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  1. Salaam sisters! It's been about five years since I've seen this kid and back when we were growing up there was a lot of backbiting about him. I didn't know him well enough to backbite about him but he did things that angered me like he would jokingly wink at me (I was the girl that was constantly tested because the guys in my school tried to destroy my hijab by seeing me angry). I don't remember ever saying anything about him but I still feel like I played a role in encouraging this negative behavior by not stopping it (at the least). There are many other people that I wish I could easily apologize too. I mean..there were many guys that tested my patience and I feel like I contributed to people disliking them. The only reason I haven't apologized to them is because I feel if I were to message them..out of no where, I would destruct my hijab. I've never talked to them, I've given them no attention and all of sudden to message them is like I'm trying to invite them back into my life. I emailed one of the boys a few years back and I didn't get a response and I saw him a few years after and he gave no indication to me that he forgave me. So what Im trying to ask is should I ask for forgiveness from this guy? 5 years of thinking about it indicates that I should despite the chance of ruining my hijab with him.
  2. I find that when I go into the world I don't need to explain my hijab (im fortunate to live in a place that understands it). I found that hijab gave me courage and confidence. You may be shy, but don't worry because the hijab speaks for itself. You just need to understand why you're observing it so that you can explain it to people. When you're feeling discouraged, you should always look at the oppression that the Ahlul Bayt suffered. When Zaynab and Kulthum were paraded, their hijabs torn off, don't you think that they too had a lot of pressure against them? The amount of pressure on them is (if I may bluntly say and may be out of ignorance) way more pressure than you feel with your parents. Your parents are worried...that's normal. But once you put it on and you show them that you are a strong lover of Zahra they will begin to accept this decision. My parents told me not to wear it. It took me 3 years to gather courage to wear hijab and I regret those years. One thing that I always tell people is that they need to have faith in the Imam of the time. He is here to guide and protect us and if we ask him to help us with our hijab, he will. It's a great jihad..I know! But with every hardship comes ease and we all must prepare for Imam Mahdi reappearance. On the Day of Judgement we don't want to be embarrassed in front of our Aimmah when they find out that we didn't uphold the hijab that they died for.
  3. I think you got the answer already but to comfort you about wearing hijab even though everyone has already seen you... I started wearing hijab in an awkward year as well, it wasn't the start of a new school or anything. But when I went to school with hijab, people remembered me... and not my body or my hair. So I doubt anyone will remember anything once you cover it. Another thing that I found amazing is that the students will respect you a lot more and respect your boundaries. If your hair is showing just a little bit, they'll tell you to cover up (this includes men as well...its weird). You'll get a lot of support and people will want to remember you with hijab and most will choose not to remember your hair. This was just my experience.
  4. Just broken. Sorry, I think my question isn't specific enough (Im so embarrassed to admit it). I want to know if there is a way to abase myself for what I did. I feel like Ive earned Allah's wrath. I know He is all Forgiving but i still feel like I need to abase/humiliate myself.
  5. :) OP: remember me in your du'a as you are in mine.
  6. A true shia of Imam Mahdi would never watch pornography. However someone who calls themselves a shia but really is not, can develop a habit of watching pornography. If I watched porn but later realized it was wrong, I would ask Imam Mahdi to guide me and seek intercession from him.
  7. I didn't say have faith in him. I said ask him to guide you. I know he will if you have pure intentions because Imam Mahdi is here to guide us.
  8. you can find them on twitter or facebook and send them a tweet or message if that is easier.
  9. have faith in your Imam Mahdi. If you ask him to guide you to true friends, then he will. Don't doubt him. Imam Mahdi is al-Hadi. I too don't like to befriend people at school because there aren't many people who call themselves lovers of the Ahlul bayt as. So I don't trust anyone. But I befriend everyone only superficially. They think I'm their friend, but in reality I couldn't even trust them with one small secret.
  10. They're role models for us in the way that they are perfect, and us being sinful servants want to reach perfection as well. They have a special status in the Eyes of Allah swt. I have one teacher that described the statuses of the prophets so nicely. She said to imagine many lofty mountains side by side. Their peaks are so high that it goes into the clouds. Since the clouds cover the tops, we cannot see the peaks and only Allah swt sees them. If all these mountains were all different prophets, then we cannot see their peaks and only Allah can see them. So Allah sees which of the Prophet is higher in status than the others but we cannot see which prophet is better. In this way, I can understand that all Prophets have different statuses in the Eyes of Allah. Their role model is Muhammad as Muhammad is the best of creation. So they too aspire for higher statuses as well. Which means that we can look up to them and aspire for a higher status as well.
