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  1. mashaAllah and jazakallah khair!
  2. all i can think is ya mahdi! our nights have become our days and days become nights. there's no sleep and no light because we're all in so much pain being away from him. our days are not worth living if each breath and pump of our hearts is not in service to our master. al ajal! majoreen inshaAllah
  3. certainly an enigma and something to ponder over. jazakallah khair for this
  4. what poor and lowly souls we are! we're wailing and weeping from our seperation from our master. al ajal! Ahsant, this is incredible
  5. wa alaikum salaam. Question is pretty hard to answer but whenever I have a problem I look towards the Ahlul Bayt (as). Any and all good advice comes from them. We can look to the example of Lady Khadija and Prophet Muhammad (saw). You can read their story. I also asked my mother, not indicating where I got this idea/question from, about how men can find a wife by themselves. She said that it's okay to talk to a brother/sister but you need to remain in the boundaries of hijab. Your niyyat should be pure if you do decide to talk to her. I would say to talk to your parents about certain girls you want to find more about and they can set up a meeting between you two. Don't worry, if whatever girl you are interested in is the right one for you, Imam Mahdi will make sure it will happen but only as long as you love him and try your best serving him as a slave. Imam Mahdi is the guide, just ask him to help you. P.S. If you come across this particular page http://www.al-islam.org/biographies/khadija.htm, please read it with high criticism. I found many degrading statements about Lady Khadija and would not recommend you even look at it. There are many narrations of Lady Khadija proposing to al-Mustafa herself but I find this as degrading as there are many other hadith that say she told Lady Nafisa to hint to the Prophet to propose to Khadija and so Abu Talib proposed to her family. Other narrations say that she was much older than the prophet when she got married to him but I don't believe them either because that would be degrading to her personality. There are many hadith saying she was younger to him. I know it's an issue that I'm answering with no sources, but I don't have them at hand. I can search for them if you are interested. Please let me know then. Wasalam.
  6. thank you. however the original question was "should we go into depth about what our food is made out of?"
  7. My grandmother passed away last monday and I'm probably going through the same jihad as you sister <3 It's hard I know and if you need anyone to talk to, I'm here for any lover of Imam Mahdi. When I visit her grave, my family and I usually recite Surah yaseen, zukhraf (helps her when the grave is closing on her), and mulk. I usually do tasbihutul arba for her because i remember learning that while you are reciting the tasbih, a palace in jannah is being built for you. But I mostly do it because remembering the greatness of Allah swt helps me calm down. I get very emotional and whenever I feel like Im about to cry, I praise Allah swt. Try it. It may work for you. We also recite ziyaratul ashura and sometimes I talk to her in her grave reminding her to not worry and that Imam Mahdi will help us when we're being judged in front Allah swt inshaAllah. My extended family and friends helped us recite the entire quran for her. So for sure I'll help you! If you want that quran to be done, maybe we can do a double niyyat--a haadiya to both our grandparents? My extended family is reciting Surah Mulk for her for 40 days. Also we're holding majalis for Imam Hussain in her name every weekend for about 5 weeks or so. We also take our sadaqa as a haadiya for Imam Mahdi in the name of my grandmother. None of what I'm telling you is hadith, so there may be recommended things you can do. I'm sorry for your loss.
  8. Well i believe (well like to believe, I haven't reached the level of yaqeen yet in my deen) that Jesus is Prophet Isa. I don't believe that Jesus is the son of God nor do I believe he died on the cross. Regardless, they are the same people. I believe this because they have the same mother, had the same mission, the same jihad, the same book, and the same destiny (to return to the world to serve Imam Mahdi) The man who was crucified on the cross was a companion of Prophet Isa. His name was Judas/Yahuda. He was transformed to look like the Prophet and then killed. Whether he was paid to change sides or he died on behalf of Prophet Isa is something that is disputed on. Nevertheless, this companion was the one that was killed on the cross and is not Jesus. Jesus is Prophet Isa (as) http://www.shiachat....ophet-isa-pbuh/ EDIT: sorry, I just read that you wanted the answer from a christian, Jew or non-muslim. I hope you don't mind me answering the question. I can delete it if you want.
