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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yea i actually think it should remain untouched. but why the muslims are remaining silent, there must be some mixed feelings.
  2. As-Salam Alaykem, Warahmatullah. is there an islamic prayer that anyone knows of that muslims recite before driving a car? please, if anyone could tell me this because i need this dua for when i drive to work or the university. Shukran.
  3. as salamm alaykem everyone. could someone please recite for me the islamic prayer that muslims say before driving a car? in arabic and english translation please? please, i need this dua for when i drive to work and university! Thanks! Salam Alaykem all!
  4. when you go to work, wearing a kufi and your coworkers call you Malcom X :shifty:
  5. I use the same method of splashing a handful of water on the face, and arms. i always cup and splash, unless maybe i am wiping the top of my head. but yea i always do a splash-wash when i make Wudhu, but this is what they have taught me at the Mosque i have started going to.
  6. Thanks everyone for the nice replies, and kind wishes for my grandfather. depending on who you ask, some christians will say that all Muslims are going to hell and some Muslims will say that the christians will go to hell. I dont try to argue with people about this because we all pray to the same God. Allah. so if we all worship and live for the same God, then doesnt it make sense he will bring us all to the same heaven? only God can judge who is worthy of heaven. this question has just been on my mind because im wondering how can it be one God, and more than one heaven. thnks for the informat
  7. if you are a Muslim, then do you go to Muslim Heaven after you die? do christians go to a separate christian heaven? is heaven divided into sections based on what your religious preference? I also wonder do christians even go to heaven at all, because the worship Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) and they also criticize anyone who uses the word Allah, saying that Allah is not the same as the God in the bible (creator of adam and eve). when they reject Allah, arent the rejecting thier own God? Also you do not have to answer the questions about whether or not christians go to heaven, although you
  8. do you ever think? what life will be? where will you go? after you die?

  9. Thanks I wanted more information before deciding if I will wear this or not. I did not know that this was a sunnah and perhaps this will support my decision if I choose to wear it. I guess what I really wanted to know is will other Muslims criticize me for wearing this or accept me. I definately do not want to offend any Muslims by wearing imamah that is reserved for certain positions. However it sounds like the sunnah supports wearing one and although it is not required, the decision is up to the believer. My reason for wearing it would be strictly for the purpose of pleasing Allah and follow
  10. Salaam Alaykem Friends. I would just like to know what are some of your oppinions and feelings on muslims wearing a turban. I have embraced Islam recently and actively practice it (pray 5 times a day, visit the masjid weekly, and read the Quran often). My question is should I be able to wear a turban sometimes to express my spirituality? Is this something that muslims wear in the middle east or does it just depend on your country? I live in the United States, in the urban city of detroit and wearing a turban is not very common here. I am also an African American and I currently wear a kufi hat
  11. As Salaam Alaykem. I have read about the dajjjal since converting to Islam. Will the Dajjal have the mark of the beast? IS the tripple 6 thing relevant to Islam or is that just in the christian account?
  12. hmm, my opinion is that if you really want to gain that experience, and once you have spiritually prepared yourself, you should do it! It may be that you need to take time to study and learn about your Islam and Quran before so that this will be a successful experience. Also once your parents see that you have grown spiritually, it might convince them that this is a good idea. As someone who has lived in America all of my life, and recently converted to Islam, it is a GREAT dream of mine to visit and spend some time in a Muslim country in the Middle East one day. But thankfully, there are Musl
  13. I think that an important question to guide our "free will" is what reason would we have to follow Allah's comandments, obey his rules, believe in Him and seek his pleasure in the first place? Why should we do this rather than give in to our own temptations of this world that you mentioned. I feel that it may be possible that i relate can to you because for me and some of my closest friends, the big temptation was drugs. We really enjoyed the way these "chemical reactions" shaped us into new "coumpounds". We became stoners who were very high and our mental state brought us pleasure and we seri
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