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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother sallu, first of all, i apreciate your open mindedness, it is a good trait and i hope we always keep that alive in our discussions. When you say 'you people', do you mean that in the sense that we are the school of thought of Ahlul Bait (as) and you follow another school of thought, or do you mean we as in people who do tatbir? there is a difference. For me personally, and no one has to agree with me, but my take on matam is to lightly tap my chest for a few minutes, when i am being remembered the chest of that 5 year old Hussain (as), which was kissed by the lips of the Prophet (sawa), the same chest which 50 years later was left headless on the plains of kerbala and trampled by the horses of the enemy.... For people who do tatbir: i feel, if someone has memorised the entire Quran, understands it's whole interpretation, has implemented Quran in his/her life perfectly, has not commited and sin AND then goes ahead to cut themselves, well then i say someone with such a huge amount of knowledge and Iman, a sinner like me won't begin to understand their love for the Imam, and they should go ahead. For anyone who has less than memorised and understood the complete Quran, it makes no sense that they would love the Imam so much to cut themselves, and the cut is usually directed by other motives. BTW the vast majority of shia don't practice tatbir, i have yet to see it in action myself, and hope i never do. as for yazid killing the Imam for caliphate politics, it is more than just that, and that is reflected by yazeed's poetry, when he said 'la laita shuyookhi bi badrin wa uhudin, ra'aw... etc'. he was stating he wished his grandfathers who were killed in badr and uhud to see his revenge on bani Hashim. To bani abu sufyan, wiping out Ahlul Bait (as) was a score they wanted to settle out of venomous hate for the Prophet (sawa). Is there any other version of evil more personified? I think not
  2. Yes we do have salat that day, we have many reccomended prayers. We also read Quran surely, as every majlis has to be proceeded with the perfect words of Allah (SWT). Did Imam Hussain (as) die for any other reason than to keep prayers and Quran alive? that is exactly why he was killed. he said no to deviance in religion, no to opression, and that is why the forces of evil, who had nothing to do with true Quran and salat, fought him and his family so heartlessly BTW ethics i enjoyed your explanation of why you lightly tap your chest, you do it for all the right reasons : )
  3. Why don't you try healing waves? I hear it works wonders. Just joking bro. Look you can tell me everything you have, but you need to be examined by a doc, just a general practitioner should do. routine blood tests and all.
  4. Haha! at the end of a long night shift with lotsa near death experiences, this is just the kind of humorous material i needed to read before i went to sleep Thanks guys : ) Allah Hafiz
  5. Guys, everyone needs to relax and take a chill pill (i think that would probably constitute benzodiazepines.. but seriously, don't take that pill. unless you have clinical anxiety or insomnia, then measured doses are fine). It was just a light hearted comment i put up, i didn't mean to disrespect anyone with it. this is an internet forum, people say light hearted things alllll the time. I am not someone who doesn't take on board anything that doesn't go to medical journals, but my approach to very unconventional healing is like my approach with aliens : i believe aliens exist, but probably wouldn't believe anyone that tells me they've seen one. my same attitude goes to people who think they have a whole system of healing which does wonders beyond the realm of modern medicine. I am not saying that a positive attitude doesn't help, on the contrary. the Imam (as) said 'al dairatu haitha wa da3taha', which translates to, the outcome will be what you expect it to be. if you hope for a positive outcome out of a situation, then that is more likely to happen. I have no idea whatsoever about what healing waves is all about. can i ask a question? if i have an overactive pituitary gland, can someone give me an insight as to how healing waves can help me beyond conventional medicine? i'm genuinely curious. My fear is this: that there are well intentioned but uneducated people out there with true ailments, who delay curative treatments because they try alternatives like mentioned above, and by the time it fails and they seek treatment, it may be too late And i'm not gonna apologise for being a doc. i worked my butt off and have lived the last 9 years away from home for this field. I'm doing 6 weeks of night shifts and getting paid about as much as a senior nurse. I am completely thankful to Allah (SWT) for this because i feel it is His plan for me. We all have our roles to play in this life, as long as we're doing what Allah (SWT) wants us to do, is there anything better outcome? jazaka Allah khair, and i ask for forgiveness for anyone i offended
