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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What on earth. Frankly some of the views here are shocking. Actually misrepresenting Quranic verses and putting a spin on them. Wow.
  2. I don't think the person was Sheikh Arif. It was Ali Hur Kamoonpuri. You can see the videos on Youtube https://youtube.com/channel/UCkFeHyZrnqNXn799Kjj06tA I found one of the videos where he was directly addressed but can't find it right now as i'm on my phone!
  3. Try telling A.Seestani he is doing israf by living in a rented place. Also ask him again about taking a mortgage. There is no where he states that it is halal. As posted above, he says you can take the money from the bank without the intention of it being a loan and without the intention of paying the interest. The question arises as to what intention are you taking the money then? And also it's not like a 2 second transaction where you have your niyyat made. It's a drawn out process with a contract you sign which basically says that you agree to pay the interest etc. Good luck with making that niyyat as you full well know when you are signing the you will be paying the interest without them forcing you at all. You will be paying it willingly. Not only that, when taking out a mortgage you will definitely be searching for the best deal i.e interest rate on the mortgage so you will have the intention to pay it at that point....why else would you be searchinf forna good deal? At least with renting you know you will not be disobeying Allah for sure. What's wrong with trying to save and living in a run down area? Maybe if everyone took that approach the run down areas would not be so bad!
  4. Doesnt look like it is available at both the above links anymore. Is there anywhere else this can be accessed?
  5. Salamun alaikum So Shias too should not be buying houses via a mortgage as it involves interest and not just Sunnis? Or do Shias ignore this?
  6. Washing the right side of the body before the left side is a recommended precaution not an obligatory precaution so your ghusl seems to be legit.
  7. As far as I am aware, when the redness enters from the easter sky then it is already Fajr time which means that one can offer fajr nawafil during Fajr time, bit it is done before the Fajr prayer. This is how I have understood it. As regards to maghrib and isha the rule according to syed seestani is: The Maghrib Nafilah should be offered after Maghrib prayers, and one should make an effort to offer it in time after Maghrib. However, if one delays offering Maghrib Nafilah till redness in the western sky disappears, then it would be better to offer Isha prayers at that moment. The time for Isha starts as soon as you have completed the maghrib prayers so if you still have time to do the maghrib nawafil then you can do that and straight after that you should be ok to do Isha and there is no need to wait for anything unless you want to wait for the awwal waqt for the Isha prayer. This is just the way I have understood the rulings.
  8. Jazakallah Khair for this. Really appreciate the time you took to give me the links.
  9. Any chance you can give a link to some of the online material like the Readers? I've searched online but none of them are available to download for free apart from the Kalilah wa Dimna (which looks like it is all in Arabic - I was hoping for an Arabic English book)
  10. Salamum alaikum Any ideas if Barley Malt is halal haram? It' s listed as an ingredient in Vimto. Thanks!
  11. The following book covers this subject with examples: Structure and Qur anic Interpretation: A Study of Symmetry and Coherence in Islam s Holy Text (Paperback)
  12. I'd like to see the ruling for this too. First time i've heard this.
  13. Na bro....it's about the Arabic. Muhammadin Muhammadan Muhammadin. All the same meaning. Just are different depending on where they are used in a sentence. Nothing to do with fiqh.
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