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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I would turn the question around, and ask them what they knew about the school of thought of Imam Ja'fer (as) And i would adress it as that, a school of thought, just like the 4 major schools of thought in Sunni fiqh. And with their questions/misconceptions answered one by one, i will then tell them that yes, i am a follower (thus a shia) of the school of thought of Imam Ja'fer (as). That way they will appreciate what it is i believe in. Mind you, if it's someone who has a gun pointed to my head and obviously has a thirst for shia blood... i might still tell them the truth. I dunno, I always
  2. Wonders will never cease me at the amount of personal information shared on a barber chair. it's like truth serum. Next time james bond needs a confession from dr octopuss, he just needs to carry a stackable barber chair in his back pocket One thing needs to be done first before even thinking of giving such news to the wife, and that is to confirm that this other woman is engaged to the husband. If you can't conclude, beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is indeed engaged to this married man, then there is no right to tell the wife. A marriage shouldn't be shattered on hearsay. Let's say, ind
  3. Nope marbles. Iraqi dad as well (though only for a few generations, as before that it was saudi), but he was born in zanzibar : )
  4. Sister, thanks for sharing that information to give us an idea about how you came to learn about Islam. An important piece of advice however: just like how you saw Catholics who were not practicing their religion, expect to find the same in the muslim communities. We are not perfect, and in a lot of circumstances (i speak for myself here) we are far from it. My belief is that, for me to be satisfied with a religion to be the true word of God, i should be 100% convinced with it's original source (ie Holy Book), and the conveyor of the messies (ie the Messenger or the Prophet). In Islam, i can g
  5. Sister Sapphire, tional can only talk about women rejecting him, unfortunately it seems to be what he lives for. This line you said i think pretty much sums up how your are viewed on your shiachat posts. You do not have certainty of God's existence, and that is why you are in the turmoil you are in. Forget shia and sunni, forget even islam. i encourage you to look into theology and just do a little contemplation about God's existence. Then you can start looking to Islam, if you start to really believe in God. A bedouin arab (ie desert nomad) was asked why he believed in God. The simplicity of
  6. Salam, and congratulations : ) As per usual, the seasoned shia chatters have provided you with a plethora of useful material to read. something i usually ask people who express interest in Islam, is to let the rest of the forum know a little bit about their background, to tailor what material is best for them to read, and also knowing where you live might give someone here who lives in your country a chance to provide valuable local info on mosques and lectures. So simple things like age, cultural and religious background will help. May God take you by the hand in your journey of a lifetime
  7. Australia Britain Ireland Iran France Saudi Singapore Tanzania UAE Zanzibar Hmm, pretty shabby list now that i've put it down on paper (so to speak). This is what happens when you have an iraqi mom who makes you feel guilty as sin if you don't go home for every single vacation iA i add Iraq to that list someday soon : )
  8. ^ thanks bro but with all due respect, i want to deliver a substantial amount of sadaqa based on something more concrete than someone's belief! anyone else have any experiences with this organisation?
  9. Salam Alaykum everyone. I've come across an organisation that caters exclusively to orphans in 3 countries: Iraq, Lebanon and afghanistan. It's called My Orphans and is a subsidiary of Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya (I.M.A.M.). This organisation appears to be located in Dearborn Michigan. There is a video on Youtube in regards to the relief efforts My Orphans provide and i found it very touching. I do want to donate to the online site, however i always have a cautious level of scepticism for charities that i've never seen myself... is there anyone here that can verity that it is a well es
  10. And I quote you: "It's a fact of this life. Like cancer, like accidents, like tsunamis and genocide. This life is not fair." Rational thinking (in one of the quotes i previously quoted) That is complaining. As clear as day. Seriously at this stage i have given up on you (yes, I who hardly gives up on anyone), but your comments which lack rationality and any research into Islam might negatively influence other people who have a weak foundation and have no proper knowledge or research into their religion. I think reading a few books on Islam (especially 3'aqaaid books. in english that means bo
  11. Sapphire, thanks for getting my attention on this thread! Brother inshaAllah (i should also add in a 'your royal highness' since you're a mod right? or maybe that's my arab culture coming out) I've studied medicine in ireland, and so all that i know about the medical school system in australia is from what i've seen from students attached to my teams. With my limited insight into australia uni's, this is my advice: If you can go to europe (and are willing for such a change in lifestyle/distance from family/expenses), then go there, as you enter medical school straight away and can get a degree
  12. Salam Sister Saima, You have a valid question, but it is one born out of ignorance of the actual teachings of the school of thought of Imam Ja'fer (as). There are muslims and even Christians who don't know the Ahlul Bait (as) who will probably go to heaven. Allah judges people based on their intentions, and there are genuine people who wanted to reach God but for some reason or another did not hear his message (the scenario of the lonely french pastor on the foothills of the Alps always comes to mind). The basic element for anyone to go to heaven is they have pure unadulterated love for The Cr
  13. Brother Rational, this is yet another post where you talk about marriage, and ugliness, and how the world is not fair. Why don't you say Alhamduli Allah? there are kids in serbia who were playing in the fields and have half their face blown off when a mine detonated There is wisdom and infinite mercy behind everything Allah (SWT) does for His creation. i have mentioned this before when quoting your previous posts, but you don't seem to like to answer posts where the Quran is used to give you a different viewpoint
  14. Servidor my good man, were i wearing a hat, i would tip it to you right now. Your eloquence in poetry remains unrivalled, even when you're not trying to write poetry
  15. Brother rational, here is another post where you are displaying unhappiness with your religion and how you think Allah is meant to intervene with the world "There is enough light, for those who wish to see" Imam Ali In it's simplicity, is all that is needed to refute how you think rational. For people who want truth, they will not be lazy and research enough in order to get it. Again like i explained to you in your previous post about the letters to the Imam, Allah (SWT) did not make everything black and white because he gave human beings brains and He expects more from us than to be spoon fed
  16. Salam Tony : ) You were a muslim before, but now you are choosing to be a muslim who wants the complete package, and the ultimate truth in how to love Allah (SWT) To be a shia, which is a follower of Ali (as) and thus the Prophet (sawa), just give the Imam you alleigance. Testify that he is Allah's vicegerent (ie Wali) on earth, by saying, ash'hadu anna Aliyyan Waliyyu Allah It is likely you have said this in your heart already before uttering it with your tongue, as you have said you already accepted the truth. Where to go from here, depends on your background. What is your cultural heritage?
