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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As i understand, you used pill for a period of time, took a break, then started again. If you have done this a couple of times, it can be a reason for your cycle to take a while for getting back to normal. As for the mini pill, its good to know you will get unregular bleedings as a side effect (not because of menstruation). Btw I'm a pharmacist, and i don't have any experience of using the regular pill/mini pill.
  2. Just one thing i have to add here: I do not agree in the view that one should not marry a person that have been in a forbidden relationship before. It is a wrong act, but i don't think people should be blamed their whole life for mistakes they did. If the person have good habits and shows the regret, they should be able to keep on their life as people who did not get into relationship(s) before marriage.
  3. Coca-cola claims that the formula for flavoring is a secret. I don't know if the Wikipedia page for coke is a good source but take a look there :)
  4. I understand that you are going through a period that confuses you and you didn't expect your life to end up like this. The only thing i will contribute with, is that you have to see forward for yourself and your son. This will give you the push to do more out of your life. Im in the same age as you and i believe that you will be able to achieve a better future if you do something with it now! You have to let the past go and keep track of your life as soon as you can. Also focus on yourself before you get into a second marriage, let the time decide and not let anyone stress you with getting married again. You should be a strong and independent mother so you can have a hard base for not letting your husband take your child.Starting on university is a good start and you will be able to achieve a social network there. To have a network doesn't mean that you have to bring all your past with you. You are not being fake by just trying to make a new life and forget the past with your marriage. I hope these words gave you some motivation and may Allah be with you in your journey to a new start.
  5. How could he survive :o I didn't dare to read the article because of the pics
  6. I see that these type of marriages are more acceptable these days. And I know an Iraqi girl that are married an Iranian guy
  7. I appreciate your answer sister, now we can focus on the problem much better because you explained it further. It seems that he don't get the serious business he is committing to by marrying you. He still haven't understood the whole meaning with getting married. Its seems that he wants you to adjust him and not him to adjust to your wishes from you guys as married. If his lifestyle doesn't make a good feeling in you, then you should not marry him. As many of the other members commenting here, i changed my mind by telling you to not marry him, because you don't feel comfortable marrying him when he have these wishes further in life. He may think that telling you about his ex girlfriend is a honest act, but there is some parts that can disturb the person you want to be honest to. So i think he is just trying to hard by doing that. Because the past is the past and that shouldn't disturb you guys from seeing the future. If the children part is one of your wishes and he doesn't want adoption, then there is no meaning to take this further, because you both have a big conflict here and there is no other ways to figure it out. I hope that i could help a bit, the rest is in your hands, just think about your future.
  8. For people that don't know how to control it, it can be really addictive. My brother have some issues about it, he don't want to focus about school because of that.
  9. I would consider to marry. Children is important, but i also think that he showed a good side by being honest about this issue, like mentioned earlier here. If he is a good person and you will have a good life in the future, it´s worth it. You can always adopt or try with clinical help. Wish you all the best, sister :)
  10. I couldnt agree more! syeda24: Do not think that everyone is attacking u. Its just that ur problem with ur dad is either to talk with him about it or trying to find the problem that makes his behavior bad against u. And from the previous posts, u have been advised about that. All these members that tell u to be careful for marrying a sunni or a person that lives in Pakistan, have their rights to advise u about that because u r our sister in Shia islam.
  11. One thing I will advice u with, do not just forget all about education and job just because he is a really good muslim. Im sure ur family will try to find a good muslim, as long as u specify that, but u still have to ensure that he can take care of the family u two will make.
  12. I agree with the first reply ^ And i also think there is just this period where people dont have much time to be online, like me.
  13. Sister, just forget to marry him, his parents won't understand u guys at any point. I know a some people that either lost their contact with their parents because they married a non syed, or just listened to their parents and married a syed even through he/she didnt want that. InshaAllah u will meet a shia muslim which will have parents that accept u for who u r and not act jahil.
  14. I have been through something similar, and the best advise I can give to u is to change ur number. I just told my parents that people have given my number to others without my permission and therefore I wanted to change. Just be sure u have a backup from ur contact list that u can inform about ur new number. The problem will get solved as long as he dont know the details about where u live etc.
  15. I were too busy with school and I changed my phone so I forgot to download insta :P haven't been here on sc for ages !
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