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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Brained reacted to Qa'im in Karbala: The Supreme Sacrifice   
    We have to reflect on the following questions:

    1. Why did al-Husayn choose to die when he was given the option of defeating his enemies? Had his movement been mainly a social one, wouldn't defeating Yazid and restoring the Caliphate be a more effective way to attain his goals?

    2. Why is so much emphasis given to the killing, `aza', and ziyara of Husayn, considering all of the Imams were killed in their own acts of amr bil ma`ruf wa nahi `an al-munkar? Even Imams that were superior to Husayn (Amir al-Mu'mineen and even Imam al-Hasan) fought against the evil powers of their time until they were brutally martyred. While we commemorate their shahada and perform their ziyara, we can all agree that the sources have given special emphasis to Imam al-Husayn.

    3. Why is Hajj often compared to al-Husayn's movement in our literature? His ziyara is compared to an X amount of Hajj, as opposed to another good action, such as feeding the poor or giving charity. Being in Karbala for the Day of `Arafat is also given significance. Why was Hajj selected as the measuring stick?

    4. Why is Karbala' given a cosmic significance in books like Kamil al-Ziyarat? It is called majma` as-samawati wal ard, and a piece of heaven on Earth. The same status is not given to Kufa, where Amir al-Mu'mineen was killed.

    5. Why did al-Husayn replace Isma`il in the authentic report of Imam ar-Rida? What is the relationship between the Abrahamic sacrifice and his elevation to the level of Imam?

    6. Why did the Imamate go to the children of al-Husayn and not al-Hasan?

    7. What is the relationship between al-Husayn and the Qa'im of Aal Muhammad?

    8. Is there a significance to Husayn being slaughtered like sheep? Is this a connection shared by other livestock sacrifices - the Hajj sacrifice, the offerings of Abel and Cain, the sacrifice of the Cow? Why is Husayn called a qurban - a term usually given to sacrificial offerings and livestock?

    9. Is there a significance to Ashura possibly falling on the Day of Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement?

    10. Should our communities distinguish the movement of Husayn from modernist terminology inspired by the Protestant Reformation, the French Revolution, Marxism, and modern anti-imperialism? I am very critical of translating terms like "islah" to "reform", which is loaded with evoked connotations.

    To me, the anthropology and phenomenology of sacrifice ties all of these things together beautifully.
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    Brained reacted to Qa'im in Karbala: The Supreme Sacrifice   
    The Messenger of Allah (s) was sitting one day when al-Hasan [a] came. When he (s) saw him [a], he wept and said, "Come to me, my son!" and he sat him down on his right leg.

    Then, al-Husayn [a] came. When he (s) saw him [a], he wept and said, "Come to me, my son!" and he sat him down on his left leg.

    Then, Lady Fatima [a] came. When he saw her, he wept and said, "Come to me, my daughter!" and he sat her down in front of him.

    Then, the Commander of the Faithful [a] came. When he saw him, he wept and said, "Come to me, my brother!" and he sat him down to his right side.

    So his companions said to him, "O Messenger of Allah! You did not see one of these except that you wept. What is in them that caused this?"

    The Messenger replied, "By He who raised me up as a prophet, and selected me above all of the people! I and them are the dearest creatures to Allah, and nothing on the face of the Earth is more beloved to me than them.

    As for `Ali b. Abi Talib, he is my brother and my confidant, the Master of the Order after me, the Master of my brigade in this world and the Hereafter, and the Master of my Pond and my intercession. He is the Master of every Muslim, the Imam of every believer, and the leader of every pious person. He is my deputy and my vicegerent over my family and my Nation both during my life and after my death. Love of him is love of me, hatred of him is hatred of me. By his allegiance, my Nation is given mercy, and by opposing him, the opponents were cursed. I wept when he came because I remembered my Nation's betrayal of him after me - he will be betrayed until he is unable to take my seat. Allah has made him after me, and his authority will not fall until the side of his head is struck and his beard is soaked by it [with blood] in the best month, the month of Ramadan, in which the Qur'an was revealed as guidance for the people and elucidations of guidance and a criterion.

