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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mutah is a pagan act, it was practised before Islam, when Shias say the Prophet (pbuh) "allowed" or "gave permission" for it, the ignorant people are under the impression that the Prophet (pbuh) was the one who introduced it or even promoted it, but this is not the case at all! It was permissible in the times of war and for those who had weak faith and then it was banned, just like liquor, it was allowed at first and then banned. Yes, it was allowed at one point but definitely banned.
  2. (bismillah) After a bit of reading I came across an article on the matter at hand, just echoing the points the original author made and wanted people on Shiachat to read it. I have noticed that quite a few Shi'a are trying to accuse Umar ibn al Khattab R.A of "running away" and being a "coward" in battle, I decided to make this thread after a conversation with Al-Hadi on the chatroom on a few questions he raised. The only "evidence" they will bring forth is the following hadith. Nowhere in the hadith does it state that he ran away or anything even remotely close to it, but by using this narration the Shi'a will eagerly try to challenge the Sunnis on Umar R.A and attempt to make him look like a coward and make it look like he abandoned the Prophet (pbuh) and thus betrayed Islam. However, this is not the reality of the matter at all- we can see from this SAHIH hadith what really happened- As stated in the above narration we can see that Umar R.A and Abu Bakr R.A both "held their ground and stayed with him (pbuh) " - and not only did Umar R.A fight back and defend the Prophet (pbuh) while other Muslims retreated but he also received two female captives as recorded in Bukhari : I hope that clears the issue on Umar R.A "running away". Now lets see who the true coward is from your own Shia sources and biggest scholars. al-Tusi in his book al-Ghaybah page 203, al-Murtada in his book al-Shafi volume 4 page 149 and al-Mufid in his book al-Fusoul al-Mukhtarah page 395: (wasalam)
  3. ^ I've described the process to many non-muslims and they agree with me too! Completely destroys the purpose of the Hijab, I mean what is the POINT of hijab if the woman will get naked infront of a man on a temporary basis?!
  4. Ascribing partners to Allah/ giving them attributes of Allah, what other shirk is there?
  5. I know! He destroyed the Persian Majoosi Empire and the Roman Empire, the guy is just wow, greatest historical Islamic figure after the prophet, Conqueror of the World nd that ;)
  6. Marriage having a duration completely destroys the purpose of marriage LOL. Mutah is a disgusting act and I have a few Shi'as which agree.
  7. LOOOOL wow, btw Yazid wasn't the killer of Hussain R.A
  8. I swear this post confused me, do Shias not believe that Imams are still alive?
  9. I'm not here to say this person is Muslim and this person isn't etc, just to make it clear, if Shias call Sunnis 'non-believers/ kuffar/ not Muslim' it is because Sunnis don't believe in Imamate- and trust me I've heard it from quite a few, on the other hand, when Sunnis call Shias 'non-believers/ kuffar/ not Muslim' they say this is due to Shirk.
  10. Out of curiosity, is Kerbala ever mentioned in the Quran or Hadiths from the Prophet?
  11. I came across this http://islamicinsights.com/religion/religion/karbala-the-true-hajj.html What do you guys think?
  12. I stopped reading when I got to "2. Muhammad (SAW) is more than a human being. He (SAW) is a role model." LOOOL Wow.
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