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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams Dr. Stephen Covey - Between stimulus and response, there is a space and in that space lies your freedom to choose. And in your choice lies your success and failure. ACT and DO NOT REACT,
  2. GOLDEN...PLATANIUM RULE : EVERYTHING IS PURE FOR YOUR TILL THE TIME YOU ARE NOT SURE IT IS IMPURE. Imam Sadiq (a) - The giving of principles is on us, and the application is on you.
  3. salams in the Shia school we have rules to determine halal music. so there is halal music. you must use your intellect to place the principles which we have been given. if it works for you then enjoy. if not then please refer to Holy Qur'an sura 109 - Last Ayaat. You can have your music and I can have mine
  4. Salams to all zain Bikha is a South African artist. His music has a calming effect on your soul. His songs are lyrically very strong and always carry a message within them. enjoy n duas... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6gzyhe1w79A
  5. Salam,,, We say Ya Aba Abdillah for imam HUSSAIN (a) because that title has 2 meanings 1.It means father of Abdullah,as imam HUSSAIN had a six month old son whom we famously know as Ali Azgar,his real name was Abdullah. 2.Another reason is that many a times a title is given on the basis of the characteristics of a person,like the uncle of the prophet was called Abu Jahl,this does not mean he had a son by the name of Jahl,rather because he rejected the message of the prophet and that act was such a great act of ignorance that he was titled the father of all the ignorant. When it came to worshi
  6. Salam..... Just 2 mins into the video and all I can says is mashallah...truly amazing May Allah swt bless sayed ammar and his parents....
  7. Salam.... I am a Shia and a follower of the teachings of the holy ahlul bayt.... I am not Malaysian,I am an Indian and I condemn the stance of the Malaysian government against the Shias...
  8. Salam to all, I have written a blog on the court order passed in Malaysia according to which non Muslims cannot use the word Allah. Here is the link http://lilabuspeaks10.blogspot.in/ Do check it out... And yes the idea is to increase traffic on my blog.... Thanks.....
  9. IN THE NAME OF GOD,THE ALL HIGH. Ever wondered why your old grand parents rise up early in the morning,put on their brand new nike's,gather in a park and laugh as if there was no tomorrow. Well; seems like they know a thing or two about how the human brain works. Professor Willam James was a world famous philosopher and psychologist,he was born in new York in 1842 and is known as 'The father of American philosophy'. One of his most famous findings was the fact that not only do our feelings effect our body but the opposite also works,meaning our body can also influence the mind. He says "
  10. In the name of god,the highest. Once Imam Ali(a) was asked -what is the philosophy behind the prostrations we do in the daily prayer? As you now every Muslim establishes prayer 5 times a day.One act which is considered as the obligatory part of prayer is the act of doing 2 prostrations or sujood wherein the worshipper must touch his forehead on the ground as an act of obedience towards his creator. This act is so important that it was the reason 'Iblis' whom you famously know as Satan was expelled from the kingdom of God,as god had ordered him to prostrate but he defied Gods order and was
  11. Thanks,,,all praise is for Allah swtProphet Jesus(a)- The worst person is he who is known for his knowledge rather than for his action.
  12. In the name of Allah swt,all encompassing. In the religion of Islam to compute time the Muslims follow a lunar calendar(2:189).A lunar calendar in simple words is a calendar based on the moon,so unlike other solar or sun based calendars in which a new day begins with the rising of the sun,in the lunar calendar a new day begins with the sighting of the moon. That is why in the month of fasting you see so many Muslims looking for the new moon,because fasting in Islam is not for 30 days per se rather it's from one phase of the moon to the other or the time the moon takes to make one revolution ar
  13. SalamThanks for the appreciation but real appreciation is only for Allah swt the lord of the worlds..... There is another common point which is about how food effects our spirituality...god willingly will post that next week... They also believe that when u meditate ur intuitive quadrant opens up and u get inspired by ur lord,in Islam we call this ILHAM... Allah swt in chapter 91 verse 8 says "Then he inspired you to understand what is right and wrong"... Thanks and rem all in duas....
  14. In the name of God,the all wise. One of the greatest gift which mankind has been bestowed upon is the gift of intellect. Your intellect is this amazing faculty trough which you can reason as well understand and it by means of this that we are different from the other creations of God. And not only different but trough the use of this intellect we have established our superiority over the other creations,even tough these other creations may be stronger than us. Take the example of a dog,in many ways this animal is built stronger and tougher than us, but just by putting a leash around the dogs n
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