    As for my daughter Fatima, she is the Mistress of the Women of the Worlds, from the first to the last. She is a part of me, the light of my eye, the fruit of my heart, and my spirit within me. She is a human houri. Whenever she stands at her prayer-niche before her Lord, her light illuminates for the angels of the heavens, just as the light of the stars illuminate for the people of the Earth; and Allah says to His angels, 'O My angels! Look at My female servant Fatima, the Mistress of My female servants, standing before Me. Her chest shivers out of fear of Me, and she has set her heart to worshiping Me. I bear witness to you that I have made her followers safe from the Fire.' When I saw her, I remembered what would happen to her after me. It is as if I am with her, as disgrace enters her home, and her sanctity is violated, and her right is taken away, and she is prevented from her inheritance, and her side (rib) is broken, and her fetus is miscarried as she calls, 'O Muhammada!' and she is not answered. She will call for help, but not be helped. After me, she will always be grieving, distressed, and weeping. In a moment, she will recall the cessation of revelation to her house, and in the next moment, she will recall my absence. She will be lonely when night comes to her and she does not hear my voice reciting the Qur'an in the night prayer. She will see herself become humiliated after being honoured in the days of her father. At that, Allah will give her solace through the angels, and they will call to her what they called to Mary the daughter of `Imran. They will say, 'O Fatima! Surely, Allah has chosen you, purified you, and chosen you above the women of the worlds. O Fatima! Devote yourself to your Lord, prostrate, and bow with those who bow.' Then, her pain will begin and she will become ill, so Allah will send Mary the daughter of `Imran to her, to take care of her in her illness and give her solace. At that, Fatima will say, 'O Lord! I have despised life, and I am discontented with the people of this world, so reunite me with my father.' So Allah will reunite her with me, and she will be the first to follow me from my family. She will come to me grieving, distressed, sorrowful, robbed, and killed. At that, I will say, 'May Allah curse those who oppressed her, and punish those who robbed her, and humiliate those who humiliated her, and put he who struck her side and caused her miscarriage in the Fire forever.' At that, the angels will say 'Amen.'

    As for al-Hasan, he is my son and my child. He is from me, the joy of my eye, the light of my heart, and the fruit of my heart. He is the Master of the Youth of Paradise, and the Proof of Allah upon the Nation. His order is my order, and his words are my words. Whomever follows him is of me, and whomever disobeys him is not of me. When I looked at him, I remembered the humiliation he will experience after me. His authority will remain until he is killed with poison in oppression and enmity. At that, the angels will weep over his death, and everything will weep over him, including the birds in the sky and the whales in the sea. Whomever weeps over him will not be blinded on the Day that the eyes will be blinded. Whomever grievs over him will not grieve on the Day that the hearts will grieve. Whomever visits him in his Baqi`, his feet will be firm on the Path on the Day that the feet will falter.

    As for al-Husayn, he is from me, he is my son and my child. He is the best of the creation after his brother. He is the Imam of the Muslims, the Master of the believers, the vicegerent of the Lord of the Worlds, the helper of those who seek help, the cave of those who seek refuge, the Proof of Allah upon His whole creation, the Master of the Youth of Paradise, and the Gate of Salvation of my Nation. His order is my order, his obedience is my obedience. Whomever follows him is of me, and whomever disobeys him disobeys him is not of me. When I saw him, I remembered what will happen to him after me. It is as if I am with him when he appeals for help by my sanctity and my grave but he is not helped. So I will come to him in his dream and order him to take a trip to me, and I will give him glad tidings of martyrdom. So he will go to the land of his killing and his demise, the land of suffering and calamity and killing and annihilation. A group of Muslims will support him, and they will be from the Masters of the Martyrs of my Nation on the Day of Resurrection. It is as if I am looking at him as is struck with a spear and falls off of his horse. He will then be slaughtered as an oppressed ram is slaughtered."

    Then, the Messenger of Allah (s) wept, and those around him wept, and their voices were raised. Then, he (s) stood, saying, "O Allah, I complain to You regarding what will happen to my Ahl al-Bayt after me." Then, he entered his house.

