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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What i love is how the shift of discussion to harry potter hasen't derailed the train of thought the OP, and he continues to post without being fazed in the least... May my wool gathering brain learn to focus like yours, wise sensei
  2. You spoke about harry potter stuff i'm sure, but this is what i heard Btw ladies sorry for jumping into your perriloquoy, seriloquy.. that thread, you guys make. i find the chit chat all very endearing and reminds me of a previous life
  3. After much consultation with Dr Google, it appears krum (whoever that is), went for the chinese dragon egg. did they get it, i do not know. JRR Tolkien was more my cup of tea for fantasy than JK Rowling i must admit
  4. I think this is the bigger second cousin of that puny dragon which accompanied Mulan in the old disney feature length film. Help me out here guys, isn't that him??
  5. A munajat is a whispered prayer, particular aimed at repentance of sins. There is no love, no poetry, no shakespear and no rumi the likes of Ahlul Bait (as), when they speak to their Beloved (SWT). I took my brother to hospital today, not for anything dramatic, but mainly for a short stay of supportive therapy for a particularly [Edited Out]ly pharyngitis. And i remembered this munajat, particurlary when Abal Hassan (as) says ' and i am asking You for protection, the day a person shall run away from his brother, and their mother and their father, and their partner and their children. That day every person shall have what they have earned (for themselves)'. I thought to myself, this brother i care for more than my own life, when he comes to me on the Day 'the hearts will reach the throats', i may run away from him. Because he will ask me for some of my good deeds, and i will tell him i can't give him a Single deed, because i have so few. Then he will ask me to take some of his bad deeds, and i will reply i cannot take a Single sin because i have burdened myself with a mountain of sin. For those who say that remembering the Ahlul Bait (as) is not the same as remembering Allah (SWT), i say to them: with a munajat like this, is this anything but the remembrance of Allah (SWT)? Mawlaya ya Mawlay, Antal Baqi wa a'nal fani. Wa hal yar7amul faniya illal Baqi..... my Master, oh my Master. You are the Eternal and i am the transient. And who shall have mercy on the transient, save The Eternal....
  6. Sayyid, i see nothing wrong with reading the dua in whatever language that makes you feel connected to Allah (SWT) and to your Imam (as), i think we worry too much about the finer details about our religion (like must we read the dua every single morning for 40 mornings straight), and miss the spirit of the action, which is a remembrance of what our roles are in this world, which is to be slaves of the ones who Allah (SWT) Loves the most. I'm confident if you missed a day or you, The Most Merciful won't hold it against you
  7. maltilol is called a sugar alcohol, because the molecule resembles an alcohol molecule, however there is no ethanol (alcohol) or sugar in it. it basically is from the low carb sweetners called polyols, which comes from hydrogenation of maltose, which comes from starch. starch comes from corn or wheat and 5 minutes ago i had no idea what maltilol was. gotta love google
  8. Wish i can help you OP, i'm from dubai myself and even i can't find anyone from there. (i'm sure it's the fact that there isn't anyone really compatible. and mama is not being obstructive. i'm sure it's the former...) In dubai, your best bet might be to make friends with one of the elder males in the masjid who seems like he knows the whole community, and see if he knows a family he can direct you to. and since your mama is not in the emirates, you will have to man up and speak to the girl's dad (da da dummmmm) Good luck muchacho
  9. Agreed Naz I feel ashamed of myself as i chimed in with the riduculing as well in the beginning, until i realised my hypocrisy. We are very quick to quote the Imams who return insults with words of tolerance and compassion, such that their insulters immediately fall in love with the Imams, yet we are very quick to forget to implement this in our own lives (i speak for myself here more than anyone else). Guys, if anyone feels like they want to apologise to Ali (aka Quranist) for anything rash they may have said, and try and open some dialogue to get to understand each other better, they can go ahead. I'll be the first to say, sorry Ali for ganging up on you and saying earlier i wish you replied to me so i can be part of the conversation. I really do want you to have a happy fulfilling and confusion free life. Again, whenever you're free to discuss specifics about Ahlul Bait (as) or Quran, let me know You are more than just my equal in humanity, you are my brother in faith
  10. I adhere to the Jurisprudence of Sayyid Sistani, but i must say i disagree 100% with his ruling of providing full resucsitation for every patient. As a medical registrar, i deal with end of life decisions and 'care of the dying pathway' (as it is called here in australia) on a daily basis. Resuscitation of a patient whose heart has stopped or whose lungs has stopped has a very low yield to bring someone back to life, different estimates give a 10 to 20% chance, and that has been my personal experience as well. CPR almost invariantly causes crushing and fracturing of ribs, and it only takes 3 minutes of reduced blood supply to cause irreversible brain damage. For an 80 year old lady with dementia who is bed bound in a high care nursing home and has half her body palaysed from previous strokes, would i ever put her through the gruelling effects of CPR, defibrillation and intubation and mechanical ventilation?? Never It would be cruel and inhumane to cause such distress to the patient and their family. At the off chance their heart goes back to some rhythm, putting them on an intubator in ICU is only going to prolong the inevitable, which is this patient is going to die, 99% of the time. the 1% of the time they might not die, they will be way way wayyy more delibetated than before their cardiorespiratory arrest, and live in pain and indignity till the end of their life. This ruling from our great Scholar seems to have been made without the consult of the appropriate specialists. Were he to know what actually happens to such patients during an arrest, i am sure he would have not made such a ruling. Intubating a 90 year old costs thousands of dollars a day and only prolongs the inevitable and prevents this very limited resource (ie health care funds) from reaching that poor kid with leukemia from getting