  17. Ghareeb: besides strange, it's context in the school of thought of Ahlul Bait usually revolves around the meaning of 'stranger to a land', as our master Imam Hussain (as) was in Kerbala, as our Imam Al Mahdi (as) is a Ghareeb to this entire world.... Ba'eed: that which is far away, or unobtainable. Like how our Imam is ba'eed from us. Not because of his own doing, but from our own actions... may our sins not delay our union with him any longer
  18. You know the thought that was running through everyone's head the moment they read the title of your post on the community page?! Bless Roohul Allah Khomeini, he truly was a servant of the Imam (atf)
  19. Brother rational, there are many things in this post which go against the teachings of Islam, but insha Allah they are said in the spirit of questioning for better understanding, rather than another agenda. I don't want to attack you, rather it seems you need guidance, like the rest of us do. When you ask for conclusive proof, there is the Quran, as it is the first and last word for every question any person may have. If you are asking for proofs in terms of physical miracles, then there is no benefit. You ask for our Imam to do what other Imams did before, and which Imam was greater than Ami
  20. Salam Sister, The issue you have discussed is one which unfortunately is very prevalent in our society. Reverts are sometimes seen as people who want to be different, sometimes seen with suspicion. For the most part, i believe us born muslims are polite and happy to meet reverts, but probably due to language barriers or cultural differences more than anything, you wouldn't end up in an exhaustively deep and productive conversation with us! Our mosques certainly aren't know for beginner muslim courses. the ironic thing is, i believe most of us life long muslims can benefit from learning the fou
  21. Brother Ayuub Salam alaykum, and this might be 8 years too late, but welcome to the brotherhood! The road to enlightenment can be rocky and daunting in the beginning, but once we find the absolute truths we can live by, all the other pieces fall into place quickly. It might help others on the forum if we got a little background on you, so we know how to approach your questions. What's your cultural and religious background? How old are you and what do you do with your life? If there is a specific concept that you wanted to ask, go ahead. It's difficult to address all the questions a person m
  22. I think the water you drink as a child helps immensely. My dad grew up on an island, and i think the level of fluoride and other hard elements in the water was phenomenal. that said, he only had 1 filling his entire life (his dentist said the filling was likely going to need to have a root canal done as it was a temporary thing. that filling is still there, and this was in the 1970's) Brushing teeth helps only so much (as i painfully learned last time i visited my dentist for a 'simple clean and polish'), i ended up with 2 fillings and 2 root canals. the problem he pointed out, was the caviti
  23. , Salam to everyone here Salam, nice to find another doc on the site. hope your studies continue to go swimmingly, and piece of advice from someone specialising, take a nice speciality where you won't spend your saturday morning (3 am) looking at the contents of a patient's stoma bag. dermatology is much more civil. are you sure it's not too late to go back to dentistry?? the foul mouths can be a turn off, but trust me the good hours and excellent pay will make a difference Anyways, as for me, i'm Mohammad, 26. Working in Queensland at the moment (now in a town where the human to sheep popula
  24. It's like the Imam (as) says, live for this world like you are living forever (ie think far ahead, plan, accumilate etc), but live for the next world like you are dying tomorrow (ie always be ready for death in terms of religious obligations and asking for forgiveness) It is part of the human condition to want. the only difference between people is what it is they want. some (if not most) chase mainly the fleeting desires of this world, including power, wealth, carnal desires and appetites. In it's essence, there is nothing wrong with wanting these things, and indeed seeking them. the importan
  25. Sorry sister Asyeda if my post isn't pertaining fully to your thread, but this is something important to analyse. This 'piece of cloth' is what was taken off the heads of the Daughters of Rasool Allah (sawa) in Kerbala and while they were in the court of Yazeed. This to Lady Zainab (as), as well to the all the Ahlul Bait (as), was the most heart wrenching tragedy of Kerbala, more so than the mutilation and decapitation of Abi Abdilla (as). Of note this is also where it is dangerous for people who say they just want to follow the Quran without Scholar dogma, they end up interpreting the verse
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