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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam alaikum all, I was wondering whether any of you know of any shia lawyers versed in immigration law, in the UK? I am hoping to get married to a non EU citizen in just over a month and could do with advice from a lawyer regarding the visa process and specific queries regarding my case. Jazak'Allah khair
  2. I actually made this same post back when I first became a member of ShiaChat but, as good as the replies were, I still didn't have a complete answer that fully helped me so here I am with the same question. (I also understand that there are other posts highlighting the same problem as mine. Tbh I have seen most of them and unfortunately, they also have not helped which is why I am making this post again. I understand this may be frustrating for some, and to those members I apologise, but I feel this is a topic of upmost importance). Anyway, even though I'm sure you've probably guessed what my
  3. Here is the translation of Qunut, according to the office of Ayatollah Sitani: La ilaha illallahul Halimul Karim (There is none worth worshipping but Allah Who is Forbearing and Generous). La ilaha illallahul 'Aliyyul 'Adhim (There is none worth worshipping but Allah Who is Eminent and Great). Subhanallahi Rabbis samaw
  4. Ok thanks a lot for the advice brothers and sisters, I've decided to download OpenOffice as its free so thanks a lot for the advice, tbh I wasn't even aware such software existed. Having said that, I'm currently entering my second year of university and last year I did use Microsoft Office, as I did the same when in college. As a result I take it I should pay Microsoft anyway, but is it necessary to do so right away? P.S. For those of you wondering why Office is costing me so much (in case I didn't mention this before), it's because I have a Mac and Microsoft Office is about twice as expensive
  5. I have to be honest here, I tend to backbite quite a lot. But having said that, a lot of the things I say about people, if not everything, is said without an evil intention. I'll try to give a couple of examples without naming names to give you an idea of the context in which I backbite, and to ask you if it is still unacceptable, or if it can be overlooked: 1) Let's suppose I support a football team and a player leaves the club I support. Would me insulting him be considered backbiting? 2) Sticking to the same context of football, if a player from a club I support misses a penalty, or misses
  6. I think that this question is getting a little sidetracked, essentially what I want to know is if the money I make as a result of my degree would be haraam money as I've earned my degree through the use of an illegally obtained programme. Let's ignore what company/country make this programme. And secondly, yh I understand how £200 is not a MASSIVE ask for a programme that will help me for many years but to be honest, it's not like this is the only programme I will have to download, or the only cost I have. I also spend about £200 a year on books, a few hundred pound on trips etc and I guess it
  7. I can't seem to quote more than one reply at once so I'll just reply to your replies individually: -JSAli: He isn't answering his phone :P -Enlightened: Like I said above, Microsoft Office is really expensive, in fact it would cost me about £200 if I'm not mistaken (I would be running it on a Mac which is why the cost is so high) and to be honest, that's not a sum of money I'm happy to part. The problem is i really NEED microsoft word for my university work, then again I guess you could say that "that's life" :( -titumir, 570 & Aftahb: I don't disagree with what you say, but two wrongs d
  8. About a year ago I downloaded Microsoft Office for free (for those of you who don't know, it costs a hell of a lot of money). Now I am a little concerned though, having not paid for something is just like stealing it, and considering how all of my university work is done using Microsoft Office, is it fair to to say ALL the work I have done in the past (and will do in the future) using the downloaded Microsoft Office would be haraam? I understand I may just be being a little over the top but I thought I should ask this question anyway, just to be sure. Thanks for any replies :)
  9. Wat a group for us, Braga, Galatasary and CFR (some next romanian club). Anyhow we make the same mistakes as last season I'm gna go mad but this is the kind of group which should leave us winning each game 6-0. Maybe 3-0 against Braga lol
  10. I haven't been educating myself on what Shia'ism (if I can call it that) teaches until quite recently, so I have to admit I don't know the details of what 'Aisha did and what makes us Shias hate her so much, but one thing I do know is to celebrate anyones death, especially someone who is respected by other human beings (it shouldn't matter whether those humans are our Sunni brothers/sisters or not) is wrong. And even more so to do it in public and to record it. Not only does it paint a bad picture of us, and not only will it quite obviously start a backlash, but it also creates an evil side to
  11. As far as I am aware he can't do that, because he is locked up in hell. (Correct me if I am wrong) :)
  12. Obviously I'm not trying to suggest that the devil puts on a party hat whilst playing musical statues with his friends, and yes this question wasn't asked in a serious tone lol (or I didn't intend to ask it in a serious tone anyway), but to be fair, why not lol :P
  13. I know it sounds like an odd question, but, as far as I am aware Allah (swt) locks Satan in Hell for the month of Ramdan. In that case surely he's freed during Eid, meaning he can get back to misguiding people. In that case wouldn't that make Eid a day of celebration for Satan, as he is no longer bound by Allah? :P
  14. i just made one, not to sure how itll do as it was a little rushed but im not too sure how to make the mini league, if u set it up ill give u my username or watever u need to confirm the mini league
  15. Yh why not Ive got my own dream team atm as well, rooney aguero and jelavic in front, nani hazard and ben arfa in the midfield, i can see myself winning the prize already lol :P but im guessing ur fantasy team is on sky sports right? And as for champs league, id like to think united will win it but idk if i can see it happening, not this year anyway. Our attack is good but in defence we might become a little stuck, especially against the likes of barca and madrid. and as for barca, i dont think ud have to worry if u came up against chelsea. u now know their game and if u have villa as well up
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