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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm pretty sure irrational thinking was our old female member stalker 'logical islam' That or he is an anti-shia troll spreading fake propaganda. Sorry dude, this might work on other people, but don't you realise we are Shia of Mohammad (sawa) who are knowledgeable about our deen? happy camping though
  2. Very good question sis, i am sure there are many threads that discuss this verse in detail. First of all, we need to remember Allah (SWT) promised He will protect the Quran from it being distorted, and the best way of doing that is by mixing some verses together, otherwise, if they were put as a single verse, the same people who killed Imam Hussain (as) would destroy a book (ie Quran) which shows the legitimacy of Ahlul Bait so clearly. That is why the verse on the wilaya of Amir Al Mu'mineen is mixed with a verse which talks about halal and haram food (remember verse 3 chapter 5? this verse came after the verse that told the Prophet to tell the people His message, otherwise Islam would be nullified. what message was that? when in the final and only Hajj of the Prophet (sawa), he stopped all his companions, told them Allah (SWT) made Ali (as) his succesor, and then made the people give Amir Al Mu'mineen their alleigance. that is when verse 3 chapter 5 came down) Back to the verse in question In the arabic text, you will see Allah (SWT) adresses the wives of the Prophet in the plural feminine form: waqarNA, fi butootikuNNA. then all of a sudden he takes a 360 and speaks to a whole different crowd, without using any feminine plural nouns, and talks about Ahlul Bait. What can we tell the skeptic person who follows the sunni school of thought? Easy peesie lemon squeezie We give them a Hadith from their Sahih book from their favourite narrator, Aisha the wife of the Prophet (sawa) in regards to this verse: It is interesting to see that both Sahih Muslim and Sahih al-Tirmidhi as well as many others confirm the Shi'ite point of view explained above. In Sahih Muslim, there is a chapter named "Chapter of Virtues of the Companions". Inside this chapter, there is a section called "Section of the Virtues of the Ahlul-Bayt of the Prophet". There exists ONLY ONE tradition in this section, and this tradition has no reference to the wives of the Prophet (PBUH&HF). The tradition is known as "The Tradition of Cloak/Mantle" (Hadith al-Kisaa), and is as follows: Narrated Aisha: One day the Prophet (PBUH&HF) came out afternoon wearing a black cloak (upper garment or gown; long coat), then al-Hasan Ibn Ali came and the Prophet accommodated him under the cloak, then al-Husain came and entered the cloak, then Fatimah came and the Prophet entered her under the cloak, then Ali came and the Prophet entered him to the cloak as well. Then the Prophet recited: "Verily Allah intends to keep off from you every kind of uncleanness O' People of the House (Ahlul-Bayt), and purify you a perfect purification (the last sentence of Verse 33:33)."Sunni reference: Sahih Muslim, Chapter of virtues of companions, section of the virtues of the Ahlul-Bayt of the Prophet (PBUH&HF), 1980 Edition Pub. in Saudi Arabia, Arabic version, v4, p1883, Tradition #61. I don't like writing long posts, but i thought all this info was important Easy peezie lemon squeezie (i have to start saying this at work from now on) And Allah (SWT) knows best
  3. ^^ A lot of words in bold letters, but it unfortunately adds nothing to your point. The verse is very clear. they said istaghfir lana, which means 'ask for forgiveness for our sins', as opposed to ighfir lana, which would mean 'forgive our sins'. this shows they were asking their father to ask Allah (SWT) to forgive their sins. Of course, this comes after they asked Allah (SWT) themselves for forgiveness. I don't know if arabic is your first language, but that's how it goes. Again i said, Allah shows mercy to Allah His creation, wether they ask Him, or wether they don't ask Him or even know Him (like in the case of athiests). But if you want to be on best terms with Him, after asking The Almighty a dua, you ask it through the ones He loves. This is how Allah (SWT) wants it done, and not something people made up. You are still allowed your view point, and if nothing has changed, we can corteously agree to disagree. You can continue to ask Allah (SWT) without mentioning His loved ones, and i will continue to go ahead mentioning His loved ones, and we will meet our Lord on The Day of Judgement Peace
