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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alikum, I am currently working in Ob/gyn clinic and i have to deal with plenty of pregnant women (hate it but whatev's). I will explain few things (with Allah's help) you should look out for (you obviously hear them during your ob visits which I hope you are keeping up with) and inshAllah will help others who are pregnant. Its common to be anemic and you'd be asked to take Iron. Important things: Avoid meat/poultry that is not heated (high risk of Listeria), all meats should be well done. Avoid fish high in mercury (not good for baby or mom). Only eat light tuna and once a week (your ob doc will explain that hopefully). Avoid cat litters (taxoplasmosis). Eat plenty of vegs, fruits. Contractions can be normal in early pregnancy termed Braxton Hicks contractions. Things to always look for everyday: baby movements, bleeding, loss of fluids and contractions. Keep up with ob visits and screening tests. At 14 weeks doc will offer NT (for Down Syndrome highly recommended). 16-18 wks Quad test (for Neural Tube Defects). At 26-28 weeks Glucose test (to test for Gestational Diabetes), at 36 wks Group B Strep infection. These are the most common ones done during pregnancy, obviously other tests can be done if there are any complications in mother. These are few things to expect during pregnancy. You can read up more on that and inshAllah your baby will be healthy.
  2. Akhi if you would have read my post i was explicitly talking about Pakistan as West has completely different issues (which we can discuss and more then likely i would agree with what you point out). But generally speaking Shias here are better in following deen since there are more opportunities to sin (people don't have to go out of their way), yet they stay away. Hijab/Beard is basic. Its fiqh. I really dont know what can get more basic then Allah handing down some rules which you accept (being a muslim one submits to will of Allah). Its not something like Ethics where you have to burn the deepest seeds of vices in soul (tough thing which would include "serious moral problems" you were anticipating) or to understand Allah (much tougher). For example, if you work the most obvious rule is to be on time; if you are a muslim the most obvious rule is to follow Allah's command. I appologize i should have been careful with my words. Not everyone, but plenty of people.
  3. Thats the spirit. Not so hard uh? You got the concept down, and i get to quiz you on it soon. Anyways, lets stay on-topic.
  4. I am starting to love these "feel good" posts. We all can be good friends obviously as long as we don't "act on any attractions" criteria set up by one of the posters. OH and if someone does "act on attraction" a women will put the guy on his place suggested by another poster. .... Anyways, to people who are not sure Imam Ali (as) said that he doesn't initiate even Salam to a women for the fear that their reply might bring out any lust just by the voice. Listen to Imams. Some people only follow their 'hawa, or obviously they take part in such unislamic things and justifying it with whatever they can throw out there. A guy and girl cannot even be alone for a second let alone friends. I mean if you are going to see your future wife and talk to her even for a second there needs to be a wali present, but somehow people are justifying friendship. Sad state.
  5. Brother, the easiest way to read Quran in Arabic obviously requires taking a course in it. In meantime you can read the translations of Quran. The simple answer of why Surah Fatiha is sometimes called Surah Hamd (by shias and sunnis) because it begins with the word Al Hamd u lil lahi. Here is a good video of how to perform Salaat (skip to 3:40 mark): I know akhi its tough to learn everything, just hang in there and slowly you will get it inshAllah. We are here to help you through this.
  6. I agree with Mukhtar to a certain degree but I see from another side. I have lived in Pak for good 15 years. The people are basically done. Morally and religiously confused. When I came to USA is when I realized what Islam is actually about. Even the members here on SC who live in Pak, there posts really make you scratch your head. Its as if they follow an entirely different Islam. And if you bring up religion in everyday living (which is how it should be as Islam should be followed in every aspect of life) people call you Molvi or mock you in whatever way they can. The mentality is stuck at either type of cellphone, type of car, or places to visit. Every person is trying their best to 1-up any conversation going on. For example, if someone is talking about a car, someone has to tell how he has two cars or whatever. They have been mentally imprisoned by society that they somehow have learned to live with two hearts. On one side they will be talking passionately about Ahlulbayt (as) at same time they are not wearing Hijab or have a beard (the most basic of basic things). If you explain them with text, the people either ignore or they really believe what they say. Basically, what happened is culture (some borrowed from Hindus) and religion got mixed up and the result is present state of Muslims in Pakistan. I am talking only about Pakistan, yes West has its own problems but when it comes to state of Shia muslims, I would say its much better here in West.