    حدثنا علي بن أحمد بن موسى الدقاق (رحمه الله)، قال: حدثنا محمد ابن أبي عبد الله الكوفي، قال: حدثنا موسى بن عمران النخعي، عن عمه الحسين بن
    يزيد النوفلي، عن الحسن بن علي بن أبي حمزة، عن أبيه، عن سعيد بن جبير، عن ابن عباس، قال: إن رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله) كان جالسا ذات يوم إذ أقبل الحسن (عليه السلام)، فلما رآه بكى، ثم قال: إلي يا بني، فما زال يدنيه حتى أجلسه على فخذه اليمنى، ثم أقبل الحسين (عليه السلام)، فلما رآه بكى، ثم قال: إلي يا بني، فما زال يدنيه حتى أجلسه على فخذه اليسرى، ثم أقبلت فاطمة (عليها السلام)، فلما رآها بكى، ثم قال: إلى يا بنية، فأجلسها بين يديه، ثم أقبل أمير المؤمنين (عليه السلام)، فلما رآه بكى، ثم قال: إلي يا أخي، فما زال يدنيه حتى أجلسه إلى جنبه الايمن، فقال له أصحابه: يا رسول الله، ما ترى واحدا من هؤلاء إلا بكيت، أو ما فيهم من تسر برؤيته! فقال (صلى الله عليه وآله): والذي بعثني بالنبوة، واصطفاني على جميع البرية، إني وإياهم لاكرم الخلق على الله عزوجل، وما على وجه الارض نسمة أحب إلي منهم. أما علي بن أبي طالب فإنه أخي وشفيقي، وصاحب الامر بعدي، وصاحب لوائي في الدنيا والآخرة، وصاحب حوضي وشفاعتي، وهو مولى كل مسلم، وإمام كل مؤمن، وقائد كل تقي، وهو وصيي وخليفتي على أهلي وأمتي في حياتي وبعد مماتي، محبه محبي، ومبغضه مبغضي، وبولايته صارت أمتي مرحومة، وبعداوته صارت المخالفة له منها ملعونة، وإني بكيت حين أقبل لاني ذكرت غدر الامة به بعدي حتى إنه ليزال عن مقعدي، وقد جعله الله له بعدي، ثم لا يزال الامر به حتى يضرب على قرنه ضربة تخضب منها لحيته في أفضل الشهور شهر رمضان الذي أنزل فيه القرآن هدى للناس وبينات من الهدى والفرقان. وأما ابنتي فاطمة، فإنها سيدة نساء العالمين من الاولين والآخرين، وهي بضعة مني، وهو نور عيني، وهي ثمرة فؤادي، وهي روحي التي بين جنبي، وهي الحوراء الانسية، متى قامت في محرابها بين يدي ربها جل جلاله زهر (1) نورها لملائكة السماء كما يزهر نور الكواكب لاهل الارض، ويقول الله عز وجل لملائكته: يا
    ملائكتي، انظروا إلى أمتي فاطمة سيدة إمائي، قائمة بين يدي ترتعد فرائصها (1) من خيفتي، وقد أقبلت بقلبها على عبادتي، أشهدكم أني قد أمنت شيعتها من النار. وإني لما رأيتها ذكرت ما يصنع بها بعدي، كأني بها وقد دخل الذل بيتها، وانتهكت حرمتها، وغصبت حقها، ومنعت إرثها، وكسر جنبها (2)، وأسقطت جنينها، وهي تنادي: يا محمداه، فلا تجاب، وتستغيث فلا تغاث، فلا تزال بعدي محزونة مكروبة