chemotherapy. We are all going to die. For these patients, i believe this is their time. As for the care of dying pathway, which involves stopping all active treatments and only putting a patient on pain control medications, i support this 100%. If your grandfather had alzheimers dementia from which he speak 2 coherent words, and is dying from prostate cancer which has metastasised to his bones and causes excruciating pain everytime he is moved in bed, would you leave him in wallow in his own pain? Surely not, you put him on a subcutaneous syringe driver which will give him a 24 hour supply of opiod painkillers, anti nausea medications, and other medications which help with work of breathing/increased respiratory secretions. He is a human being and should not die a painful and humiliating death. Doses of opiod painkillers are given just to the amount to keep pain tolerable. Is the pain ever fully under control? hardly. We have looked after this person his/her entire life, giving them the best healthcare we can, why throw them on the curb in their dying moments?? This is a ruling from Sayyid Sistani's office (hafidhahu Allah) (Q.64) In the field of organ transplant surgery, it has recently been discovered that a pig's liver can be used for a human being to cure their liver disease. If a person's life can be saved by using a pig liver (or any other animal's organ), can this be allowed, even though pig is considered haraam animal in Islam? It is permissible to transplant a pig's liver into the human body. Allah is All Knowing. True i have never worked in a transplant unit, but even i'm sure Pig liver transplants don't happen. you can't transplant another animal's liver into your body. this was experimental up to the 90's and this was done in very select cases and for a short period (few hours to a day or so), and this failed miserably. This goes to show that sometimes rulings made by Scholars (who always have the best intentions, i never doubt that), aren't made with all the facts and expertise needed And of course, Allah (SWT) knows best
  11. Yakhti al 3iraqiyya (as i take it from your name you're kurdish) first of all i want to re-iterate that no one here is trying to attack you. We all have our own flaws and demons we are fighting, and i think i speak for men everywhere when i say we (men) will never understand the hardships a practicing muslim woman will go through by upholding her hijab, and not just the piece of cloth which covers the body, but the social hijab, which is far deeper, and in the end of the day, far more rewarding to the woman who practices it. Brother Hadi and others pointed out the most important thing, which is negligence of prayers leading to an incomplete view of how beautiful Islam is. For a uni exam or job interview, we find ourselves dressed to impress and half an hour early for the appointment. Why are we lacking when we have an appointment with the Owner of all creation, after such an appointment (ie prayer) He says ask Me whatever you want and I shall grant it! So the moment we understand the beauty behind prayer, we will fall in love with it, feel real tangible benefits from performing it, and even find ourselves staring at the wall clock in anticipation for the start of prayer As for the social hijab, i don't like post long videos, but this is a video of sayyid ammar, and more importantly of a russian woman who converted to Islam, more so than anything after she realised the joy and freedom wearing hijab gave her. the lecture is on modernity and modesty and social hijab, but with your busy uni schedule, if you just want to listen to the lady's story, fast forward to about 41 minutes khashooga, raggi, jawwa, na3al (i just like throwing out random iraqi words) May Allah (SWT) bless you for all your sincere efforts to getting to Him, and take you and the rest of us by the hand for the rest of the way Btw, a lot of men are pigs, wether you wear hijab or not
  12. My understanding, is that the morning time extends from fajr prayer to before dhuhr prayer, though there is a small chance it can be from fajr till sunrise (i still think it's the former). I know someone who has recited it pretty much everyday for over a year, after awhile you start to memorise the dua and read it wherever you are. it's a beautiful dua because it reminds us of Yousefi Zahra (a.s.), and it reminds us that we are his mere servants (because that is Allah's (SWT) will). Allahumma balligh mawlana al Imam Al Hadiyal Mahdi (a.s.),,, minal salawati zinati arsh Allah, wa midada kalimatihi, wama ahsahu 3ilmuhu wa ahata behe Ketabuh. And after you say this, you renew your pledge of allegiance to him (the ahad)
  13. Replicant, i think we all wanna know what was the outcome of your conversation with the school board in regards to the Islamic syllabus, were they open minded enough to give you some autonomy on what to teach??? Also OP, i think the first thing to do with the kids is give them the arguments for and against the existence of God, as this is the foundation that their entire religious background will be built on. I would also suggest to teach them the basics of other main world religions, before going into too deep a study of Islam, so they know early on where other religions are lacking in the context of all the amazing things they will soon learn about Islam
  14. Look bro, sarcasm aside, i think most (i might be lying if i said all) of us here want to help bring you back to the more islamic person you were before. I think deep down inside you regret the stands you have taken, but pride is stopping you from accepting the mistakes and trying to correct what is wrong. As far as the philosophy is concerned, there's no need to write a thesis about it. The school of thought of Imam Jaffer believe that Allah (SWT) is The Master of all and the only One who is worshipped. The Ahlul Bait (as), who are the walking breathing versions of the Quran, are merely the road we take, and have been ordered to take by Allah Almighty Himself, in order to get to Him. If we leave Quranic interpretation to others beside them, we are left with deviances who will interprit it for their own political agendas, the likes of taliban and al qaeda. Quranist (i wish i knew you name, mine's mohammad by the way), we can forget all the arguments that have occurred in the last few months and start all over again with open dialogue, BUT you have to be open minded. that's the only way you will find a truth which will put your heart at ease, and make the world you live in seem perfect in it's own way
  15. Sorry OP, i know this has nothing to do with your question. But insha Allah you get your mom involved and all's well that ends well. Sami, did you go through this moment as well?
