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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The Umar ibn Al Khattab show is amazing! Its like much better than The Message, much more detailed, includes alot more scenes etc
  2. 'Isa (as) (hes with Allah, firstly) and the Ashab al Kahf were both clearly mentioned in the Quran and its happened and all Muslims agree with it. The very EXISTENCE of your 12th Imam is ONLY confirmed by a daughter of Muhammad Al Jawad R.A who herself is NON EXISTENT and made up. I can go on to show how it doesn't make sense anyway. The purpose of the Dajjal is to come towards the end of the world and be the ultimate fitnah for the Muslims, what is the purpose of your 12th Imam?! To guide the Muslims, so why on earth is he hiding then? He is not fulfilling his purpose! No one is saying Allah can't do this or do that, rather they're saying, Allah is not extended the life of a non existent character.
  3. Wow, Rasul you seem to love to repeat this? Can you please stop saying it. The standard A.S is used on prophets only, Shias may disagree but thats them, I use karamallahu wajhah, I don't see anything wrong in saying it?
  4. How do we call ourselves different and we've deviated? Can you please point out the large differences between the mandhabs.
  5. Exactly, Islam is completed, so saying Imamate is a part of Islam is contradicting yourself?!
  6. Can't believe I just watched that :mellow:
  7. Abu bakr the son of Ali wasn't with Ali's wife Fatima, it was with another wife, there also was a Umar son of Ali and a Uthman son of Ali. By the way "yam" the means to approach Allah is by our good deeds and asking for forgiveness, not calling on the dead :wacko: This is a shirk-type "wassilah" used by only Shia and Sufis.
  8. Taraweeh is a beautiful thing, all the mosques around my area (Theres over 10) are packed and completely full during these prayers and I notice some Shias attending aswell.
  9. Your IQ is clearly really low, you went and made a meme for Yasser Al Habib LOOOL you're such a [EDITED], go beg it off the guy. Can you please direct me to where I have ever called Shia 'filfth' or where I have ever said they will go to hell?! Shia : Abu bakr and Umar are ****** theyre such ******* ****** **** why do these stupid sunnis worship these ********, and Aisha omg that ******* < Everyday attitude from Shias around the world. Unity will never happen and its not because of my side.
  10. ^ The above statement clearly portrays the minute size of your brain, I pity you so much.
  11. You think I'm gonna watch a 56 minute video from that [RUDE WORD]?! All he does is cause fitnah
  12. How is that HATE LOL thats my own opinion, I've already posted it somewhere else anyway. And its true. The way you wrote this "Abu Bakr, Umar, Aisha, and Hafsa (LA) conspired and MURDERED the HOLY Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)." LOOOL
  13. I break my fast with a date and then pray and then have my meal.
  14. You think anyone is going to read that :/ ? If you want to talk about it private message me.
  15. Sunnis never 'came' about, if Shias didn't exist then obviously the Sunnis would be called Muslims. (Likewise the other way round) If we look at Shi'a Islam it has broken up into sects SO MANY times, till today over 30 sects of Shia Islam exist! Some with their horrendous beliefs like Ali is God(ASTAGHFIRALLAH) and Muhammad is HIS messenger & another that says Jaffr As Saddiq was God, 'Ajeeb! Sunni Islam has been unchanged for the past 1400 years.
  16. I feel so sorry for you people (the ones that have watched the video and were not affected it at all) Allah swt has talked about you. Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.
  17. @ Rasul How is he MY imam?! I don't even know the guy, you're so sad, even so homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Islam so obviously I wouldn't agree with a Muslim being gay. To your second video, is that a renowned scholar? If so, please give me his name. @ power Have you watched the video or not?! RASUL WATCH THE VIDEO STOP BEING STUBBORN. AND PLEASE DON'T TALK ABOUT PEDOPHILES, I will expose Rafidhis that act in such ways and anyways according to your scholars, you're allowed to touch up a little girl even if shes an infant.
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