باكية، تتذكر انقطاع الوحي عن بيتها مرة، وتتذكر فراقي أخرى، وتستوحش إذا جنها الليل لفقد صوتي الذي كانت تستمع إليه إذا تهجدت بالقرآن، ثم ترى نفسها ذليلة بعد أن كانت في أيام أبيها عزيزة، فعند ذلك يؤنسها الله تعالى ذكره بالملائكة، فنادتها بما نادت به مريم بنت عمران، فتقول: يا فاطمة (إن الله اصطفاك وطهرك واصطفاك على نساء العالمين)، يا فاطمة (اقنتي لربك واسجدي واركعي مع الراكعين) (3). ثم يبتدئ بها الوجع فتمرض، فيبعث الله عز وجل إليها مريم بنت عمران، تمرضها وتؤنسها في علتها، فتقول عند ذلك: يا رب، إني قد سئمت الحياة، وتبرمت بأهل الدنيا، فألحقني بأبي. فيلحقها الله عز وجل بي، فتكون أول من يلحقني من أهل بيتي، فتقدم علي محزونة مكروبة مغمومة مغصوبة مقتولة، فأقول عند ذلك: اللهم العن من ظلمها، وعاقب من غصبها، وأذل من أذلها، وخلد في نارك من ضرب جنبها حتى ألقت ولدها، فتقول الملائكة عند ذلك: آمين. وأما الحسن فإنه ابني وولدي، ومني، وقرة عيني، وضياء قلبي، وثمرة فؤادي، وهو سيد شباب أهل الجنة، وحجة الله على الامة، أمره أمري، وقوله قولي، من تبعه فإنه مني، ومن عصاه فليس مني، وإني لما نظرت إليه تذكرت ما يجرى عليه من الذل بعدي، فلا يزال الامر به حتى يقتل بالسم ظلما وعدوانا، فعند ذلك تبكي الملائكة
    والسبع الشداد لموته، ويبكيه كل شئ حتى الطير في جو السماء، والحيتان في جوف الماء، فمن بكاه لم تعم عينه يوم تعمي العيون، ومن حزن عليه لم يحزن قلبه يوم تحزن القلوب، ومن زاره، في بقيعه ثبتت قدمه على الصراط يوم تزل فيه الاقدام. وأما الحسين فإنه مني، وهو ابني وولدي، وخير الخلق بعد أخيه، وهو إمام المسلمين، ومولى المؤمنين، وخليفة رب العالمين، وغياث المستغيثين، وكهف المستجيرين، وحجة الله على خلقه أجمعين، وهو سيد شباب أهل الجنة، وباب نجاة الامة، أمره أمري، وطاعته طاعتي، من تبعه فإنه مني، ومن عصاه فليس مني، وإني لما رأيته تذكرت ما يصنع به بعدي، كأني به وقد استجار بحرمي وقبري (1) فلا يجار، فأضمه في منامه إلى صدري، وآمره بالرحلة على دار هجرتي، وأبشره بالشهادة، فيرتحل عنها إلى أرض مقتله وموضع مصرعه أرض كرب وبلاء وقتل وفناء، تنصره عصابة من المسلمين، أولئك من سادة شهداء امتي يوم القيامة، كأني أنظر إليه وقد رمي بسهم فخر عن فرسه صريعا، ثم يذبح كما يذبح الكبش مظلوما. ثم بكى رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله) وبكى من حوله، وارتفعت أصواتهم بالضجيج، ثم قام (صلى الله عليه وآله): وهو يقول: اللهم إني أشكو إليك ما يلقى أهل بيتي بعدي، ثم دخل منزله (2).

