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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What's more dramatic: For the Prophet (sawa) to have mentioned Amir Al Mu'mineen's wilaya next to the Kaaba, where there is shade and comfort. Or For the Prophet (sawa) to call out to people, in the desert, in the place just before the people start splitting up to go to their respected cities and countries, and call upon all those who were ahead of him to come, and all those behind him to catch up with him, so that he makes a pulpit out of several satchels for all to see him, and several thousands of muslims (if i recall correctly on one account about 70,000) will hear the Prophet's command, under that blazing midday sun, that Ali (as) is not just his friend and brother, but that he is the successor, and that people have to pledge their alleigeance to him there and then If you ask me, the second scenario sounds a lot more powerful, to give people less of an excuse to undermine the significance of what the Prophet was telling them.
  2. As others have pointed out, hijab is wajib unless a direct threat has been made against your life, and i find that a highly unplausable scenario. Insha Allah, once your hijab is worn and no ill effects are seen from it for a week or so, your parent's hard stance against the hijab will seem unfounded to them, and insha Allah with His Infinite Mercy, they will calm down, retract the harsh things they said, and things will eventually go back to normal, if not better. May Allah (SWT) bless you for your sincere actions, and this will surely raise you closer to that lofty position of Al Nafsul Mut'ma'inna (the tranquil soul)
  3. I have removed my section of the post pertaining to Mutah in hadith, as i have no ilm al rijal to properly research it. i still stand by the first 2 points i have made in regards to the subject.
  4. I am only going to throw a quick line here, as i don't want to be caught in yet another mutah debate. These are my personal opinions/beliefs, no one has to take it as law if they don't want to I believe mutah is more of a test than it is a blessing, or a way out. How can people who get intimate with each other (in the situations where they perform the contract for that reason) and then part ways? it's no doubt going to break at least one heart, if not both. This concept of having mutah with a prostitute and then 'saving her' and taking her from a life away from sin, for whoever thinks this is practical, rest assured it only works if you can afford to pay her hourly rate, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. then yes you can save that woman from sin, and guess what else? you're a millionaire, as only such people can afford to do such things. Prostitutes aren't going to be saved by your 'kind act', if anything, like another shiachatter said before, this money goes to the hands of organised criminals who will buy/steal more women and use them in this industry. always look at the other side of the coin, it's not just a guy satisfying his desires, this woman is a human being as well. she has her story, and chances are it's probably a terribly sad one Anyways, may Allah (SWT) grand everyone loving husbands and wives so they never have to look the other way, or otherwise may He grant us the kind of patient and love for Him where we never consider to replace His love for other (things/desires/people)
  5. Afsanaah, salt will not do anything to bacteria, and the stomach acid is usually a pH of 3, so that kills bacteria better than any salt. High osmolality drinks like lucozaide or better yet, gatoraide, is best for electrolyte and fluid replenishment. And upset stomachs are usually viral, rarely bacterial, just wait it through. start with simple soups before moving to more complex foods again
  6. This is why i never cared much for the palestinian plight... too many yazeedi's in their ranks
  7. lol! Does this remind anyone of anyone you know?? (sorry guys, it's arabic, and will mainly appeal to the iraqis here)
  8. On a side note, i like that you're able to know when something you said/did didn't make complete sense, and are willing to admit it. That is a very amiable quality and i pray that myself and others here become more like you in that aspect faithful :) On your topic of marrying again.. first of all, how old are you? marrying someone who wasn't a muslim to begin with.. dunno what to say man, i'm sure you had good intentions, but that's a big no no. the best advice given here so far is talk to your parents, get them involved. find out everything that you/others did wrong so the next time insha Allah you approach marriage, it lasts the whole nine yards interesting story about where the term the whole nine yard came from. it's the length of ammo used on world ward 2 fighter jet machine guns Back to the thread. yes, get parents involved, good idea
  9. First avenue, go through the scholar of your centre. If this guy is carrying banners all the time, certainly the scholar would have spoken to him a few times and know a little about him. This way, not only will you get some background about him (his age, who his family is, what he studies/does for work) but you will also get an insight into how he thinks and what his opinions are. If such an avenue is available to you, then i think it might open many other opportunities on how you can go ahead to know him better/meet him. I am certain most scholars will be very happy to talk to a muslima who has queries about the favourable bachelors in the community. I have recently heard of a sort of 'cupid sheikh' in Sydney, who all the girls seem to go to him asking him to find them suitable husbands! May Allah (SWT) reward you the best of rewards on your noble quest
  10. What a beautiful man. That person sleeping inside a water pipe could have been me, it could have been you. Their soul is as precious and yours and mine. How wonderful would it be, for someone with the love of Allah (SWT) in their hearts, to feed these people, to clothe them, to give them that human touch they have lost for so long. And when they ask, why do you do this for me? The helper's answer would be, because i love Allah. That can change the life of that neglected human being, forever. I am speaking to myself here for all the shortcomings i have made in helping others, insha Allah i will change and be less self centred from now on. Ya Aba Saleh, i know seeing these people in such poverty and misery breaks your tender heart, please forgive us for not doing what we can to help. We will try oh our beloved Imam to do some justice to them.