  4. Salam Logical Islam, nice to see you back on the site Allah (SWT) is The Most Merciful, He can grant the dua of any of His creation. but what if someone came to you, and you knew your father loves this person dearly, would you not look after their request in a better manner? Allah (SWT) holds this principle with His most beloved of creation, Prophet Mohammad (sawa). The Prophet is to us, just like the previous infallibles were to their people, our elevator to get us to Allah (SWT) in the fastest and safed way possible Where is this demonstrated in the Quran? None other than Sura Yousef, a Sura which says itself 'certainly in their stories is lessons for people of understanding' When Yousef's (as) brothers realised he was the King of egypt and the mistake they had made, what did they ask their father? They said, "O our father, ask for us forgiveness of our sins; indeed, we have been sinners."(12:97) And what did their father say, did he say just go and ask Allah (SWT) directly? No he didn't, he said: He said, "I will ask forgiveness for you from my Lord. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful." (12:98) Here the brothers knew their father was a Messenger of God, and the best way to seek forgiveness from Allah (SWT) was to go through His Messenger, to invoke His Mercy. So if the brothers of Yousef did it for themselves, and the Quran emphasised it's correctness, why can't we do it with our Prophet?
  5. I wouldn't reccomend going to the brisbane KFC in the first place. ate there once, spent the hours of the night sleeping sitting up so i didn't puke (why is kfc always the dodgy food?.....) if mcdonalds in auburn is halal (which i would believe, as auburn looks more like bint ij'beil to me than australia) i would go eat there. we have enough restrictions in the west, we shouldn't try and make things that much harder on ourselves I come from dubai, and trust me even dubai has some places which aren't halal! but that's a minority. i love going to subway and home and say something along the line of 'give me a sub with everything on it!' of course mama isn't too happy with that, iraqi moms has a great ability to make their kids feel as guilty as sin for eating outdoors
  6. ^^ best taken on an empty stomach. mmmm, yummy.
  7. Guys, you're flogging a dead horse. It's obvious muaddib is a troll, likely a non muslim one at that. We all know circumcision is wajib, why try to prove it to a troll? May Allah (SWT) grant him guidance, or grant him mute
  8. ^^ i want my steak ahsant, ya weldee, bravoo. that sounds like how some people order food back in the emirates. and when the order comes out wrong, they say 'ma fi aql??' (ie do you have no aql)
  9. There is 1 halal KFC in brisbane. I'm almost certain there's be some halal kfc's in sydney (they have halal mc d's and pizza huts in auburn last i saw). Though it's best to avoid such junk food, unless you're a bachelor. We are allowed such laxities
  10. There is an emphasis to perform certain a3'mal, like reading Ziyarat Ashura, or praying a certain prayer, when asking for something, for 40 days. But why 40 days? why the repetition My belief is, because with such persistence and repetition in performing these beautiful a'mal, we see the world more clearly. We concentrate on the words we say in the Ziyara, we understand the wisdom behind asking Allah 'Allahumma ij3al ma7yaya, mi7ya Mohammad wa A'li Mohammad, wa mamati mamat Mohammad wa a'li Mohammad". "Oh Allah, make me live my life such it resembles the lives and stands of Mohammad and his Progeny, and let me die the honourable death of Mohammad and his Progeny" We start to fall deeper in love with Allah (SWT), and the things we intended asking for in the beginning of this 40 day process (albeit usually things which are quite halal, like marriage for example), start to lose their importance in our eyes. Because we understand, we just need to ask for them, but at the end of the day, we know Who we are asking is always listening, and whatever He chooses for us, is always, always, always, the Most Merciful outcome. And so we start becoming true submitters to His Will, otherwise known in arabic as mutawakkileen
  11. ^^ Excellent question enlightened, and and even better post replicant. As always, the faculty of logic trumps doubt like nothing else
  12. These are some verses i remember when i feel a little hopeless when asking for something, and then i am remembered by this most forgotten of truths: It is my job to ask, it is Allah's Infinite Mercy to always give me that which is better than i ask for. All i need is the patience and insight to watch that materialise. Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said,"When is the help of Allah ?" Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near. (2:214) Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (2:216) I find it amazing how these 2 verses are so close to each other in Suratul Baqara, and it seems to me it touches the concept of Dua more than others. How true, we can want a thing, but Allah (SWT) will not give it to us, not because of any spite, because like a loving mother, He either knows it will harm us and thus keeps us from it, or He has something much, much better in store, and all we have to do is wait for it to appreciate it when it comes along. And that could be in the context of a better spouse to wait for
  13. - Rumi: 13th century persian poet/mystic. lots of people quote his poetry. you can read more about him on wiki - Ahsant: well done (as in good job, not how you want your steak cooked) - Aql: that big thing between the ears (i'm not talking about my nose). ie the brain, but to be more accurate, it means the intellect. everyone has a dimagh (ie brain), but aql is more difficult to come by
  14. sounds like someone's a budding dermatoligist i thought you wanted to join GP land ;) sorry to de-rail this thread
