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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sadly I agree with this. While their beliefs differ mostly due to the dispute of Caliphate, they regard Ali(RA) more than the Prophet(SAWS). Always whenever I'm near a Shi'a I hear "YA ALI MOULA MADAD" or "LA FATA ILLA ALI" which leads me to believe they remember Ali more than Allah(SWT) himself. Allah knows the heart of man and knows what is best for him, he knows if his slaves are in true need and what will make him in a better state, not Imams.
  2. The Prophet(SAWS) said "The best among my Ummah are of this generation and after that my next generation," So people of His(SAWS) time were less prone to error as those of present time and have you visited an Islamic library anytime? The internet is unreliable check that and you will see that the Prophet(SAWS) would oversee what his Scribes (ra) would write as he would recite the verse. The Quran was compiled by collecting all these pieces which contained verses like camel bones, date palm leaves etc. so a very MINUTE margin for error. Ma- Assalam
  3. Patience is irrelevant when you "break the rib" of the flesh and blood of Muhammad (S.A.W.) If the case of naming is the issue then; Narrates Ibn Shuba' Al-Harrani "A man came to Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (May Allah's blessings be with him) and inquired whether it was acceptable to adorn one's sword with decorative emblems or gems, Imam Jafar (May Allah's blessings be with him) replied 'It is acceptable as Abu Bakr As Siddiq used to do this' whereupon the man asked 'Why do you call him Siddiq' And Imam Jafar (May Allah's blessings be with him) replied thrice 'He is Siddiq' and left" Also why did the
  4. 1. Please quote a unanimously accepted Sunni book which tells "Whoever Doesn't know his imam of his time and dies, has died as if he has died during ignorance age or as an atheist" 2. The Prophet (s) said, “The most beloved of my family to me is Fatima.” If anyone had broken her sacred rib the whole ummah would behead that person and it would be a mistake to call him a Muslim. Instead many Imams named their children Omar, why would they name the very person who murdered their mother their names? 3. You say the only book you believe is Quran but yet you quote "Read Nahjul Balagha Khutbah ash
  5. Ah, more Umar bashing...Who was it that broke the noses of the Great Byzantine AND Persian Empires Simultaneously? As your scholar Irfan Shah Syed said "were there 2 Umars of Islam, then the whole world would have been conquered by Islam" and according to early historians I quote Edward Gibbon "Yet the abstinence and humility of Umar were not inferior to the virtues of Abu Bakr: his food consisted of barley bread or dates; his drink was water; he preached in a gown that was torn or tattered in twelve places; and a Persian satrap, who paid his homage as to the conqueror, found him asleep among
  6. Salam, According to popular Shia belief, Umar (ra) Abu Bakr (ra) and Usman (ra) became heretics after the demise of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and even go as far as cursing them regularly. I ask, what proof do you have of their heresy? Let me answer some of your possible responses: 1: They went to Saqifa instead of mourning the death of the Prophet (s.a.w.) A. What would you have them do? there was unrest in Arabia with 4 fake prophets, hordes of rebelling tribes, if they started mourning like Ashura head banging festivals then Makkah would have been overrun and Islam would have never gained mo
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