  11. I agree with this guy. In brisbane, the procession was walking around with arabic/pahistani banners, and this idea makes me cringe. Going through the business centre of a white city, carrying such banners and using a megaphone to chant arabic and urdu slogans... what will the vast majority of non muslims think?? it's a wasted opportunity alright. the first pamplet they were distributing was talking about Ali (as) and muawiyah and battle this and battle that... and i'm thinking here, what aussie knows about Ali (as) and muawiya? why talk about all the fights and not the message of islam? so i set out to write a new pamplet that talked about the Prophetic mission of Islam for spreading peace and knowledge (stressing the fact that the country with the biggest muslim population today (ie indonesia) became muslim 600 years after the death for the Prophet (sawa) and did so by embracing the wonderful morals of the muslim arab merchants who visited indonesia, stressing the fact how islam wasn't spread by the sword) I think having stalls in the city with english banners and lots of simple to read english material would be the best way to spread the message of kerbala. Though i understand where sister 3ilwiyya is coming from, in dearborn, you can pick up a white person like you can pick a giraffe with sunglasses trying to enter a polar bear only golf club. so it makes some sense to use many arabic banners, though it would be nice for the odd white american/giraffe with sunglasses to see an english banner and have the foggiest of an idea of what's going on
  12. brother Hussain, more important than finding out if this tattoo is halal or haram, is to ask yourself, why would you want that tattoo? If your answer is because you love the Book of God so much, then that's amazing, and i'm proud of you. However, wouldn't the best way to prove that love for His Book be by memorising it? by understanding the meanings of the verses, and then implementing those learned lessons in your life? We can spend our whole lifetime trying to achieve Quranic morals and standards, and we wouldn't scratch the surface, though that is OK. as long as we're trying, we will reap unimaginable benefits.
  13. How about this question: Imam Hussain (as) knew he was going to be killed in Kerbala, as he was shown by The Almighty, so why did he go then? The same reason the Prophet married those women, this was their tests, truly difficult tests to follow through, to prove their love for Allah (SWT)
  14. OP, have you used some of the advice from this thread? is itchiness still a problem?
  15. Pedram did an amazing job answering all those questions. I don't see how you can add very much else to answer OP's questions any better Good job man
  16. This is the last time i will post on this subject, I will really dumb it down, because it seems the concept is too difficult for people to grasp. No human being, Prophet or otherwise has any iota of power that wasn't given to them by Allah (SWT). Asking through a Ma'soom is not because we can't ask directly to Allah (SWT), of course we can ask Him directly, but asking through one that God Almighty loves is more correct. I don't need a plethora of hadith to make sense of this. Verses 97 and 98 of surat Yousef, where the brothers of Yousef (as) ask their father "istaghfir", for those who arabic is not their first language, this means "ask forgiveness for us". if they said "ighfir", that would mean "forgive us (father)", but the said the former. Then Prophet Yaqoub said he will ask Allah (SWT) to forgive them. why? because he knew he is a Prophet, and his prayer is better accepted by The Almighty. Of course this occured only after the brothers were sincerely repenting and seeking forgiveness from Allah (SWT) If i need to say any more to anyone to make sense of tawassul, all i can say is, i'm so glad Allah (SWT) has granted me the reasoning i have. Peace to all.
  17. ^^ Kim is very close. One definition for waswas is insinuating thoughts, which i think is a great explanation. insinuating in the sense that satan subtly and slowly manipulates someone into thinking the way he (ie satan) wants him to think, wether it be seeing someone bad as good, or having doubts about religion/tahara etc etc
  18. ^^ No worries, everyone's entitled to their opinion. I will tell Allah (SWT) that i used His most beloved creation as my waseela to Him. Everyone one call say whatever they want to Allah (SWT)
  19. "oh Jesus/Mohammad/Ali/Fatima, i ask you because of the love you share with Allah (SWT), to ask Allah (SWT) to have mercy on me and grant me so and so" This is what tawassul is O you who have believed, fear Allah and seek the means [of nearness] to Him and strive in His cause that you may succeed. (surah 5 verse 35) The Ahlul Bait (as) have told us that they are that waseela (ie means of nearness)
  20. Elightened You're a smart lady, you don't need to give in to what some people who either have an incorrect understanding of intercession (or worse, are stating their points just to be provocative) cloud your judgement You can ask anyone chosen by God to intercede on your behalf. Obviously Ahlul Bait (as) are the best choice as they are the closest ones to Allah (SWT) For everyone who has a problem with the concept of intercession, it means when i ask Allah (SWT) to help me with something, and i ask Him in the name of who He loves (eg Mohammad, Ali, Jesus (as)). This in no way is shirk Just look at how the brothers of Yousef (as) asked their father to intercede for them. i wrote a post about this before, i don;t wanna repeat myself
  21. 1) usalli rak'atain (number of rakat) salatul fajr (type of prayer) ada'an liwijoobihi (wether it's on time or time has expired) qurbatan ilal Allahi Ta'ala 2) Atawadha li satatul fajr, qurbatan ilal Allah (if you remain in wudhu till the next prayer, you don't need to renew your wudhu just because of the niyya) 3) Aghtasilu ghuslul wajib lil janaba, qurbatan ilal Allah Also forgot to mention, if the prayer is Qasr, mention it in the niyya
  22. ^ Nope. it's illogical Islam. read his 'would you marry an ugly guy' post. It's like a vinyl record, repeating the same things again and again and again
  23. I knew it! it's illogical Islam! and not just some random troll. Yay for me for realising it from the first post of his i read
  24. One of my supplications in my last sajda, from Amir Al Mu'mineen (as) Ilahi, Anta kama uhab, faj'alni kama Tuhab Oh my God, You are as i love, so i implore you to make me as You love
  25. 1) arabi 2) but a mere trickle of french do i remember from 4 years of school 3) some farsi (khaili mamnoon Mokhtar and Yousef series) 4) fluent in gibberish and gobble de gook
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