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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. if you really think she is the one, try your hardest to get married as soon as possible, if this doesn't work i would suggest to stay away maybe not forever but until you are in a position to marry then you can suggest her to your parents. i hope it works out well. peace! :)
  2. AOA, i am doing a project on hijab and to complete the project i need non-muslims opinion on hijab, does anybody know any non-muslim site similar to Shiachat? please reply i am desperate to complete the project as soon as possible.
  3. I would like to add pictures but i am afraid i am not allowed :( i just have to write 5000 words on the topic i have chosen :) thank you for the offer anyways :) thank you all so much for your replies :) i will try to include every answer in my project InshaAllah :) also does anyone know where i can make a forum for non-muslims to ask them there opinions on hijab?? :donno:
  4. Salam again, Ok, 3) No...4) What is that Arabic doing in my previous post? I don't know how it got there...ok back to the answer...no, it is not hard for me personally to maintain hijab in the west, but it took me a long time to finally decide to do it. Yes, I have been subject to insulting comments because of what I wear...not many, but it has happened.

  5. Salam, I choose not to answer your questions publicly. 1) Most of the time I don't think about it. Sometimes, I feel protected by it; sometimes I feel like a target of curiosity. When I put the prayer chador on down over my face, I feel like I'm in my own private room talking to Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. 2. I don't like hypothetical questions, and this one has things I can't assume. For example, if it were not wajib, would it be mustahab, or just not mentioned at all in the...

  6. thank you for your reply is it okay if i quote your name and what you have said in my project? i am really trying to present Islam in a positive light
  7. AOA, I am doing an EPQ project and the topic i have chosen is '' the beauty behind the veil-the prospective of the world and a hijabi'' to complete this project i would like to ask Muslim men about Hijab, i will be very grateful if you could answer me 1) what are your views in hijab? 2) when you see a women wearing hijab, what are your thoughts? 3) do you think that islam oppresses women? i will be thankful if you could answer me thinking that you are answering a non- muslim who thinks that hijab steels a women's freedom and that islam oppresses women thank you for your reply WS :)
  8. AOA, I have been assigned an EPG project and i have decided to do the project on ''The beauty behind the veil - prospective of the world and a Hijabi'' to complete the project i need to ask some questions to the hijabis. i will be grateful if you could answer these questions :) 1) how do you feel when you wear the hijab? 2) Would you still wear it if it was not obligatory in islam? 3) do you feel oppressed? 4) for those who live in the west, is it hard to maintain hijab while living in the west? has anyone ever been rude to you just because you wear hijab? i will be glad if you could answer me thinking you are answering a non- muslim who thinks that islam oppresses women :D also does anyone know where i can start a forum for non- muslims asking their views on hijab? Thankyou for your replies ^_^ :)WS
  9. AOA, Although i am only 18 i am thinking about marriage, since Islam really recommends it. i just wanted to ask a few questions to married people, especially to those who got married young. rights and responsibilities of a husband and wife separate but generally did you find happiness after marriage? does those warm, happy, romantic moments exit in real life that you see in movies? i don't mean those weird Indian movies but sensible movie :dry: is your husband/wife your best friend? i am only asking these questions because when i see my parents and every other couples in my family i think a happy married life is not possible, my mother doesn't seem happy she is scared of my father and her in laws, my father did hit her a few times and her in laws are not kind to her. i am surprised on my mother's patience and i wish that Allah could grand me that much patience as well. i just wanted to know if a happy married life is possible? if you have one may you always stay happy ^_^ if not then may Allah give you happiness :) please reply :) Eid Mubarak to all :) WS
  10. i want to study finance and accountancy or financial mathematics or something...i didn't look at the universities there yet..but i am sure there are some good universities teaching these courses in English.. ^_^ i don't speak Chinese but i am willing to learn..and if the course is taught in English i don't think i will have much problems.. :donno: i know i might get a better job if i graduate from UK but it really would be the last place i would want to go to study at university...
  11. lol,i was always inspired by the Chinese culture, going to study there has always been a dream of mine :)
  12. AOA, I am currently doing my A levels from UK and after that i want to go to china to do my degree, i was wondering if there is someone here who have been to china to study or is just familiar with life in china? i want to know if there are many Muslims there, specially girls who wears hijab? if not are Chinese people welcoming, or will i be seen as someone out of this world just because i wear hijab? and what about life in china in general? costs? residence? Halal food? or anything else you think i should know? i will be glad if someone could provide me with as much information as possible =) thank you in advance =))
  13. i think that most teenage marriages end up in divorce because both parties do not understand their duties as husband and wife until after the marriage. the girl might think that too much restriciton is placed on her and she might not like the idea of obeying her husband and doing everything he asks. i belive that one is only ready to marry when he/ she understand his/ her duty as a wife/ husband.
  14. i cant say that i am very close to them, specially in personal matters like this. i have to admit i am scared to talk to them about this issue. :/ i never liked those big fancy weddings, they are meaningless to me. might as well spend the money wisely. talking to my parents sounds quite scary, :s . they might laugh on this desicion :/ a few jokes were made when i decided i would wear an abaya. :(
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