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  1. I would never be addicted to here lol in fact i log in every 3 weeks or so.. I think you're addicted. Oh btw yeah some of the men here disgust me an need to learn manners and proper way to talk to a woman even if it's just online. ADMINS PLEASE DELETE IT'S BEEN TWO DAYS AND A HALF..
  2. Don't call a marjaa "wrong" easily. Instead, you should call him "shaky" that means some stuff he says don't convince you. Saying he's wrong like you went to hawza amd studied islam like he did is wrong too.
  3. 5'3.5/5'4 with no shoes 5'3. With heels 5'8. Heels do not hurt. You need to find ones that fit your feet perfectly like Cinderella's glass slippers...
  4. 5'3.5/5'4 y'all are midgets, I'm the tallest.
  5. Um .. 30 hours... I don't think the admins want to delete me..... :lol: Yooo delete meeee :cry:
  6. When i exercise yes. Latmiyat don't do it for me. I need that beat to help me go that extra mile you know.
  7. Mafatih al jinan! :) It has every thing!!
  8. Okay brother I over-reacted... I was mad because there is so much hate about women and it hurts some sisters because of how inconsiderate some men are towards us. We are humans too and we have emotions geez. I'm sorry that was your experience with women. Inshallah Allah brings you a woman that is not a gold digger. But I hope you know the difference between a gold digger and a woman that just wants a comfortable life.
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