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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1. Go and learn about taqiya and your Hadith2. What other than umar saying marrying me to her instead of your nephew has he said after 8:53?? Where is the force in that??? Haha you're a funny geezer..if you go back to my first post I said "I can't believe the garbage story of the "broken ribs" is still floating around..absolute garbage and nonesense. Biggest insult to banu hashim. Edited by Just the truth, Yesterday, 09:35 PM. SO I SPOKE ABOUT THE UNBROKEN RIBS FROM DAY 1 AND YOU THEN YOU SAID THE BELOW Like This Rasul Yesterday, 10:30 PM 'Oh, I CANT REFUTE THEM, let me call it ''garbage and
  2. This force garbage,taqiya etc etc excuses won't work with me.
  3. "What has he done for Islam other than destroying its pillars? - and distorting Prophets (saww) Sunnah. Which enemy of Islam has he killed in battlefields? Oh, I forgot, he always run away in battlefields. Being a King is not so hard. Sending young man to battles and sitting in your house is not so hard also. Even George W. Bush could do that. lol"Remind me again..why did the twelfth go into hiding??? How many battles have you attended other than the ones over your keyboard lol.. "So, according to your logic - Not stoning the woman leads to the 'slip' in society? You just proved, that you are
  4. No offence but umar achieved more than all 12 imams put together..I don't mean that as an offence to the imams but that's the truth.As for your video then that is how you rule with an iron fist to control society because when you let society slip away you get what you get in the west....I wouldn't expect a narrow minded individual like yourself to understand that. So where is your evidence for the breaking of the ribs we are all waiting Yep you got that right...he was good enough to marry umm kulthum...
  5. Ok let's talk about refuting since you're so over convinced that you're irrefutable.. You bought something from ayyashi who is a Shia so if you're trying to convince us via Shia sources it won't work. Is this a new way of debating now (using your own sources to convince your opposition) lol.. Anyway you're a boring kind of guy who's full of hot air (yawn) when you have solid evidence for the broken ribs then please do come back
  6. Actually it's a lose situation for you...FULL STOP You only quoted part of the Hadith Muhammad ibn Bishr from Ubaydullah ibn Umar from Zayd ibn Aslam from his father Aslam [the mawla of Umar.] When Abu Bakr received the pledges of allegiance after the Messenger of Allah, Ali and al-Zubayr used to enter the presence of Fatima the daughter of the Messenger of Allah and consult with her and hesitate in their allegiance. When news of this reached Umar ibn al-Khattab, he came out until he entered Fatima’s presence and said: “Daughter of the Messenger of Allah, none in all creation was more dearly b
  7. Y......E.......S spells YESI've specifically asked for the Hadith of breaking if the ribs
  8. So.....so far no Hadith to prove the breaking of the ribs......
  9. Dear brother I was only asking for authentic proof of breaking of the ribs...since you say you don't know then that's cool... The rest of your post is irrelevant as you have not offered any proof that any such incident occurred... Be well my brother in Islam take care Salams Mr rasul we are all waiting for your Hadith of breaking of the ribs. Please could you kindly point it out for us as that is a very long article..thankyou brother
  10. Ok so let's say what you're saying is correct and imam Ali forgave umar that's all hunky dorey but you seem to be forgetting that I'm talking about the actual breaking if the ribs and secondly you need to proof that imam Ali used surah 5:45..qiyas is haram in your aqeedah..is it not?? Another point is that if imam Ali let this event slip why do Shia still talk about it today??i mean like you're saying imam Ali left it to Allah swt so why can't Shia too??(btw it never occurred in the first place) since when did Shia become higher than Allah swt
  11. I don't know of any raid that took place..I'm specifically talking about the "unbroken ribs" and btw i have nothing to do with ibn tamiyyah..I hate him more than you do if not more..I'm not a wahabbi
  12. I think you are the one who is missing the point..we are talking about the breaking of the ribs here in case you haven't realised...as for alcohol...PROVE....IT
  13. Like i said before...isn't it some on banu hashim that they couldn't do anything to those who did this???or is it a compliment
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