  15. This statement, noble sir, should be engraved on a golden plaque and placed on the door of every bedroom.
  16. Is it just me, or did anyone else now chubby cheeks hadi has awoken from his hibernation?? where've ya been muchacho? welcome back to the land of the living (if you can call SC living....) Btw, glad ur still with us drema, you're one of the good guys (gals.. you know what i mean)
  17. Common guys let's take it easy, everyone can see that Muaddib is a follower of some cult who think the know the Quran better than the Prophet that God chose to deliver the Quran to the masses. Circumcision is one of the most normal procedures carried out in the world, almost all muslim men are circumcised. I don't see how it was traumatic? anyone here have a traumatic experience with their circumcision?? Foreskin is best removed for a number of reasons. One obviously is cleanliness, and reduced risk of infections/complications like phimosis and paraphimosis. From a sexual point of view, it obviously is a benefit for the female partner as it will reduce excitation and prolong intercourse, thus making the process more beneficial for the woman and not making the man fulfill only his needs. There really isn't much more to say about it. foreskin removal is like having tonsils or adenoids removed, it's that mundane. May Allah (SWT) guide the OP to look at this beautiful religion in it's true light, so he falls in love with it, instead of calling it's followers 'demons'.
  18. Brother Ali the masah (wipe) of the foot is very minimal in wudhu. just do it and wipe it off with tissues immediately, it will not affect the fungal infection. it is only prolonged moisture which will cause worsening of the fungus
  19. This is pretty weird, yet not entirely so, for even a tyrant like gaddafi to admit to the legitimate position of the followers of Lady Fatima (as).
  20. Masha Allah! congratulations brother for keeping an open mind and accepting the truth no matter where you find it. a lot of people who become salafis are filled with so much venom for the concept of loving Ahlul Bait (as) that they would hardly ever say anything positive, let alone agree with their rightly chosen postions as the vicegerents of the Holy Quran This should remind us all that we should (almost) never lose hope the next time we have a discussion with a person of a different school of thought. they might turn out to be a super nice/smart person like bro jihadi
  21. Great thread Mohammad A wise man once told his son, if you want to speak to Allah, then pray. If you want Him to speak to you, recite Quran. I believe doing just that, realising we are speaking to Allah (SWT), makes a world of difference in not just concentration in prayer, but actually enjoying it. One technique to makes us feel the words you're saying are ours, is by reciting different suras, memorising the small ones and understanding their tasfeer, so when we read it in Salat, we know exactly what we're talking about. Sister tinkerbell made a very important point: visualisation. i used to focus a lot on the turbah, and what i then started to do was visualise the surahs in front of me. when i ask Allah (SWT) to guide me to the Siratul Mustaqeem, i see an actual bridge under my feet. Suratul latheena an'3amta 3alaihum: this bridge is one made of cool blue glass, and you cross it at the speed of light. Ghairil maghdhoobi 3alaihum: this bridge is a narrow stone bridge, just the width of my shoulders... and now i can see the fires of hell under me.... and i know this bridge takes 75 years to cross...... wa la' dhaleen...................... this bridge isn't a bridge at all. i am standing on the ledge above hell fire, and i see the sharp blade of a sword in front of me. sometimes it is a strand of hair. i know when i step on it, i will fall, lifelessly into eternal fire. it's not the heat that hurts the most, it is the fact that as i physically descend to fire, i am also spiritually distance from The Beloved... is that not the greatest pain endured in jahannam? As for the sajdahs, the Ahlul Bait (as) have left us a treasure trove of duas to recite, particularly in our final sajda of the prayer. I remind myself i am prostrating to The Creator of the heavens and the earth, The King of kings. The One who is always closer to me than my jugular vein. Then i recite the words of Amir Al Mu'mineen, Mawlaya ya Mawlai. Antal Mawla wa a nal abd... wa hal yarhamul abda illal Mawla.... My Master, oh my Master. You are The Master, and i am the slave. and who shall this slave seek mercy from, save their Master