  7. Salam Alikum, Mubarak on your reversion. Alright so I will help you with little bit of knowledge that Allah gave me. 1) 5 Prayers (try to pray them on time) 2) I am glad you picked a Marja (Aya. Sistani). Follow his rulings on do's and don't. Each focus of day should be to avoid any sin, pray on time, and if you want to be extra special do extra prayers. Be careful what you eat, be careful on what you see and hear. Dont burden yourself though with extras. The focus is always to avoid sins. 3) Occupy yourself in good company (you mentioned no shias around so that might be a tough one for you). 4) Read Quran for it brings calmness and certainty to Soul that you are on right path. When you get a better grasp of the basics you can work towards deeper aspects of religion such as Ethics, Irfan etc. But the biggy right now is to ALWAYS avoid sins and do the Wajibats (Prayer, Fasting etc) I am sure some other brothers will post plenty of books to read. You can look over that but again don't burden yourself with tons of information that might be difficult to implement right now.
  8. ^ Reading Quran really keeps one on straight path. Try to find one Attribute of Allah that your inner Self "accepts". For example, I know someone that whenever Shaitan tries to get him, his Self tells him that Allah is Aware. So, no matter what it is, he refuses to sin just because the Self has accepted one attribute of Allah who is All-Aware. Now, he says that he tries not to even let an evil thought creep in his mind as Allah is aware of even that. But he says he obviously falls down but tries to get back up. Its a process
  9. Don't let it stress you. InshAllah you will be fine :). Even if you think of worst case scenario that you have latent TB, "The main risk is that approximately 10% of these patients (5% in the first two years after infection and 0.1% per year thereafter but higher risk if immunosuppressed) will go on to develop active tuberculosis at a later stage of their life." Numbers are on your side.
  10. One of my colleague always get a false positive TB test and the clinic would do a chest X-ray to make sure all is good. Another thing to know about TB test is that if it is positive that doesn't mean you have TB but that you have been previously exposed to it or you have received a BCG vaccine.
  11. ^ Not appropriate. At times people say stuff without realizing this is Islamic platform... Anyways, as far as I know for men its Naval to Knee (minimum) and for women its covering of all body linings (minimum). Obviously this can change depending on community. The next part of hijab is suppose to be maintained by the other gender. So, if a women is completly covered she has done her part and from fiqh pov she is not accountable, so the other part of hijab should be observed by the man by lowering his gaze.
  12. I am glad someone noted this already and i will reiterate this. Stop publicizing your good deeds for they are burned off right away. Even when you give a single penny in secret, Shaitan tries every possible way to take even that small good deed away from you. My intention is to warn others from posting this. Making your good deeds public is a huge red flag (if I were in your shoes I would basically consider my good deeds gone by now. I am not implying that Allah has accepted them or not but rather I prefer to take the caution route as it has always been advised in Islam). Anyways, this is a disease of soul called Sum'ah which is a branch of 'Riya. "Sum’ah means to orally transmit one’s good qualities to the ears of people for the purpose of attracting them and publicizing oneself, and this tendency is a branch of the vicious tree of riya’. " I have always advice many brothers/sisters on SC before to hide their good deeds or else on day of Qaymat we would find our scrolls empty since we ourselves don't know our Nafs to see how our one action is filled with arrogance/riya/hasd etc. The mukhliseen goes to great length in order to hide their good deeds. May Allah accept our deeds, we really are not worthy of His gifts.
  13. It feels like there are way too many topics on Homosexuality lately. I would not want to go in depth of this but we should really stop this. One function of deen is that it stops spreading of such news as it leads to desensitization of an issue. For example, if a sin once considered so horrible that people would not even think about it the media now a days spreads it and keeps it on peoples mind that this increases tolerance towards such issues. What Islam does in such case is to stop the mass spreading of such news and at same time starts the second phase which is to educate people to cut down the harm. Most people on SC know Homosexuality is wrong but we keep bringing such topics and keep it on peoples mind and it will lead to desensitization and people might move from considering it a sin to becoming indifferent and maybe worse.
  14. Again, give reference to what you are saying. The book is written by Ayatollah Dastghayb Shirazi, so anything you say is meaningless without any references to back it up. The Author is a HUGE Arif so basically when he says something you can take it to the bank.
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