  6. It is interesting of note that there is a chapter in the Quran about the Virgin Mary (as), as well as a chapter of the companions of the cave, who were a band of greek aristocrats who took early Christianity as their religion and defied the pagan planetary gods which were worshipped at the time. Jesus (as) is of the Ulul Azm (the highest ranking Prophets, including Noah, Moses, Abraham, and of course our Master Mohammad (sawa)). celebrating his birth is just as natural as celebrating the birth of our own Prophet (sawa). i see nothing wrong with giving people a 'happy Christmas' and all that, the only difference though is as muslims you wouldn't find us in the first row in Church on Christmas morning singing hymns on the birth of Christ the lord! everything else is fine and dandy Really enjoyed your blog sis, hope you have a merry christmas, full of chocolates and cheer And Allah (SWT) knows best
  7. ^^ Hamza, don't waste your breath. Christianlady is someone who just wants to spread her thoughts and has no interest whatsoever in learning something new or accepting a truth once she/he sees it. That is fine though, everyone is allowed their opinion as God created us with free will. At the end of the day, the One who will judge us knows every single thought and feeling we felt. If she/he truly is seeking the truth, i hope she/he finds it. If she/he doesn't, i hope one day God makes her/his heart pure enough to want just that, if He wills. Regardless, she/he is still a better person than me, and i pray to Allah (SWT) to make me as He loves one day. Nice post btw bro!
  8. Nice thread sister 1) For Allah (SWT) to be worshipped by His creation the way He deserves to be (the one most negligent and deficient in this aspect being myself) 2) For our beloved Imam (as) to hasten his reappearance so his family's wait in heaven is not prolonged 3) For everyone on SC to get along, particularly in the Shia/Sunni dialogue forums I know, the 3rd wish is a little too unrealistic. but hey, it's a wish right :P
  9. It is haram to hurt one's own children, in any shape or form. Even when it comes to disciplining a naughty child, if a parent slaps their skin such that it turns red, there is a kaffarah to pay for it. A child who wants to clap their chest with their hand in greif, or just to follow others, on their own accord, is acceptable. Using any instrument goes against religion and logic.
  10. Al balad malyaan, malyaan hunood, hattal haleeb yi sammuha dood Haha, any arab will understand this! especially anyone from the gulf there (even though shiachat is blocked in the UAE!)
  11. This is not a hadeeth as much as it is a statement, a fact, uttered by the Commander of the Faithful (as). When i remember his Iman, his knowledge, and his patience when he was treated so badly by his people and when he lost the ones who were dearest to him, I look at the words he said one more time, in a whole new light....
  12. ^^ No body, first of all, it's not 'my' medicine. cures to disease belong to Allah (SWT), and not to any human beings. And how is it the same? A person with hypothyroidism is low on T3, you give them thyroxine. Does that not work? I added something that was a little too sarcastic even for my own good (believe it or not), and so i deleted it. Body, i guess i'm just not entirely sure what is your stand on medicine, is it that it's not accurate enough? or it costs too much? whatever the case, i hope you are in good health and if Allah wills, will always stay that way
  13. Healing waves, where you will find your hard earned dollars, floating away from you, on calm tropical waves, to our off shore bank accounts. Create a harmonious balance to treat your genuine medical issues, between medical therapies which will actually benefit you, and crock pot hippie remedies. Healing waves, an alternative to real medicine. It is a recombinant of african voodoo and age old spiritual swindling. Healing waves, everyone can have it, as long as they pay dearly.
