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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams The fact that there are a dozen or so newspapers that have published the 'bar' version of the incident isn't a measure of authenticity. If you look at those articles the source is one - which is the associated press and most of the papers have done a copy and paste job from the template AP has issued. Maybe some advice from the late Malcolm X himself "If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” Fiaman'Allah
  2. Salamun Alaykum, The United Nations is accusing Australia of breaching Human Rights articles in the case of Dr. Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, requesting a defence for their actions. However, Australia has chose to ignore the 2 interim orders handed down to them by the UN, and hence has chosen to ignore the right of Sheikh Mansour to have the most basic of Human Rights: to have access to the evidence based against him. Australia has given Sheikh 5 weeks now to leave the country. Please let Australia and the world know what this government is doing. The government expects a little, quiet response from a small, weak community, but let's surprise them with our determination, numbers and Unity! There is much to explain now, but believe you in me, we have strong hope that we will be victorious! Yet we must make sure we all fulfill our duties before God, and right now ,our duty is to spread this Human Rights breach by Australia as far and wide as possible. Further actions are currently being planned,such as a large protests in Canberra and Sydney, so stay on the look out. **** Sheikh Mansour Leghaei deportation contravention of UN’s wishes Sydney, May 17: Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans’ decision today to deport Sheikh Mansour Leghaei is in direct contravention of the UN’s wishes, sent in a formal request to the Australian Government last month. The United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva issued a request on April 21 asking the Australian Government not to deport Dr Leghaei and his accompanying dependants while it is considering his case. Dr Leghaei’s legal team sent a petition to the UN Committee last month claiming the Government’s treatment of his case contravened his human rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Australia is a party. Under the First Optional Protocol to the ICCPR, individuals in Australia may lodge complaints with the UN Committee if all domestic remedies have been exhausted. Under Rule 92 of the UN Committee’s Rules of Procedure, a complainant may request urgent “interim measures” to prevent deportation where “irreparable harm” would occur if the deportation proceeded. Such measures remain in place until the complaint is finally determined, which usually takes about one year. “Dr Leghaei was denied his human right to a procedurally fair hearing in the issue of an adverse security assessment by ASIO and in the decision to deport him which relied upon that assessment,” said Associate Professor Ben Saul, Co-Director of Sydney University’s Sydney Centre for International Law and one of the barristers who prepared the petition. “Like numerous others who have been subject to adverse security assessments by ASIO, Dr Leghaei has never been told the basis of the allegations against him. “Our strong case will have ramifications for others in Dr Leghaei’s situation both in Australia and internationally, where a person is unable to see or challenge any of the evidence against them.” Dr Leghaei and his family, who have lived peacefully in Australia for 16 years, have never been granted permanent residency due to adverse security assessments issued against the Sheikh by ASIO several years ago. In March Dr Leghaei appealed to the Minister to exercise his ministerial powers and allow him to remain in the country. Today, Senator Evans granted visas to Dr Leghaei’s wife and son, but denied a visa to the Sheikh. He has been given six weeks to leave the country. Australia is being accused of violating Articles 2, 13, 14, 23, 24 and 26 of the ICCPR . His petition details that: · Dr Leghaei has been denied a fair hearing in ASIO’s issue of an adverse security assessment, in the Department of Immigration’s decision to rely upon that assessment to refuse him a visa, and in all proceedings before the Migration Review Tribunal and Federal Court of Australia; · He has been discriminated against because was denied procedural fairness because he was not an Australian citizen or permanent resident; · The deportation cannot be justified because, in the absence of proof he is a genuine threat to national security, it would split his family and deprive his 14 year old daughter, an Australian citizen, of both her parents. If anyone has any international media contacts please PM me for further info.
  3. Salaams, I am aware of brothers still praying at the York St musallah - actually one of the brothers (shia) is allowed to give the friday kutba from time to time, but obviously isn't allowed to lead the salat ;) As for the idea having our own musallah, a bit ashamed to say this, but the idea has sort of died. I have actually moved into a new building and they have given us a prayer room. Which end of town are you guys at? Happy to investigate to find out where the nearest ones will be... Fi'aman'Allah
  4. Salaams Just an update on this guys. Yesterday (12/03/10) a submission to the Minister for Immigration was made. Insh'Allah kheir. The last week we have seen a few articles also in the media, this is the latest one from The Australian Muslim cleric hard to replace This was the 6min segment shown on the ABC's Lateline program earlier this week ABC - Lateline Also this is the official Facebook page for Sheikh. The decision was made to create a FB page as there where numerous fan pages appearing that where not official and representative of Sheikh. To get the latest information become a fan. Sheikh Mansour Leghaei Fi'aman'Allah
  5. Salams, You can also try Imam Husain Islamic Centre - 6 Lang Rd, Earlwood. Heaps of books on sale there too.