    (Amali of Shaykh as-Saduq, page 174)
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    Brained got a reaction from notme in When you're an Introvert   
    Often I see 'I'm an introvert" being used as an excuse to not do anything and sit around watch seasons and eat fats, basically wasting away life under the pretext that he/she cannot enjoy others' company. This isn't about having a selected group of friends - it is about excusing laziness. True introverts don't do that. 
    Anyways, just a rant.
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    Brained reacted to phoenix in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    Did someone give me a shout-out? Are we having an India vs Pak cricket match wager again? :-P Thanks, @Ibn al-Hussain (even with that change of screen name, you were easily recognisable).
    SC did force me to encounter a lot of untold truths and question several   status quos, led me to explore the richness of the fiqhi world and the diversity of beliefs held on to by the Imamis with the progression of time, and basically just added to my thirst for knowledge. One of the saddest but poignant moments (while I was still active here) - apart from @Ali Naqi's demise - was when one of the members embraced atheism, but Al-Hamdu lillah, they reverted.
    I'm not really sure when I transitioned from here to FB, but when I did, it was mostly the newer lot that I had become more well acquainted with (and who would have been most instrumental in the unearthing of information formerly unknown to me), although that was a phase that didn't last long either. Perhaps I became more settled and calmer and tolerant (all my posts and exchanges on the wall too are still here, however I no longer identify with some of my earlier self) and arrived to some sort of conclusion regarding matters, perhaps I didn't exude that kind of energy anymore and preferred to instead present and/or discuss topics in my classes/lectures or on MSN/Skype, but primarily, it was my real life projects/institution amongst my community that i became involved with at the grassroots level that gained priority and time. While my SC visits are rare, once in a blue moon kind, I do visit FB more or less regularly, more in the position of an observer: it's interesting to watch/read what others have to say.
    I have gone on to forge some very good friendships/acquaintances with some of the members off SC, who remain in regular touch. Off the top of my head, currently @habib e najjaar @Praetorius @Nocturne @Khadim uz Zahra @Mary_Poppins @Nida_e_Zahra and several others in the past.
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    Brained got a reaction from Fatima NMA in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    I think the fact that this confusion ended in a solemn apology and not a joke is emblematic of how Shiachat has changed. 
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    Brained reacted to HR in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    This is HR/feminist. It took me a while to remember my password! Thanks @Ibn al-Hussain for initiating this. Boy you have matured over the years! (reading your post)
    Feel very nostalgic visiting the forum again! I joined back in Feb 2003 - had moved to US in Jan 2003 and was very very homesick as a 19 year old back then. Shiachat was kind of home away from home though initially the insults were quite overwhelming but got used to it eventually :D. I remember being shocked to find out that it was not wajib for a woman to work and cook at home and I got attacked pretty quickly by the likes of @Cary Grantwho later became a very good and close friend! I had quit madressah in 3rd grade for various reasons mainly due to the condescending attitude of African khojas since I was a paki from a humble background back then :S. So the learning curve on Shiachat was steep and kept me occupied during that vulnerable phase of my life when I could have strayed on to things that could have easily ruined my akhirah so Jazakallah to @Ali @Ya Aba 3abdillah and rest of the team that helped set up this forum. Exposure to different ulama and their books was priceless. Also helped me navigate my early years in US in terms of what is haram and what is halal - very helpful
    Of course, it was not all about religion! Lots of things learned on various other topics including a better understanding of the social fabric of Shia community in the west. Totally agree with @Ibn al-Hussain that this forum was a true reflection of the mindset of a common shia in the west. Anywho, made a lot of friends (too many to tag here) who would go on to be a big influence in my personal life. Some of them like @Syedmed even helped me out with my scholarship applications at Uni! @SO SOLID SHIA is probably the funniest person I have virtually met - though we have had a few convos over the phone and paltalk as well. My initial encounter with jokers was probably in DJ's thread below (wonder where he is?)
    Of course became quite active on the urdu forum later (being the FOB that I was). Lots of shayeri and fun altogether! Where is @Peer @Friend of All@misbah 2004 aka Whizbee , @ArJuMaNd@Rawshni @Hasnainand many others
    From my "General off topic" buddies, where are @sweeter than salsabeel @fatima (from UK) @Bismillah@Simba @Nida_e_Zahra.  @raat ki rani lol @A follower @WEST_INDIAN_RUDEGYAL @wilayah was grace personified! Some characters we had back then @Ibrahim110 who issued a fatwa against pink color and considered tampons as Dajjal! No kidding
    Can't believe Dobby is still alive @Zuljenah. Last I dissed him was 10 years ago! @queenjafri my fobby friend u were funny too! Met a few shiachatters in real life as well. @Javy back when I was in Arlington, TX. 
    The deaths of @Ali Naqi and Aaliyah were heartbreaking and I remember crying and being affected by it though I had only known them on this forum or facebook. Please recite Surah Fatiha for them
    Then there was that famous/notorious hijabi pic thread of mine. Got a lot of flak for posting that pic from friends and probably cost me personally more than I would have imagined. But do I regret? No. It was for fun and to make people laugh and I think all those objectives were achieved. Would I do it again? Hell no
    Pretty much lost touch with Shiachat after 2007 mostly because I moved to DUBAYYY and the website is banned here. Got married in 2009 and have a lovely son alhamdulillah. Am glad I moved back to Dubai back then and got to spend more time with parents and siblings
    From a religious perspective, there hasn't been a u turn or a huge fluctuation. Maulana Syed Ali Murtuza Zaidi was/is a big influence on me from a religious perspective ever since I attended his majlis for the first time in 2007. Lately Brother Khalil Jaffer from Canada has been inspriational - his majalis "Origin and Truth", "Freeing the butterfly within" (What an amazing series of lectures!) "The End of Negative Suffering" have been life changing seriously