  9. This may not help much, but it might get you a little closer to the answer. (Im still reading about it, inshaAllah I'll find something to improve this answer) It's similar verse to what you bolded edit: From what I understand (I read the pooya ali commentary of both verses as well as a tafsir book by Ayatullah agha mirza mahdi pooya yazdi), the soul that the verse is talking about is that both partners (wife and husband) are created from the same nafs (like Adam and Eve). So I would assume from this that your match is made before you are born. or it could be that we are all created from the same source. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity because we come from Adam. We don't literally come from Adam and Eve, but it means that we have a nafs as well as they have a nafs and so we are related in that way. I could be wrong. Forgive me if I am. If you want to read this with me, http://www.shiasource.com/al-mizan/ for surah 4 (nisa) verse 1 (because it's similar to the verse you posted) then inshaAllah it'll help you understand the verse. Open to the truth. edit: So reading tafsir al mizan, we should not be looking at this verse (surah 4, not your original one) not as a marriage verse, but a verse about humanity. That we were all created as humans, and that's what it means about "mate". We should not think we are better than one another because we come from the same source. I've given you two ways of looking at this ayah. I hope this guides into the light. I would hate it if I lead you into the wrong direction. Forgive me if I'm wrong.
  10. Well the primary reason I said no was because, at this point in time, he would not be fighting in the army of Imam Mahdi (Under certain conditions of course... you can fight for the Imam today but there is no actual military set up for him). I hope this is understandable. Now, if Imam Mahdi reappeared tomorrow and my potential husband was enrolled in his military then hands down I'd marry him. I wouldn't care about how long he would be gone for and the loneliness he left me in or that his children have no protection...If he's fighting for his master, then nothing else matters. So then yes, I would agree.
  11. Jazakallah Khair and thank you. That's the answer I was looking for. Ive heard someone saying that Sistani deems it not obligatory to go into depth about food but I didn't know where I could find the source of it.
  12. I would not go for someone who is in any muslim army except if he is in the army of Imam Mahdi and that's not going to happen until he reappears. So at this point in time, I would say no. I wouldn't go for someone in the military. Why? Because any woman would want support from his husband and to be there for his children. In many hadith it says that before Imam Mahdi reappears there will be many deaths of men. Possibly because they will be fighting in the army. So at the moment my opinion in no but it could change when time comes around.
  13. On the bright side, there are many dua for remaining steadfast on the right path. If you want any of those, I'm sure our lovely brothers and sisters will be able to help you. As far as death is concerned, Allah swt will take you when He chooses. However, you want to be pure when you die so that if you do not end up seeing Imam Mahdi, then you will be risen from your grave to fight for him inshsaAllah. So try fixing up those mistakes. Allah swt knows best. remember to pray for Imam Mahdi and undoubtedly, he will pray for you as well. Talk to him and tell him your problems. There's no better person to go to that the one who is the inheritor of all the prophets and Imams. Imam Mahdi is salvation so "no sweat bro, he got you". You just need to seek help from him.
  14. À vos marques... party! http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%80_vos_marques..._party! There's a second one as well. it's a total teenager movie and I find it amusing :) another one is Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_gen_cfilm=108818.html This is really dramatic. It's about twins and you dont see that a lot in movies. And then you have the movies with Audrey Tautou, THE BEST ACTRESS IN THE FRENCH WORLD. I love all of her movies. In most movies she's crazy and that's why i love them. I'll give you a list. Amélie Coco Avant Chanel Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain Apparently this one is funny...but I don't remember laughing that much while I was watching it :S
  15. A lot of processed foods (mostly chocolate) that have artificial colors or flavorings have vanilla essence that has possibility of containing alcohol. However, if you were to call a company to ask them and they say yes and then you ask what kind of alcohol is in their food, they would not have the information because they bought it from another manufacturer. When we see the word, artificial color or flavor, should we call the manufacturer of the product to find out if there is alcohol in that ingredient? and when we do find that there could be a possibility that there is alcohol in that ingredient, should we go as far as calling the original manufacturer of that one specific ingredient? How far should we go in making sure that no harm is done to our imaan and bodies? I understand that there are bigger problems in our life, like perfecting our salaat and hijab, so going in depth about the foods we eat shouldn't be something we concentrate on. Also, there's always benefit of the doubt but I think that if we have the resources that Allah swt gifted us with (like a phone), then we should use it. What do you think? Its purely your choice in life if you want to go in depth, so what would you do in this case?
