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  1. Hello, I want to share one interesting educational word game with you. Associations Word Game is excellent brain teaser! You can learn and play at the same time! Brain teasers, word games and brain busters are excellent for increasing your brain power and improving your word skills. This is the perfect word game for those who like a bit more of a challenge and creative thinking. Download Associations - Word Game and see for yourself
  2. This is a collection of the most popular radio stations in Malaysia. They are sorted in several categories: News, Religious, Music... App is available on Google Play
  3. Islamic Radios Free App for Android Islamic Radios is one of the best Islamic apps for Android. It is made for all the Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. This radio app is a collection of the most popular Islam radio stations around the world. Islamic radios app features: - Click on the Islamic station you want to listen to - Set the widget button of your favorite radio station on your home screen - Add the Muslim radio station to the list of your favorite radio stations - Share the stations with your friends - Set as alarm to wake up with the sounds you love the most - Set timer to play the music at the exact moment - Use the sleep mode Find it on Google Play and enjoy: https://play.google....os.muslimradios
  4. Arabic TV Live Hello my dear friends, I want you to know that from now you can watch free live TV and your favorite Arabic TV channels. Free download of ‘Arabic TV Live’ app allows you to watch the best Islamic channels. This is a Muslim PRO app that has the high-quality live streaming broadcast of the most popular Islamic TV stations. You can now watch live Arab TV no matter where you are – all you need is your Android phone next to you, the latest YouTube app and a good Internet connection. And don’t worry about the incoming calls – once you answer the call, the live stream video will pause immediately, and you won’t hear any noise in the background, and the video will continue once the conversation is over. All these Arabic TV channels are divided in 6 major categories. Find it on Google Play: https://play.google....channelsliveapp May Allah be with you!
  5. Enjoy the best live stream quality with Makkah live 24/7 - free Islamic app! Be closer to your religion by watching live broadcast Mecca Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and a site of the composition of the Quran. Watch Madina Live 24/7, the City of the Prophet Muhammad and the second holiest city in Islam after Mecca.
  6. Theme for Android Islamic Go Launcher Theme Ashura Live wallpaper Eid al-Ghadeer Live Wallpaper Arbaeen Live Wallpaper Isra and Miraj Live Wallpaper
  7. Hello my muslim brothers, I want to share with you Hamsa live wallpaper which brings good luck. Download link: Hamsa live wallpaper Power to Isalm!
  8. Believe me, you just need yoga mat and you will feel great, without sweating so much, and you will see the results it a very short period of time. Check this app Yoga Classes
  9. Start yoga! it is great for your posture, it looks like it is so slow and easy, but it is not. And the most important thing is that you will fell fresh and relaxed after exercises :) enjoy :)
  10. You have to exercise, because you may be tired mentally and not physically. Yoga is great for that. I remember going on one yoga class so tired and nervous, and I came out so relaxed and fresh, I had a great quality of sleep and I woke up also fresh the morning after. Try that , it may help you.
  11. I haven't watch that serials but I intend to do so, because my friends are not satisfied with the way of presentation of somebody else's culture. I am not quite sure that I will like it, but prejudices are not good for anybody.
  12. Hello everybody, I would like to inform you about Mecca Hajj Live Wallpapers for Android phone. I was involved in this project and I would be glad if you tell me your impressions about it. It is free so you don't have to worry about it. Please let me know if you like it. Thanx in advance :) Mecca Hajj Live Wallpaper https://lh3.ggpht.com/b6gMMNpNbjKJhTHt9VO6drAFkbSTSHGfX_1-YWIR2AkDApQTLsdAr3vg10pJynJ0goI=h230 If you prefer static you can check Makkah Wallpapers https://lh6.ggpht.com/jAQZwitXOzO-2H8uS08C_mZBzFKplgcCAn6ZhdLHixELrZCiMQOSTKTwdYuIO7Wj2iA=h230 May Allah be with you!
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