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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What certainly is legit is that your the son of zina Usul al kafi is not from indo PAK Einstein.....
  2. whats so funny? some lineages are from slaves, some lineages are from shoe polishers, that's nothing to be embarrassed about, JUST DONT THINK YOUR EQUAL TO SYEDS SIMPLE! Like prophet Mohammad (saw) said in usul al kafi "Anyone that changes his caste becomes a kaffir." Theres no shame in being a non syed just don't be like iblees and think your equal!!
  3. Tabbara is a part of the fifth pillar of Furoo e Deen which is WILAYAT
  4. Prophet Mohmmad (saw) was the master of languages and the master of all tongues so, prophet Mohammad's (saw) qualities are from the throne of Allah, where are your qualities from? Some dirty hospital in Usa or Canada? Lol The ayat from the Quran orders the prophet (saw) to RECITE NOT READ.....someone that recites already knows ........the meaning of mukassir is someone that limits ahle bayt(as) ability which fits your description..... Brother can u believe these people are calling themselves Shias and uttering such nonsense? They're beliefs are mirroring a certain Wahaabi group from Afghanistan which begins with T and ends in a N .....
  5. The companion was obviously upon wilayah which is why physical lineage benefited him.....
  6. Imam Ali (as) was from hazrat Abu talib (as) I.e a syed.....
  7. Abu laheb (la) wasn't from the lineage of hazrat Abu talib (as) or hazrat abdullah (as) which is the criteria for a syed.....salman (as)' greatness was due to his belief in syeds (as)
  8. Instruction manual to hell.....go for it!! Prophets (saw) family being better than non syeds isn't a tribal reason....it's a religious point....
  9. No nonsense was spewed, I have nothing against non syeds....
  10. True but the children are still physically greater, if your saying theres a lot of fake syeds in the world then that's a different subject altogether.......True and proper syeds are very few, I suggest you be careful in insulting a sayad before knowing who they are....... hair in the nose is something youd know about mister son of evolution :).........Now tell me from the Quran which non sayad was given prophethood or imamate? Prove it from the Quran? I proved Hazrat Mohammads (saw) prophethood from the Quran, tell me any non sayad outside of the sayad lineage?
  11. physically yes.......Salman (as) isn't the best example since there were infallibles (as) present to confirm his (as) greatness..........Quran is the imams (as), read the starting line of surah baqarah, it says "THAT IS THE BOOK", most translations say "this is the book" but its not this but THAT! And that book are the imams (as). Anyhow you want proof from "muslim brother" Yusuf alis quran then read about prophet mohammads (saw) prophethood in the quran, why was prophethood given to a sayad? why not a non sayad? all imams (as) and prophet mohammad (saw) were syed, and even all the past prophets (as) are from the lineage of hazrat mohammad (saw) and hazrat ali (as)...... OHHHHH hindu books u mean shia books? Oh pardon me your heart don't accept the shia hadiths......your own imagination and conscience quells your jealousy towards ahle bayt (as)......
  12. Salman (as) is the best example for non syeds, as well as all the companions of imam (as), nowhere in hadith does it say salman (as) is greater than a syed, it says salman is from ahlul bayt (as).....Answer is a lot deeper which I cannot discuss here........
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