  22. Wow... bravo, bravo, encore There you go sister sarah, as you can see, you don't want a situation so perilous that there will be slugs puked all over the persian rugs and fine bone china. I hope you find the love it took me a few years older than yourself to find. Which is not 'the one' as portrayed by hollywood (especially those blasted meg ryan movies), but in every sense of the term...... The One (SWT)
  23. I'm sorry to sound like an old cow sister, but those 4 words says it all. I was 16 once, trust me, it'll pass. I don't believe we fully understand who we are at the age of 16, let alone know everything about what we're looking for in a spouse, or who exactly a potential partner will turn out to be like. My advice, if you think there is some potential with this guy, don't write him off. As much as i hate to say this.... my parents were right. and this is my (very humble) advice from a guy who isn't too much older than you TELL YOUR PARENTS If there is a chance that he might be suitable, then it should be alright for parents on both sides to know that something may happen : IN THE DISTANT FUTURE Ie when you guys at least hit 20, and the guy has some form of financial security (call me caveman, but a man has to be able to bring home the bacon. if the wife wants to bring home the lamp chops that's all fine and dandy, but the bacon (halal of course), is the man's responsibility) Seriously sis, tell your parents now, before the inevitable happens and things start to get more messy than something that happens in harry potter (i am hoping one of the harry potter fans out there tonight can put in a suitable scenario of a mess that occured in a harry potter movie/book)
  24. Brother from lahore. I concur with brother hot hot (i never thought those words would come out of my mouth, mainly the term brother hot hot) Can you explain what medical symptoms your family member has? maybe they need more specialist input/investigations. Also, there is no place for black magic in islam Another thread here got me in a harry potter mood
  25. A munajat is a whispered prayer, particular aimed at repentance of sins. There is no love, no poetry, no shakespear and no rumi the likes of Ahlul Bait (as), when they speak to their Beloved (SWT). I took my brother to hospital today, not for anything dramatic, but mainly for a short stay of supportive therapy for a particularly [Edited Out]ly pharyngitis. And i remembered this munajat, particurlary when Abal Hassan (as) says ' and i am asking You for protection, the day a person shall run away from his brother, and their mother and their father, and their partner and their children. That day every person shall have what they have earned (for themselves)'. I thought to myself, this brother i care for more than my own life, when he comes to me on the Day 'the hearts will reach the throats', i may run away from him. Because he will ask me for some of my good deeds, and i will tell him i can't give him a Single deed, because i have so few. Then he will ask me to take some of his bad deeds, and i will reply i cannot take a Single sin because i have burdened myself with a mountain of sin. For those who say that remembering the Ahlul Bait (as) is not the same as remembering Allah (SWT), i say to them: with a munajat like this, is this anything but the remembrance of Allah (SWT)? Mawlaya ya Mawlay, Antal Baqi wa a'nal fani. Wa hal yar7amul faniya illal Baqi..... my Master, oh my Master. You are the Eternal and i am the transient. And who shall have mercy on the transient, save The Eternal....
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