  11. When i first started researching about salatul layl, i came across many books and websites and I never saw anywhere where it said you couldn't. I saw many place saying you can actually. I just pulled out a random website right now. http://www.alqaem.org/salatpp.html But I'm open to the truth to shatter my ignorance.
  12. alaikum salaam If you cannot think of 40 names, I believe you may recite Allahummaghfirlee mumineena wal muminaat. Don't forget to pray for Imam Mahdi! because he'll pray for you in return.
  13. Thanks! I got that all covered. I was just heartbroken because i disrepected the khaake. Ive given sadaqa but im so upset with myself. Do you know of any hadith that says hat happens if you break khaake?
  14. What would one do if they accidently broke khaake shifa? Or chipped or dropped it. Its a great disrespect.
  15. 3) Posting it by copying and pasting If your picture is already online (say on google images or you've already uploaded it somewhere). You can simply copy and paste the picture into the post. (I've done this with the picture above) Wasalam. I hope I've helped.
  16. salaam sisters! Let me paint the (hypothetical) scenario first: I finished my usual-number-of-days cycle on Sunday and did ghusl Haydh. I noticed minor bleeding on Monday and so it was considered istihadha. I did not do ghusl Istihadha in the morning and did not do wudhu before every prayer. Therefore this invalidates my prayers for the entire day. On Monday night, all blood coming out completely stopped and I became clean for the rest of the month. Now do I have to do ghusl Istihadha on Tuesday morning? (according to Sistani) Thanks in advance.
  17. There are three ways of which I know. I've posted pictures many times and they've worked all the time for me. The only times it does not work is if I'm on a tablet or smartphone but it definitely works on a desktop. 1) Posting it by a link The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have saved your scan as a jpeg file. I use something called photobucket. Im not familiar with imageshack. http://photobucket.com/ Once you've registered and logged in, there will opportunities to upload that scan. Once you've uploaded the scan, you go back to your album and click "Direct link". It will automatically copy it into your clipboard. then you have to click the image icon at the top of the posting box and simply "paste" the link. The picture will show up. --- 2) Posting it by attaching the file Another way that you can post scans is by attaching the files to the post. These can be any type of file and doesn't have to be in jpeg format.
  18. Wa alaikum salaam Were you helped or are you still having troubles? (:
  19. Salaam mon frere. Je le regarderais si je m'etais souvenu! :( Envoie un message a "Enlightened". Elle est tres gentille est elle parle en francais. I'll just read it though :) and see if i can spot anything.
  20. there's the validation! So it is right, when your soul is going towards Allah it goes through worldly debris and then to Heaven.
  21. Regarding dreams, I was listening to Dr. Shomali's webinar one night and there was time to ask questions. So I asked about the validity of dreams. He told me that most of the time if the dream happens before Fajr, it is generally true however not all of the time. I had a dream that happened before Fajr and it was the single most scariest thing that's ever happened to me. When I woke up, I broke in night sweats and was breathing heavily. Long story short, I don't think the dream was there to give me a sign about the future. I mean I took a lot of things into consideration, a lot of people that I talked to, and actually 2 years of pondering. Dreams do have a special place in Islam. A lot of the Prophets were given signs through dreams. Someone told me that when you go to sleep, your soul leaves this dunya and goes towards Allah swt and on its way it goes through this debris of clustered thoughts of the world. There was no hadith, so I can't claim its validity. Everything happens for a reason, I believe and I also believe that Imam Mahdi is there watching out for you. He gives you gifts sometimes but we show such ignorance and no gratitude. If you were meant to apply for the job, there will be other opportunities inshaAllah and if you aren't then you will somehow be stopped inshaAllah. If you're a genuine lover of the Ahlul Bayt, be sure that Imam Mahdi guards you well and guides you, he is al-Hadi.
  22. I was thinking the same as the brother above sis! Mais je sais que tu t'en fiche à propos de l'originalité haha SkyAboveDomes je sais que tu veuxxxxxx :)
  23. Oh no! This is really catchy. I started it and my mother was ready to disown me (just kidding!) In all seriousness, what turns me away from Shiism? Well when imam Mahdi reappears, he will bring to us the real Islam. What we have today is corrupted. What turns me away from Shiism is that it's not imam Mahdi who is running the show, it's people who love him. But these people who love him are fallible and make mistakes. I wish imam Mahdi was here to make sure that the truth was available. The culture that we have today turns me away, not from Shiism but from the world and it's desires. The more corruption I see, the more I yearn for imam Mahdi and the true Islam. I hope I made sense
  24. Only ghusl janabah because hayd would not become obligatory unless your cycle is finished and you are ready to pray, then you would perform 2 niyyat Edit: I agree with the previous post. Sorry I didn't read it right.
  25. :) mashaAllah. You did a great job!
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