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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is too funny. The diagnosis of epididymo-orchitis (infection of the seminal tract) is clinical examination, urine testing, and gold standard is an ultrasound. The boys are kept in the hammock. They're not needed to make this diagnosis at all Funny medicine some people practice (or claim to anyway)
  2. I believe in the world we live in today, people who don't live a spiritual existence tried to fulfil this need of being with someone who is perfect in every way in the wrong context. They believe this is attainable with another human being. As muslims, we believe and understand first hand that the perfection that we, and all human beings, are drawn to is in fact the fitra we were all born with. One of the ways to reach back to true perfection, the source of all love, God Himself. That is the truest love we all search for and actually need to keep this soul alive in an emotional sense. After t
  3. It is reported from Prophet Muhammad (S) that the Gabriel went to him and said: جاء جبرئیل علیه السلام إلی النبی صلی الله علیه و آله فقال: “یا محمد عش ما شت فانک میت و احبب ما شت فانک مفارقه و اعمل ما شت فانک مجزی به و اعلم ان الشرف الرجل قیامه بالیل و عزه استغناؤه عن الناس.” O Muhammad! Live for as long as you want. You will finally die. Love whatever you want. You will finally be separated from it. Do whatever you want. You will finally be rewarded for it. Know that a man's honour is in his staying up at night and his dignity is in his independence from people. Al-khisal P. 29, No 20.
  4. The most important thing i can think of, after asking Allah to take you by the hand and getting through this: CUT TIES WITH YOUR FRIENDS WHO SMOKE WEED ALL OF THEM Change your mobile number so they can't call you. I mean literally never associate with them at all again, because in the beginning you will be too weak to say no all the time, and eventually will fall in the trap again before too long. Stay away till you reach a point where you never dream of touching the stuff again. Don't even say goodbye, they will talk you out of it.
  5. I wasn't aware of where heparin is derived from. My understanding is, when a haram substance is used in infintismal levels in medical products, it is halal. The best example i can think of is alcohol in cough syrup, and this is backed by learned scholars like Sayyid Sistani. I guess if you can find heparin made with halal ingredients, go for it (this will be pretty difficult indeed), otherwise settle for whatever derivative you can find. He needs his heparin for his dialysis sessions, and life always comes first in Islam And Allah (SWT) knows best
  6. As per my initial response, the most wasteless thread in the history of shiachat. Website moderators, can someone please hand them the coveted trophy??
  7. I saw the title of the thread had 'weird' in it, and immediately drew me to a little known Dr Suess quote "We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness, and call it love". Also, i half read this entire thread to make sure no one quoted him before me. Does that make me weird? The jury is out
  8. Sister, keep in mind the OP has copied and pasted poems in other threads without admitting he copied and pasted them Example: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235013149-do-not-stand-at-my-grave-and-weep/ Why am i even bothering to mention this? I guess i'm on Troll Patrol today (pun totally intended) Omlette du fromage (my contribution to the frenchiness of this thread) Salam
  9. The mods should make a competition for 'Thread which is the biggest waste of time on Shiachat' Despite all the muta, marriage and tatbir threads, this one would still win. Hands down.
  10. That's called a white guy trying desperately hard (and usually in vein) to impress his hoped-to-be desi mother in law
  11. These 2 verse are very interesting, because if this interpretation is correct, it shows yet again how superior the scientific understanding of the Quran. This is the key part. Focus on verse 6 first. What is the second last word? water right? Not sperm (nutfa is sperm). And what's the last word: daafiq, which literally means sterile (this word is also used to describe a vasectomy). So this verse is talking about water which is sterile and free of sperm. Verse 7 is talking about water which is free of sperm, which comes from a place between the ribs and the back. The ribs represent the front of
  12. Um, your topic is still up. Also, there was nothing wrong with the brothers who gave links for proper texts with information. Yes i understand that you want quick direct answers to some of your questions, but to have a proper understanding of the school of thought of Ahlul Bait (ie shia islam), you need to go through our books.
  13. Brother finland, hello, salam Alaykum, and 'terv' (i hope i said that correctly) Before i head off for dinner, i will give some brief answers to your questions: 1) Jihad: in Islam there is a concept of minor Jihad, and major Jihad. the minor Jihad is to participate in a war (a just war, not any ridiculous war). the major jihad is what each and every human being goes through every day. ie being a good parent, a hard worker, earning money lawfully, feeding your kids. loving your parents, being truthful and loyal, and so on and so forth Also, jihad where innocent people are killed is not jihad, i
  14. Ali Musa is right, most of the halal meat in the gulf countries come from australia and new zealand (i believe they ship them in massive passenger ships, to slaughter them in their destined countries). There are a few halal outlets in Australia for these westernised companies like KFC and Mcdonalds, notably in muslim heavy cities like Sydney. My question though is, why would you use that option when you have much much much tastier (not necessarily healthier) options of the local halal shawarma and pizza joints (i got a 13 inch pizza yesterday dripping with chicken, i fought a hard battle to e
  15. That's it. This is the last time my buddies and i leave the comfort of our own homes and visit Saudi for anything other than Hajj and Ziyara. And i thought we were your kindred neighbours. For shame....
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