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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Khidr (as) is truly one of the most mysterious men in Quranic history, some say he isn't even a Prophet. He is probably 5000 years old by now, I wonder what he even does everyday :mellow:
  2. I heard only Muslim Brotherhood is pro-shia (some of its top leaders became shia in Israeli prisons). Other than that I think the Hamas/Iran alliance is purely a political one, supposedly the younger members of the Qassam Brigades hate shias. Allah knows best.
  3. Woah there, back off my imaginary sister buddy! On a serious note though, if i had a daughter i would want to marry her off as early as 16. Even girls feel the pressure for sex and relationships early on, and I would rather she lived in a halal way than go off with secret boyfriends like many girls nowadays do (even supposedly religious hijabis). I remember a story where a young man who was caught masturbating was brought to Imam Ali (as), and he hit the young mans hand as a punishment and then married him off with public funds. Now that's the example we should follow.
  4. Why is early marriage or mutah regarded as bad by so many shias here? Why not just castrate him to save his soul :dry:
  5. Its very rare to find supportive muslim families from the east. Very rare. And the objectifying women angle, as hard as it is to believe some women love to be objectified. Just the sign of the times. BintAlhuda is right, having a male close to this boy speak to him would be a good option. His hormones are raging right now and as most unmarried guys know, its extremely difficult not to think about sex every other minute. This is why we should support early marriage, if only everyone else agreed on this. And yes some married men watch porn, but that is because they already had a porn problem b
  6. Well you can't think that all parents are supportive, especially in something regarded as so dirty. Besides if she tells her parents, the boy will never trust her again with anything and will only lead him to become more alienated and hateful towards his sister. The best thing to do is to confront him sympathetically, and be understanding that he has needs. But also letting him know that the way he is approaching it is wrong and that it will only lead to more harm. No need to make it a woman's issue. He has needs, and this is what boys at his age normally do. But its harmful for him in the lon
  7. Actually Learned is right on this. You cannot tell parents at all, it will really humiliate him and will only lead to him being yelled at and punished. And im not surprised him being religious, he is still watching porn. Sexual desire is not so easy control, especially when there is so much around. And in this day and age I highly doubt he will be able to get married at 16. If i were to advise you, confront him in a sympathetic way. Try to be understanding and talk to him about how you felt hurt by this knowledge. He will feel its an invasion of his privacy but he will also feel guilty about
  8. Oh just say it baji, you want someone to say something liberal and feminist. :wacko:
  9. It goes against the nature of a woman to want more than one man. To be honest what these women do is no different than how many woman in the west will have numerous sexual partners every other week (and in some cases at once). All of these are signs of the coming of Mahdi (as).
  10. Hellraiser is the scariest mainstream movie I ever saw. Sadomasochistic demons who stop at nothing to take you to hell and rip apart your flesh for eternity for their personal pleasure, something very unnerving about that :no: The Shining was pretty good, the scene where the 2 little girls tell the kid if he wants to come with them "play forever" used to scare me as a kid, especially in large hallways. Also Ichi the Killer, not a horror movie, but the some scenes were extremely disturbing. Childs Play was good, atleast the child protagonist was smart and not dumb like most other movies. But
  11. Maybe she watched that music video "I kissed a girl and i liked it" :no: Honestly I don't understand this thing that some homosexuals say that's its about love and not sex. That's the biggest BS honestly. I mean if she "loves" this woman she could love her like a sister, not wanting to get into bed with her like she does.
  12. Nothing funny about it, its extremely sick. I don't know on what basis they even come up with their rules and laws, but it certainly isn't shariah by a long shot. They are hypocrites and bloodthirsty monsters.
  13. Who else here thinks Pakistani shias (including in major urban areas) should adopt a militant culture and approach to life? I really believe all shias should train and arm themselves to the teeth for what is to come, not doing so and going on with life as if it is going to remain normal is very naive. We certainly can't have a Hezbullah but atleast we can have something more akin to Mahdi Militia to defend shias in Pakistan. Plus we should ally ourselves with anti-Taliban elements like barelvi sunnis and parties like MQM.
  14. As long as we have MQM in Karachi, Taliban will have a tough time there. MQM knows how to handle these types...with bullets. Who else here thinks we should have Mushy back? Love him or hate him, the guy had the balls to take on these monsters.
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