple accounts on many networks, even an Arabic one on Ahlal Hadith. And plagiarizes from that website along with IslamPort and BahrainForums (turning out to be his name Ibn Abi Al-Laythayn when he has other nicknames, like here: (http://www.ahlalhdeeth.com/vb/showthread
  3. No, the problem that exists is that they are only looking at one side of the dime. They post some stuff then have party rock, thinking that Shia will never refute them. Those exact examples he posted from our books are found in his own sahihs! Yet he never mentions them, because bias. It is only a matter of time and knowledge, because unfortunately there are not many knowledgeable Shia in the world and above that those that speak English. And moreover there were volumes of books written just to refute what the Nasibi just repeated, yet he never goes to refute those. It is very sad.
  4. I am not a representative of all the Shia and don't want to be, but I surely can defend my sect just like I refuted what he believes in the Shia of Tahrif using logical proofs from our and his own books. Refute back then we'll talk, otherwise we are the ones refuting and thus he should come here or any one from the TwelverShia website. I also have a life and not always on the computer, so the last is not always the winner like the Nasibi says and that is true applied to him. Seriously, I don't want to feel like it's CIA here telling the Nasibi what is being said on ShiaChat then reply back, we
  5. The posts on TwelverShia.net can only show the ignorance and hatred that drives a person to ignore some aspects in favor of others just to prove that the other is wrong. Like his last post about the Tahrif. I refuted it in an hour or two. The Nasibi plagiarizes so much and that is his tool, and let him use it freely as embarrassing as it is. That day he posted about the reliability of the Teachers (a topic already refuted) and he just had to translate from BahrainForums. ---------------------------------------- علي.20 It is more than hilarious to accuse the Shia of Tahrif narrations when Ahlal
  6. Yes and no. Yes, he did give allegiance. No, he was forced to. And that is part of the problem. That Abu Bakr was one of the gang who hit Fatima alayha salam. So if Ali knew that he hit his wife, then he wouldn't ever plead allegiance to him. But something happened after six months, in which we think is Abu Bakr forcing Ali to plead allegiance to him.
  7. thank you. may god grants you the best and long life sister Anisa and great marriage and children, Insha'Allah. I can't thank you enough...
  8. AlSalam Alaykum: Your brother, Ali.20 is here. I am having some very dangerous and despairing OCD intrusive thoughts. It is involving sexuality. Yes. I know that I am not gay or stuff, but there are still these thoughts in my head that people look and view me differently and might think that I am gay just because I am saying something they don't really understand as something normal. Now I am helping a kid and giving him food, money, and candy everyday nonstop for some reason I don't know. Now I can't say anything in front of anyone of this since they might think that I am gay and since I do
  9. AlSalam Alaykum: Is ghusl required even when there is no ejaculation? Thank you
  10. WS: You really reminded me of me being like that more than a year ago. I think that God has wisdom into not letting you see someone. You see, even if the faces that we see in our dreams are faces we once have seen in our real life, God can still put a personalized model of a prophet in your dream, subhanah. But face it: if you will see a prophet or imam in your dream, what is the point of hope and fear anymore? There is a hadith that says if you see the Prophet SAAWW, you will insha'Allah go to heaven. Okay? So that is it. You are guaranteed no matter what haram thing you start doing. That i
  11. iHeartRadio SoundCloud iTunes (I know...) Songify Shazam Pandora GrooveShark
  12. It's like being tired of asking questions and at the end you say "For Gods Sake Answer Me How Do You Skydive?" Sounds stupid, right? You see, it's not something told. You need to achieve it. You need to put all of your soul and mind into it. And it is not just that. You have to know how to fear Allah SWT. And not only that. You need to know Allah SWT. And not only that. You need to value Allah SWT. And not only that. Seriously... But really, I was like you before and I started watching Sayed Nakshawani's videos on prayer. Really helpful in my opinion.
  13. At least Wikipedia is credible in such matters.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmadiyya#Beliefs
  14. I know. I listened to a Latmiya about Ali AS and I don't know if it means Ali the able or Ali (Allah SWT) the able. I am so confused. Please forgive me God if I did anything wrong or any Shirk.
  15. AlSalam Alaykum: I had the intention of doing something haram today, but I overcame it. But I am paranoid now. Will Allah SWT not grant me my duas and will punish me because I had the intention to do something haram? I am so worried now! Thank you.
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