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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) if the girl is non-moslem. do u have to seek permisssion still? can a shia non-virgin girl marry a sunni or a person of ahlul kitab?
  2. Salam I have always been informed that mutaah should be contracted with GOOD women (muslim or people of the book), not with licentious women. I would presume that these licentious women are prostitutes,escorts or fornicators. Thereupon, the men who engage sexual relationship with them are also fornicators. Is my understanding correct?
  3. Salam I refer to the above quotation by sis Um Ali. If a husband has a permanent wife for which he has recourse to for sexual pleasures, and he engages in mutaah, I as a wife has a right to complain. What need has the husband for mutaah, when he can have his wife anytime he wishes to? The only need I see in this instance in when this husband does it only to satiate his LUST in an irresponsibile manner. I am appalled at the way this institution is being abused. Sexual Mutaah is the hiring (excuse me for using this term..but this is what i read from the widely read book 'temporary marriage') of a woman for sensual pleasure to prevent one from commiting sins..meaning that one has no other lawful means for which one has to satisfy one's needs. A man (who has a permanent wife available to him for sexual gratification) cannot just engage in mutaah just because he feels the need to satisfy himself with another female, hiring her for one or 2 hours, or having her as a minor wife. This is wrong. This is an abuse, and this is not what this institution is all about. As for the polygamous nature of man, I do not want to debate anything about it..say supposing he is polygamous in nature, by all means..go ahead, contract permanent marriages, have 4 wives..4 permanent wives (not mutaah wives)..because such marriages come with great responsibilities, and only men who have the means and the ability to be fair should do so, and any injustice he has done to his wives in unfair treatments, he will be accountable in the Day of judgement. Such is fairness, for such actions of sexual pleasures are equated with huge responsibilities. It is no wonder that our sunni brethren scorned this institution of mutaah cos their understanding of it is the way many shias themselves misunderstood it to be. what if the woman offer herself as mutaah to a married man who has a permanent wife to satisfy herself? I suppose a man would leap for joy, if such were to happen to him. anyway, in the first place, I do not know know whether such things happened, but if it does happen, what about it if he does it, if he feels he is doing it for the purpose of preventing the woman for falling into sin. (forgive me, sisters, if I am putting ideas into some men's heads). Suppose if I am a happily married man with a permanent wife,polygamous in nature, but did not have the means to have more than one, (and my wife forgot to put a contractual clause preventing second marriages :!!!: )and I'm offered this, what do i do? first and foremost, of course, I would think of the kind of wife I have. Also, I just must wonder whether women are really monogamous in nature...who did this study..men? Don't women too dream of having more than one husband?Forgive me, but I'm just thinking! There are some socieities in fact, where a woman do have several husbands..don;t ask me to bring forward the reference..cos i don't have at the moment. Of course, muslim women only have one husband, because such has been ordained by our Mighty Creator. We submit and we obey.
  4. (salam) Can bro Dzulfiqar provide us the link please to Syed Rizvi's lecture on this issue Thank you.
  5. (salam) I'm very interested about this marriage contract that allows for clauses to give the wife the right to divorce the husband if he takes a second wife, or is it the right to nullify the the marriage..how is the wording exactly? I was just wondering whether such clauses are valid at all; why do we prohibit what has been allowed by Allah? Is there a contradiction somewhere? Any references for such clauses in marriage contract would be much appreciated. jazakallah.
  6. (salam) There might be some women who may find it difficult to go for permanent marriage simply because there are no takers. could be widows and divorcees with many children (many responsibilities to the man if he wants to marry them). However, I agree with bro Ali that there could be bogus people (eg wahabi creeps etc) who are out to demean the whole institution altogether. This site is definitely opened to such abuses and misuse.
  7. (salam) May I know where I can get Ayatollah Fadullah's resalah? Is it in English? jazakallah
  8. salam don't u think u should ask the girl first, whether she accepts your proposal or not? :unsure: once she gives the "YES', then you can progress to the next step...anyway that's my 2 cents, otherwise it might be a great darn embarassment. best of luck.
  9. (salam) Ali KIWI, what a sore loser you are :P
  10. (salam) I agree with the view of bro Muhammed Ali 'it is easy to vote for the most virtuous thing.' As it stands, if all else are compatible, there is nothing wrong with marrying divorcees. However, sometimes in reality, what seems to be compatible or ok at this point of time, may not be so later. When 2 people(whatever their marital status may be) are in love, they feel they have the power to overcome any obstacles that may be in their way. My sister, a divorcee with children, married, a divorced man (with children), on this basis that she would be able to weather anything with him at her side. Everything seemed to be compatible at point of marriage. But a few years down the road, hubby could not tolerate her children, and she was having difficulty with his children (his ex-wife was in the pic). Plus, plus many other things. She finally dragged him to court and divorced him as she could no longer tolerate the state of things. This is not to say that such tumultous events only happen to such marriages. However, when children from other marriages and disagreeable in-laws are in the pic, it takes more effort to make such marriages work.
  11. salam just have been wondering about this for some time. All good men are promised beautiful virgins. What about us women? will we get anything? P.S. for your info, i don't mind not getting anything as long as I'm in Heaven. :D
  12. Salam My question should read 'what should be the most appropriate response.' sorry. There are people who perceived that they had made 'informed judgement and analysis' and had given up Islam for Christianity. I know of one particular case of a professional who had done this and who then converted his younger brother to Christianity. There was no change whatsoever in the relationships between the sons and the parents. I was pretty amazed. Anyway as bro Abdullah had said, the marjeed would the best person to answer this type of question. Thanks.
  13. Salam suppose one of our family members converted to Christianity. One should be the most appropriate response to this? Do we sever ties with that person? Or do we still accept them and continue as per normal relationship? Is there any hadiths with regards to this scenario? jazakallah khairan.
  14. salam gelatin from pig is definitely haram, there is no halal about it.
  15. i don't mind, i can have 4 wives, but i just have to work harder. :)
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