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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Please delete/ban my account. I used to get angry at those people who would publicly announce their 'withdrawal' from SC, but now I know why. I PM'ed two separate admins, and even a mod to try and tell the admins to delete me, but nothing... Salaamun `Alaykum to everybody.
  2. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=617_1386786542 **WARNING**: don't watch it if you don't want your day/night to get ruined (this ruined my night). At 3:20, you could see the terrorist taking out a grenade and tossing it at the group of people, while they all run with devastation. What would have gone through their minds at that moment? And to think this happens to Iraq almost on a daily basis. Iraq has one of the highest orphanage per capita, you can help by donating here: http://www.iraqiorphanfoundation.org/ (just thought I'd put that in there since this really tore me apart). In this bo
  3. Why? What does Iran gain from US's departure? Maybe the wanted "the greater serpent" away from the ME? Anyways, for you to say that Iran's foreign policies are solely for Iran's interests and not for Islam, makes me think... that you think, the Hawzas in Iran have a course in politics. With vast amounts of scholars and pious people in the government (although there are also several 'bad apples'), what makes us think we know better? After all the politics or whatever you want to call it, most surely this announcement of disapproval by Iran would have gone through their highest ranking scholar
  4. Just ordered it as well. The wait will be pretty long (18-26 days). Small price to pay for knowledge.
  5. Al-Nabek Back Under SAA's Control BEIRUT — Syrian government troops supported by the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah took control of a strategic crossroads Monday in far western Syria and reopened the country’s main highway to the coast, according to state-run Syrian media and rebel activists. The capture of the town of Nabek from rebels trying to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad is considered critical to transporting the remnants of Syria’s chemical weapons stores out of the country for destruction. Syrian state television claimed the capture happened on Sunday,
  6. Masumeen Islamic Centre of Hamilton, Canada (just thought I'd say I've been there).
  7. I have similar attitudes towards the Pakistanis rallying day and night against the US drone strikes being carried out ON terrorists in FATA. That is where all the Afghan terrorists went to after they got booted from their turf, and they are pouring in from FATA. Why are the Pakistani protesters so stupid as to stop the killing of terrorists who will target them after the drone strikes stop? The US drone strikes in FATA are GOOD. The civilian casualties are always a risk you have to take to prevent more civilian casualties from taking place. There are a lot of Shi`as in FATA also...
  8. The US was supposed to help Iraq because they made a deal with all of the anti-terror forces (especially the Sunni Sahwa militia) to keep supporting them following their withdrawal. The US - as usual, turns a blind eye to its promises. The Iranians weren't the only ones who wanted the US gone, I'd say a decent number of Iraqis themselves wanted the US out knowing full well the repercussions. Did you see the Sadris rally in Iraq after the US withdrawal? They were basically claiming victory as though they were the ones that made the US flee. Now the Sadris are facing the brunt of some of the a
  9. HezbAllah has nothing to do with apology: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2013/Dec-09/240394-hezbollah-says-has-nothing-to-do-with-media-apology.ashx#axzz2mxzOFemS Media apology to Bahrain is not our decision: https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/lebanonnews/524633-hezbollah-media-apology-to-bahrain-not-our-decision In both of the links, HezbAllah says, "Hezbollah said that the apology should go for “the Bahraini people who has showed rare patience for over two years and a half in light of the oppression practiced by the authorities.” Do you think the FSA's main Facebook page (wh
  10. War and self-defence are not the only ways. I believe in Saudi Arabia, if a person gets assassinated, the family of the victim gets to choose the fate of the murderer (live or die). In which case a member of the family can take the life of the murderer. I agree with this law, personally. An eye for an eye.
  11. Are you in Kabul right now? Kabul is a relatively safe place right now, as reliable sources (some Afghan friends) have told me. Anyways, Iran didn't just leave Iraq alone after the U.S's 'departure,' their intelligence and Iraqi intelligence have been collaborating and it seems Iran has to improve their own intelligence because their soldiers are still being killed on border attacks. http://www.presstv.com/detail/2013/10/08/328340/iran-supports-iraq-stability-security/ Iran has been fighting the war on drugs along the Afghan border and thousands of soldiers have been killed in the past 3
  12. Is there another way to buy this book without Amazon (like maybe Kijiji)?
  13. This is what my crystal ball says: Group A: Brazil and Mexico will advance (although Croatia also has a good chance). Group B: Spain and Holland will advance (even though I hate Holland and would rather have Chile in it). Group C: Cote d'Ivoire and Japan will advance (this group is pretty even). Group D: Uruguay and Italy will advance (Luis Suarez - terrible diver, great player). Group E: France and Ecuador will advance (don't know much about this group apart from France). Group F: Argentina and Iran will advance. Argentina wins the cup (has my favourite players in it). I'd love Ir
  14. *Sigh* I have respect for people who try to get involved in an academic debate trying to seek the truth, but you are just a complete liar who insists on using the same garbage website over and over again even after I've told you and even given you the proof of how that website is filled with lies. You are at par with that Nawasib-owned website. Anybody who takes any information from you or even takes you seriously for that matter, is naive to think that you are actually a serious person. Kind of ironic who you don't follow Abu Bakr's sunnah of being 'as-Siddique' while you are ghayr as-Sid
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