  14. Salam. i know this does not answering your question specifically, but i don't believe that's an important question because the school of thought of Imam Jaffer (as) does not hinge on tatbir. it is based on Imamah, which is that Allah (SWT) has chosen sinless individuals to continue the message of Islam and the Quran after the Prophet (sawa). THAT is the different between our school of thought and others. we need to focus on the histolical, Quran and hadeeth based, as well as logical proofs behind this, to justify our ideology. Brother Hadi as always speaks words of wisdom. As a school of thought we have the ultimate truth yet we are usually terrible at displaying it. we have the beautiful Ahlul Bait (as) and instead of spreading them to the whole world we tend to cocoon them for ourselves. How about we make a thread on how to change this behaviour and share the ideology of the school of thought of Imam Jaffer (as) with other people? i will leave brother Abu Hadi with suggestions as i am sure he has plenty!
  15. http://shi3iya.tumblr.com/post/33759508204 My favourite latmiyya at the moment, is the 13th one on this website (there's an SCM player where you can fast forward to the 13th latmiyya), called yighadir kul makel, about Amir Al Mu'mineen (as). However, when i try to search it on youtube or online, i can't seem to find it anywhere. the poet is called Raheem Al qadhimi (according to the end of the latmiyya), but to me it sounds like bassem al kerbalai. Does anyone know this latmiyya's reciter? Jazzakumu Allah Khair
  16. I hope you got the root canal by now bro/sis keeping a dental infection to go on this long runs the risk of bacteria showering into your blood stream and collecting on vital areas like your heart valves, eating them away and causing heart failure and eventually needing valve surgery or even a heart transplant if the heart is too far gone don't wanna scare you, but sometimes we need a real shocking wake up call to make us do things we don't like. i went to my dentist for a routine clean and polish and ended up having 2 root canals and 2 fillings : ) it's not too bad, but now i learned the value of flossing!
  17. Basically, a heart attack (medically known as a myocardial infarction), is where the blood supply to the coronary arteries supplying the heart muscle is suddenly blocked. There are only 2 things that can treat this: blood thinners, or an angiogram to physically clear the blockage with a stent This 'article' is probably discussing an arrhythmia, which is not a heart attack at all but an abnormal heart rhythm, usually felt by a person as palpitations, particularly very fast heart rhythms where the heart pumps so fast the blood pressure drops to zero and a person faints due to lack of blood supply to the brain. this can sometimes be reversed with physical manoeuvres, such as valsalval manoeuvre (where a person holds their breath and strains), or by massaging the left side of the neck. this sometimes reverses the abnormal rhythm, but lots of times they don't and you need specific rhythm control medications
  18. Salam sister khadija, i'm not a gastroenterologist (yet), but i will discuss a few points 1) the fact that you stopped drinking 31 years ago, should not cause liver function abnormalities at this stage in your life, if they were normal let's say 10 or 20 years ago. so something else may be the problem 2) without knowing the specific values of your liver enzymes and the exact report of your liver imaging, i cannot make an accurate diagnosis as to what is going on in your liver. if you have only been seeing a general physician, now might be the time to refer you to a gastroenterologist particularly with your right upper abdominal pain 3) zyprexa and valproate can worsen liver funtion in an already injured liver, however these are not medications you can go cold turkey on. i have no idea how severe your bipolar is, but if you feel it has been stable for a while and you are keen to cut down your meds, you should see a psychiatrist for a formal evaluation, and to arrange a proper dose reduction strategy, while monitoring your behaviour 4) i have no experience with natural medications. sometimes they help, sometimes they carry their own side effects. unless your specialists suggest a particular remedy, i'd steer clear from them 5) your fatigue could be from a dozen other diagnoses, anaemia, hypothyroidism, etcetera etcetera. you need a full history and exam and appropriate work up by your general physician to cover all possibilities. I am sorry if this didn't help much, and i will pray to Allah (SWT) for your speedy recovery if He wills And Allah (SWT) knows best
  19. http://www.shiasourc.../prophet-yusuf/ The full iranian series of Prophet Yousef (as). I love it! I just realised the video you posted was from the same series! ah well, this is the website to get all the episodes in reasonable quality
  20. Salams Ali, hope you're doing well bro. the post i wrote was my personal opinion. i didn't find in my limited research evidence to support wether she was 27 or 40 at marriage. personally i think she was 27. of course it has nothing to do with the fact that Allah (SWT) can make a woman of any age pregnant, i'm not challenging that at all. it doesn't matter really what age she was. for the third time, this is my personal opinion, and everyone's entitled to that.
