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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I can't find the hadith in this moment, but I am sure I read that what we really need to fear is our own sin/wrong actions.... worth thinkling about!
  2. I think everyone needs also to look and see and ask themselves the question "Am I killing Husein a.s. today by my own actions and failing to walk i his a.s. footsteps
  3. Salams, super question. I think the first thing is to always read a number of hadith on any topic to get a full picture. I usually like to only send hadith... but we need to use our own noodles to understand and clear our own thinkling. I am sure I once read a hadith that said that the Prophet Mohammad a.s. said that a compatible mate is a great gift. Just from my own thinking... and I am a marriage and family counselor and just human being ... i can say that incompatability in a marriage is a really negative thing. It can destroy both spouses and for sure the children of that marriage. What d
  4. Thanks for bringing this up as i think about it myself. I always try to remember all of the Imams a.s. and feel a little sad and appologize to those who people seem to forget. Allah appointed all of them as our Imams a.s. Alhamdulilah
  5. Imam Ridha a.s. said: 'When the Prophet a.s. used to wake up in the morning he would first ask his companions: 'Is there any good news?" Meaning that he was asking if there were any good dreams'. (The Scale of Wisdom ~ Rayshahri, pg 432 #2460 and al Kafi vol 8 pg 90, #59) Imam Baqir a.s. said: 'When people sleep, their spirits go out into the heavens. Whatever the spirit sees while in the heavens is true, and whatever it sees in the air between the earth and the heavens are just muddled dreams'. (The Scale of Wisdom ~ Rayshahri, pg 432, #2461 and Amaali of Saduq, pg 209, #232) The Prophet Mo
  6. just get the translations and read them when you're sitting around. Then just pray. keep doing that and it will all come together. Practice makes perfect. I have a script for salat. people say it works real well. two rakats is one one script... you just stand up and read it and it has the direction included but underlined so you don't confuse the two. So, if you've seen someone pray one time, yoiu can just use your scripts and practice. Then i have 3 rakats on another script, 4 rakats on another.... then the translation on another. Just let me know if you want it.
  7. salams, I'm a revert in the states. I knew I had the Truth from Allah when I came to Islam and this was thebest thing to have. When I visited my family who I was living far away from found out, they just looked surprised. I told them 'Look, this is just all the good values you raised me in and so much more... and all of it is good. I dropped friends who were decent but were now on a different track than I was and had some behaviors against Islam. Then I couldn't relate at work because people wanted to go out drinking after work sometimes and i didn't. Then it was hard to find friends. Forget m
  8. art is not part of Islam. Calligraphy, yes. please study more hadith and find the Straight Path for your own safety
  9. The Prophet Mohamad said: 'The invocation of blessings on me is a light on the Sirat' (The Scale of Wisdom ~ Rayshahri, pg 644, #3671 & Kanz al Ummal #2149) Go to The Tafsir Ascriabed to Imam al Hasan alAskari ~transl. Rizvi, English edition pg 568 for a really amazing hadith on this topic!
  10. Thanks for your response.! If one goes back to the hadith, one sees that the covenant of the Shia were taken way back when Allah said "am I not your Lord?" but most people don't read the Ahlul Bayt 's tafsir of this and it explains so much along with the hadith about the heart of the Shia and what it is made of. It's not empty words when I say that I am so grateful for the blessing Allah has bestowed on me. I ask Him through my heart and His Wasila to not let me be of those who kill Husein a.s. i this era. One time I was sitting in the dahia in muharram. i was thinking "these people can be ho
  11. if i cut to the chase with anyone who is interested. I just tell them that the heart of the matter is ~ did Allah appoint leadership for the people to follow after the death of the Prophet a.s. or not? I remind them that if Allah did, and people denied it, they are in trouble... and if Allah did not appoint leadership after the death of the prophet a.s. and people made it up themselves, then there is trouble again. So they should resolve this key issue by Asking Allah and the Prophet a.s. for their guidance to the Truth. henresearch the hadith on all sides. then if they havae particular quest
  12. so long ago, i wondered if possibly the palestenians were undergoing what they were because they denied the leadership ofAhlu Bayt a.s. If you're read my posts before, i try to base my opinions on hadith and not let my own imagination run wild. Later when i gained more knowledge i was even more open to the idea that the palestinians were being oppressed because of their abandonment of Ahlu Bayt a.s. I let Allah judge everything. I just try to do the right thing myself and pass on the light and knowledge to those who are interested. Myself, if i have a problem i try to see if i have done some
  13. To me, this is one of the biggest problems of our Ummah. We're so busy spending a lot of time discussing what went wrong with the other people who did not accept the Ahlu Bayt a.s. that we don't spend enough time on ourselves. As individuals, we need to resolve our own problems of our lives before we get married and purge them from our systems. The best way is (don't groan) is to see a good individual/family therapist who is trained in helping people to do this. Talk to them before you start with them and see what their approach is. If it is tooooo analyticall, find one with more common sense
  14. salams, If you believe in the leadership of the Twelve Imams a.s. that Allah appointed as our Leaders and Protectors and Purifiers of the din of Islam after the death of the Prophet a.s., then you are a Shia. Then, find sources of their hadidth and study and seek their knowledge and Light and begin to put it into practice as best as yoiu can.
  15. i've looked all over the site but I can't find out how to delete myself. Help! Ho;w can I do this?
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