  16. Throw a burning brick into their living room window I'm kidding. if you know them in real life, maybe you can 'bump into them' and bring the subject up. if that's not possible, just send another email being polite, wishing them and their family are in good health, and then just open the subject again, while explaining the urgency behind it Good luck (not with the burning brick, i seriously doubt it will help)
  17. I must admit, i am in love with this thread. Who needs to watch a george bush debate to get a good dose of giggle-itis?? Quranist, sorry to say lad, but some really bad choices of words/opinions that you have taken over the last few months has landed you in this grave you have dug for yourself. You seemed like a nice simple guy before, who got hold of you and brainwashed you? (Secretly i am hoping he quotes me so i am involved in the discussion, i want to add that meme picture of the stick figuire guy with the gleeful look in his eyes and biting back salivation...)
  18. I remember as a young child, right and wrong was a primal sense. The more we stain our souls with sins, the more we see actions in the reverse light. I saw this video about this beautiful little girl, and it reminded me this truth: life is much richer when we give, and not receive. We (and i speak for myself here) are no where from the Imam (as) who carries bags of wheat and dates on their backs in the dark of night, knocking on the doors of the poor and the destitute, but we can start somewhere, with whatever little we have. I've just thought of something, it's always more enjoyable to do something with a friend. How about each of us choose a friend and we decide for each other what form of charity to give (whether it be money for a specific cause, or time for a community activity etc). Just make sure your friend is not a prankster and will give you the 'trivial' task of reading a story to a nursing home resident, who once you sit beside them will not let you leave their bedside till they tell you the step by step re-enactment of their role as an army kitchen hand in the vietnam war. If anyone wants to throw something my way to do, i am open to suggestions (except for anyone who'll suggest ^ )
  19. The best way to deal with some ignorants (especially faceless ones on the internet) is to just ignore their existence. I really just posted to use this baby pic : )
  20. Tasteless. I'm sorry roachy, regardless of any truth in the video, the guy is a poor soul who seems more harmless than a fly, why attack him and humiliate him in such a public manner? would our Imam Zaman do such a thing to a Jew or even a zionist? And indeed, you are of a great moral character. (suratul Qalam, verse 4)
  21. Sister, first of all, congratulations on being a muslim, you must be one of those people who was waiting for the truth her whole life and when she found it, she accepted it. In Islam, after your relationship with God and His chosen servants (ie the Prophet (sawa) and his household (as)), your most important relationship is with your parents. Islam wants you to have a better relationship with your parents once you become a muslim, to show them that islam changed you to the BETTER. There are quite a few reverts on this site and they as well are women who seem to have been in similar situations to yours. The 2 from the top of my head are your_sister_in_faith and noura_shia, insha Allah they comment on your thread soon. It will also help if you give us some more specific information about yourself to give more tailored advice, like how old are you? which country do you live in? what is your parent's and community's views on islam etc etc At the end of the day, remember the one you have chosen on your side is now God Almighty Himself, so how can you be anything but a winner : )
  22. And this is exactly why in the end of the salat, when we give our salams, we don't move our head from side to side, as we are still in prayer and should never move our face away from facing the Qibla, this would void the salat. Why other people don't understand this very logical and straight forward principle i don't get....
  23. I agree with brother Ali We shouldn't share our special dreams except with either our closest relatives (mom's always love a good omen dream) or perhaps a learned scholar. Personally i think dreams which have a good facade around them should be looked in just that way, as a good dream, without much of a need to delve too deep into figuring out what exactly they mean, as only Allah (SWT) and the infallible individual (through God's inspiration) would know the exact meaning. I know a friend who dreamt she was given a date by a child, but my friend was too shy to take it because they were in the presence of the Prophet (sawa). They took it as a good sign at that was the end of that. Insha Allah khair sister, that's all that matters
  24. - ibadah: can mean two things, either 'His servants', or 'an act of worship'. depends on the context - Jazaka Allah Khair: may Allah (SWT) grant you goodness Keep it coming Ibrahim : )
  25. Okay, has no one read any tafseer books? everyone got it wrong so far. This verse refers to when the Prophet (sawa) was a child and he was lost in the desert with his mother who died during the journey, and then Allah (SWT) guided him back to civilisation
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