  21. Someone really close to me went through the same issue of missing khums for a number of years. I suggest visiting your local scholar and telling him about it. he'll crunch the numbers and work out how much you owe. i imagine a rough estimate is he will suggest you give a 5th of everything you own right now in terms of money
  22. Oh Yousef of Zahra (as) It is me again, the insolent disobedient slave. I am the one whose deeds you review every Thursday night, deeds which only add to your grief and pain of this world. Oh Imam i try, but my ignorance and forgetfulness has overtaken me at times. It is with a heavy heart that i return to our Lord ever day, begging Him in His Infinite Mercy to forgive my betrayals, and to hide the ugliest of my deeds from you. If you have not seen much disobedience from me, it is only by the mercy of our Beloved One. Oh Abu Saleh, i bear witness that you are the estranged one. I bear witness that you are more so than your slaughtered grandfather on the plains of kerbala. I say so my Master, because Abi Abdillah (as) had his Abbas (as), he had his Ali Al Alkdar (as).... where is your Abbas? where is your Ali Al Akbar? I swear to you my Master, my existence, and every other being that walks this earth, is not worth a spec in a single tear drop which you shed, so how can we justify the tears of blood you have shed every morning and evening for over a thousand years? Oh my Imam, I claim that my soul, nay my very existence, be a sacrifice for a spec of dust under your feet. I know my actions do not reflect this claim, and i beg The Almighty to make me sincere in what i say. We all die one day, but i want to live, by shedding the blood of my heart serving and protecting you, and to paraphrase the words of my master, Ali Al Akbar (as), wa la ubali, lowil mowtu waqa3a 3ala Mohammad, ow Mohammad waqa3a 3alal mowt (and i do not care, were death to befall Mohammad, or wether Mohammad would fall to his death) Oh Aba Saleh, mata tarana, wa narak.....
  23. Salam OP, always a good idea to ask questions when you're in doubt 1) God created us and chose who we will physically be (for example, i am physically mohammad, born to my parents in UAE in 1986), but he has for the most part set everything else to our own doing. If we choose to be good, we can be even better than some Prophets, and if we choose evil, well that's self explanatory. Yes the Prophets were chosen to be Prophets, in the sense they have a mission, but importantly the Prophet's CHOSE to follow God's guidance, as they also have free will and can sin like you and i. Their spiritual make up is such that they will never even think of sinning. Why can't you be of the 313 chosen for the Imam (as)? Need i remind you where Hur Ibn Yazeed was standing just a few moments before his death?? he made an ultimate sacrifice, and so can we, this very second, to prove our devotion to Allah (SWT) 2) There is a concept where there were creation before our father Adam (as) who roamed the earth. Now they could have had some element of free will, or they could have been like chimps. either way it doesn't matter, because we know that the current humans are the 'Khulafa' that God has chosen in Suratul Baqara. After Imam Mahdi (as) passes away, this world will cease to exist, so obviously there is no cycles of humanity on earth. 3) Allah (SWT) doesn't judge base on knowledge as much as He does based on INTENTION. if i intend to do something that i think is bad, even if it's not a sin, i get a sin for it, and vice versa. The world is a very easy test, all we have to do is try and do things right, and always keep a sincere intention. even if we fail at times, Allah (SWT) in His Infinite Mercy, overlooks the sins of petty slaves like myself all the time Keep the questions rolling And Allah (SWT) knows best
  24. I know it is a few days after the martyrdom of this most pure of men, but even if i remember him every single day, by Allah i will not do him justice. The Imam (as), in his own words, as no one else can do justice to decribe him Apologies in advance that there are no english subtitiles, thought there likely is a version with them
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