  6. Salams, Another email from IHIC after tonight's session: ** Salamun Alaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters The Imam Husain Islamic Centre has been inundated with queries in relation to Sheikh Mansour’s case and how they can help i.e. protest, letter of support, etc. The best way to show your support at this time is to write a letter to the Minister of Immigration, Chris Evans and your local Federal Member and Local State Member. The community has also been asking as to what content should be expressed in any such letters. Please find below a brief list of points you may like to consider. Points to consider in reference to Dr Mansour Leghaei Ø Your letter should be of a professional standard i.e. top right hand side of the letter should have your personal details; name, address phone number. The top left hand side should consist of the details to whom the letter will be sent, i.e. Minister of Immigration Chris Evans, local federal and local state member. Ø If you are sending this letter to more than one person then remember to state at the bottom of your letter who the other people are that you have CC’d the letter to. Ø It is a good idea to introduce yourself, including family position, qualifications etc and period of time you have known Dr Mansour Leghaei. Ø Letters should be brief and to the point. They should be divided and reflect on the person’s own life experiences, and any changes that have occurred in one’s life. Ø You may choose to discuss any particular personal issue of reference to Dr Leghaei in his capacity as a friend, colleague, brother, father figure, community leader, etc. And if he has been of any assistance to you in any way, shape or form. Ø How his deportation may affect you. The effect on your life, your social interaction and any guidance he has provided you. These can be classified as: 1. On you personally (his value to you and your life). 2. On your family (family functions, counselling services, marriage services, youth counselling etc). 3. On the community at large (functions, BBQ’s and social gatherings). 4. Bridging the gap between Islamic and non Islamic communities. 5. Encouragement for the integration and involvement with the greater Australian society. 6. Whether you feel Dr Mansour Leghaei has been given a fair go. Ø All letters should be signed and dated. Ø A hard copy of Any letters written should be forwarded to the Imam Husain Islamic Centre no later than 8:00pm Monday 22 February 2010. May Allah reward your efforts and patience. For the quick reappearance of Imam al Hojjah (a.f) please recite salawat
  7. Salams, Email from IHIC this afternoon: We are inviting everyone to an urgent Prayer for the quick reappearance and the well being of our Present Imam (a.f) and to meeting regarding Sheikh Mansour’s Visa Application. We have been informed yesterday that the tribunal has repealed his application for permanent residency due to the failure to meet the national security criteria! There are no more legal avenues. Come to find out what you can do. With prayers at 8:03pm For the quick reappearance of Imam al Hojjah (a.f) please recite salawat
  8. Sallams, Sheikh confirmed that the judicial avenue is finally over. What is left is for the federal minister for immigration to exercise his executive right to refute the case/allegations from ASIO. The board at IHIC are working on a submission to meet with the minister. Theoretically, sheikh can receive a letter anytime now asking him to leave (usually with 21 days notice). I suggest we endeavor to do the following for the time being: a) Do dua for sheikh B) Keep informed on the subject (i.e. keep an eye on ihic website/communications - www.ihic.org.au they also have a fan page on facebook) c) Make those in the wider community aware of the situation This has been going on for 15 years - insh'Allah it takes another 15 years for the letter to arrive. Also watch this space for any new developments... Fi'aman'Allah
  9. Sallams Sayyed Mahdi Modarassi will be in Sydney, Australia. Keep your eyes out on the following site as they may add audio: http://www.al-emaan.org/
  10. Sallams The info i have got is: Sh Mahmoud Jalloul & Sh Yousef Nabha (Arabic). Lecture + Majlis every night (from Thur 17th - Sun 27th) with Maghreb prayers.
  11. Sallams This is a brilliant example why we will not progress and please let’s forgot about helping the Imam of our time (atf). When the aim of this topic was to discuss a valid issue we instead descend into name-calling, finger pointing, backhanded jibes and above all invoking the wrath of Allah onto each other. What are we thinking when we read out dua faraj? Is it simply lip-service for the angels to witness? Br husainshahid, your last post was unnecessary, you should have got someone to proof read your post before sending, looks like frustration and anger got to the better of you. Br Orion, just as much as husainshahid post was unnecessary so was your invocation for the wrath of Allah! Your sentiments on the importance of the ulema is spot on but a healthy debate on such issues is still necessary without the invocations, this only further alienates individuals. I for one like to put myself 1400 years ago and see how such an event would have played out, if an individual went up to the Prophet or Imams asking what is happening to the state treasury? Firstly, we have no need to worry about corruption (re Imam Ali's punishment of Aqeel). Secondly, the manner in which they would speak to the people would be dignified and with the utmost respect and integrity. They would be transparent and willing to answer all questions. Now, we don't live in those times, that was utopia, however we have a responsibility and accountability to the money we give. Irrespective if its so and so or sheikh x or ayatollah y or charity z, you as the individual handing over x currency have a responsibility that it's going to a good/just/appropriate cause. Allah (swt) will make us accountable for this, hence the importance of having processes and documentation etc. Please can we keep this debate alive without the nasties.
  12. Sallams, Great topic! This has been on my mind for years and i have spoken to some of the renowned English speakers who tour the world for their thoughts. One of them (i will not name for obvious reasons) told me if he brought up the issue of khums (the corruption and misuse) on the minbar, he would get his spine ripped out of his back. An extreme metaphor i know, but it goes to show the struggle to maintain power over the millions if not billions of $$$. Br husainshahid, i really doubt you will find any accounts, transparency or anything resembling an audit (but wish you luck!). I believe we have reached an age (we certainly have the expertise and know-how) that khums money should be audited and annual reports produced documenting the projects happening around the world. I can however understand the argument of 'the shia community is oppressed' hence the need for secrecy (this really applies only in the ME & Asia). This should not stop us from coming up with solutions to embrace transparency in the West. I for one believe we have a long way to go before we start utilizing khums money effectively and efficiently. Br Orion, set aside Shaheed Sadr's masterpiece, Our economics, the Jafaria school of thought has done very little in terms of implementing and promoting an Islamic economy or producing material in regard to Islamic finance.
  13. salam

    i was reading abt sayed ammar on this site....and u mentioned that sayed was lecuring in sydney...

    well i live in australia to and i would like to ask- how much does sayed charge for his lectures??

    waiting for ur reply



  14. Sallams, Good call - i think the sunday format is a lot better - end of the week, relaxed etc... Whereas saturday night would have been annoying.
  15. Sallams This is a bit confusing - are the programs back on sunday night? I thought they were going to change it to saturday night?
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