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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. He may have said that but there isnt a single Sunni who doesnt agree that such a statement takes a person out of the folds of Islam, your shia scholar said the above with millions(?) present and no one had a problem with it. May Allah swt guide us to the straight path.
  2. Mashallah brother you've just dug your own grave. If Ali KAW hated Abu bakr RA then why did he marry Abu Bakr's R.A wife after he died and also adopt his son?
  3. Another point I want to make, Ja'ffr As Saddiq R.A (Your 6th imam) was the great grandson of who? The Prophet SAW. Who else? ABU BAKR R.A. What does this prove? That the prophet saw's descendants was marrying within Abu Bakr R.A's descendants too, why would a family who hate Abu Bakr R.A be marrying his descendants? Sorry that defies common sense, now lets say they loved eachother? Makes sense.
  4. Its not about taking it literally, when it comes to Allah swt, muslims should be really sensitive about what they are saying, especially when they're comparing Allah swt with a human or bringing him down to the level of another human (God forbid). In my opinion such statements are ludacris and saying such things shows a misunderstanding of Allah's (swt) supremacy and oneness.
  5. I saw a video of a Shia 'alim who was present infront of a very large audience say that "Visiting the Hussein's (r.a) grave is like visiting Allah in his throne". Astaghfirallah for having to repeat this but what are your opinions on this?
  6. Ameen, the concept of Imaamate is not present in the Quran, so why is it in your Usool o Deen (fundamental beliefs), can any other shia please answer this if they can?
  7. Kismet, I've got a question for you, if your imamate concept is true and if Shias are gonna use that hadith to support their Imamate then why did the prophet SAW say "All of them will belong to Quraysh" and not "All of them will come from my Ahlul Bait"?
  8. Can you show me any Quranic verse or any hadith that states Allah chooses the Caliph of Islam?
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