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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) There is two ways you can deal with this , remind her that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) married Bilal(Of black colour) to a white woman. Or you can stop chasing ignorant minded people and find someone your level. Both ways brother , I hope you are happy.
  2. (salam) Sister Marayam, before I go any further , I'd like to tell you, your flight will have a lot of waypoints (TURNS) usually every 30min (How I know ... I was hired by Turkish Airlines and have flown the route from Dubai-Baghdad) earlier last year in March.The Abiyah is completely correct , choice of colours are spot on, you simply cannot wonder off into pink , red , purple. I'd say stick to black and white, ESPECIALLY AT THE SHRINES. Other than that you'll be fine I hope Allah (S.W.T) rewards you and I hope you enjoy your journey. (wasalam) Sam
  3. WOW HOLD UP HOLD UP , Surgeons make mistakes... I dnt see surgery being banned in Germany... Sam to the German governemnt , I'm 100% sure theres 1.000 other things u can ban rather than this harmless religious practice...
  4. (salam) Mariam :D Your family is a test from god , do not give in ... Allah (S.W.T) will make Muslims of his beloved (Mankind), as for cutting blood ties .... NO WAY lol sorry , but according to the Islam you cant do that , you can only NOT follow your parent's instructions when they command you to commit Shirk or disbelieve in Allah , but other than that YOU ARE OBLIGED NO MATTER HOW BAD THEY ARE , to respect them and check on them and make them happy until the day that they die. I'm sorry to hear about your wedding but, on the bright side Allah (S.W.T) shall reward you for your tolerance and patience. As for the fitna , If your husband really loved you and understood you , he would not believe a single lie. Maryam be strong , Allah (S.W.T) is on your side :rolleyes: (wasalam) Sam :yaali:
  5. (salam) Let's face it brother's and sister's ,till the end of time in the eyes of our "arch nemesis" the "Wahabis" we will be no good worshipper's who believe that Imam Ali (as) should have been prophet instead of Muhammad (pbuh) , but that should NOT disturb us, nor should we care. It is our duty to help OUR brothers who have attended lectures such as the one from that extremist in the video , to the TRUTH! and the truth of the matter stands, we dn't curse on the sahaba, for instance Salman Al Farsi (ra), Abu Hurrayrah (ra) , Ammar Yasir (ra) , Jabir ibn Abdullah Al Ansari (ra) etc.... We only do La33an on those who HARMED AHEL EL BAYEEEEET (as). (wasalam) Sam :)
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