    So that was me reliving some part of the 3-4 years I spent actively on Shiachat. Quite a long post and I haven't even covered one half of it. Look forward to reading more from the oldies. Adios!
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    Brained reacted to starlight in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    That's exactly what I was thinking. 
    Another entertaining turn would have been:
    Ali_Hussain(after reading Haji2003's post):  :mad: why are even you bringing up Digital Ummah and Tatbir in this? AND DO I APPEAR TO YOU LIKE SOMEONE WHO HAS SPENT FOUR YEARS IN HAWZA??????  :mad: :mad: 
    Haji2003 : WUTT , LOOOLZ 
    Digital ummah(stepping in): Did I hear someone say Tatbir? 
    But alas.........
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    Brained reacted to Ali_Hussain in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    That is part of the reason, however I believe that the forum died due to moderation issues, there were many, many occasion in which new members would come and ask a question only to have the thread locked and them to be told to just use the search engine. What did the mods think was going to happen? That kind of behaviour, first of all comes across as rude, and secondly doesn't allow the user to develop a taste for what this forum is supposed to be about.
    There are of course other issues, such as facebook being such a popular platform.
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    Brained reacted to Don'tMakeAس in A Guide to Sunni Trends   
    While I cannot speak for the entire group, just about all of the Deobandis I have known have been very outspoken in their opposition to Sufism and in particular tawassuf, while expressing theological beliefs very similar to those professed my modern-day Salafis. Their "inspiration" Shah Waliullah, although perhaps not a Salafi by strict definition, was an early proponent of an exclusionist and militarist version of Islam, and the views I have seen from Deobandis on the ground are along the same lines.
    The information on Deobandis on the Internet seems to be completely different from what I have experienced in reality. It may be that the Deboandi niche which I had contact with in Pakistan was yet another example of an unrelated group hijacked by Saudi oil money.
    According to Wikipedia (quoting from Sareen, Sushant (2005). The Jihad Factory: Pakistan's Islamic Revolution in the Making):
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    Brained reacted to Qa'im in A Guide to Sunni Trends   
    This thread is not about labeling or categorizing per se. I am a social scientist by profession, and part of my study is to identify trends and patterns in society. That, by definition, will have some generalizations and some exceptions. This should not be taken as "these groups are not Muslims", there is no doubt that Sunnis are Muslim. But Sunnis constitute 1 billion people of varying identities.
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    Brained reacted to Haji 2003 in Thinking Positive   
    Hameedeh, to be honest, I utterly HATE your blog.
    You write so little but your writing is so good, please at least write more frequently
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    Brained reacted to Haji 2003 in Spread by the Sword?   
    From what I know, Sayed Shubari speaks from a Khoei point of view. 
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    Brained reacted to DigitalUmmah in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    @Ibn al-Hussain the mallangy brothers that I am in constant contact with, who are also former SCers, well. lets just say they probably wont be able to come back. mallang-ban-genocide and all that lol
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    Brained reacted to hayaah in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    No they dont, and neither will I when I start uni :p
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    Brained reacted to hayaah in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    Hardly anyone uses facebook these days....
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    Brained reacted to Haimi in Islam and Feminism   
    With all due respect it was you who quoted me as I said I didn't want to involve into this thread bcz only it's your thread, and there we go, i see it again, a momeen, a shia and an admin attitude.
    Off topic? Feel free to remove it then instead of quoting it.
    Source? Wondering how you've source for other things but for this one you need a source.
    This time? I just don't wasting my time if you mean that.
    May Allah swt forgive us both.
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    Brained reacted to Gaius I. Caesar in Islam and Feminism   
    Don't be condescending, sis. You know nothing of Enigma's life and you know being condescending is bad akhlaq. If you don't know what you did, reread what you wrote or ask. Just saying, I am not trying to lecture. I'm just trying to remind you, that's all.
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    Brained reacted to Ali al-Abdullah in A Guide to Sunni Trends   
    Zaydis are more Shia than Ismailis and Alawites atleast
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    Brained reacted to Shabbar_Abidi in A Guide to Sunni Trends   
    but even sheep need a proper Shepard, without one they are left to the wolves. What do you think this Shepard should be? How should we guide nominal Sunnis away from the wolves?
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    Brained reacted to Reza in Delaying gratification   
    Delayed gratification is a universal mechanism that instills quality standards and discipline. It forces one to act outside their immediate whims and defers our transactions and acquisitions to a more principled and meaningful course. Perhaps to teach us that humans can not simply say "be, and it is", and we must subject ourselves to a system based on individual choice and guided by minimally controllable externalities.
    But there are caveats to it in general:
    1. Thinking about the goal, or even just being conscious or aware of it may lead to frustration and enticement. But blocking it away from the mind, while working and waiting, may make one become nihilistic. How do you avoid its lure while feeling its palpability as a motivator at the same time?
    2. Not a religious question, but how do people maintain "worldly" and "secular" faith (like economic conditions), that will make possible ones fulfillment of their work and delayed gratification? Or is this a complete misnomer?
    3. Some may not see gratification as being delayed. Delayed seems like a relative term to denote excess time, or longer than desired. Maybe others see things as natural time courses, neither too fast nor too slow? Other than base animal tendencies, how do people even know what or when they want?
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