  16. In Lady Zahra's speech to Imam Ali she told him to marry her cousin Yamama for she loved her children a lot. I'm not sure about the date but Hadrat Abbas was born 15 years after the death of Lady Fatima and since Imam Ali married Yamama before Ummul Banin (I think), I would assume that he married her within 15 years after her death. Forgive me if I am wrong. Open to the truth.
  17. well it says and then it says So I'm assuming that it means the same thing...that the ahlulbayt represents the Prophets and so Imam Ali represents Prophet Ilyas. I would believe that it means that the Ahlul Bayt are the leaders of the time just like Prophet Ilyas was the leader of his time.
  18. alaikum salaam If you go to http://www.al-islam.org/ and you search up these names, you will get a list of resources that you can use. For example, http://www.al-islam.org/restatement/61.htm
  19. oh wow, I think I've created a title for myself here. Forgive me, my intention for posting that earlier question was not to "see who has the best answer". No, this was a genuine question.
  20. We pray that imam mahdi helps them through the power Allah swt has given him. Keep remembering the imam of the time in you du'a and he won't forget you in his!
  21. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235006014-here-she-goes-again/#entry2474260
  22. Thank you brothers/sisters Backbiting is a tricky situation and if it's done to a believer or non believer it is still considered wrong. When someone backbites about someone else, the backbiters good deed is switched with the victim's bad deed. Ive never drank alcohol but I could still have in in my record and be punished for it if I backbit about someone who drinks. The way I see backbiting is that I'm actually more scared of backbiting about a non believer than believer because on the Day of Judgement, the disbeliever will not forgive you because they want your good deeds whereas a believer will forgive because forgiving belongs to the pure. This comes from no hadith so don't quote me on it. I just wish Imam Mahdi was here right now to tell us what is right and wrong so that we could be taken out from the doubtful :( May you be granted mercy and Jazakallah Khair for you answers. I sent it. This is a really big jihad.
  23. I am an 18 year old girl from a South Asian ancestry (Indian) and I'm having troubles with my parents accepting my boyfriend because he is much older than me. My boyfriend and I met online in this online site. We found each other through our poetry and decided to exchange personal information. We found out that we live on 5 minutes away from each other and so this led to us becoming a couple. After months of talking with him, I've fallen in love with him and he has reciprocated those feelings. We feel like we are meant for each other and want to get married. He is a white american and is 25 years older than me. He promised me that he would convert to Islam and I trust him on that. My father cannot accept him because of the huge age gap and wants me to get an arranged wedding. How can I make my family accept him? My boyfriend doesn't come from my culture and doesn't understand the importance of the role of a father in his daughter's life. Also can you give me stories of marriages that happened within the history of Islam that destroyed the concept of age gaps restricting marriage? I understand that Islam wants the couple to have the same maturity level and I believe we are at the same level. Please don't give me the story of A'isha being 9 when she got married to the Prophet. I also don't want to hear that Lady Khadija was older than the Prophet when they got married. Give me stories like that of Wahab b. Habab Kalbi. He was a newlywed christian who after hearing about Imam Hussain's mission, gave shahadat and him and his wife died as a shahid. Those stories are inspirational and uplifting. Thank you. Edit: Give me the easy going advice, the lies (ex. don't worry about your family, if you love him that's all that matters) as well as the hard hitting advice, the truth (ex. you destroyed your hijab and this is not how a muslim girl should act, immediately break up with him). and then give me advice that is in the middle, the sugar coated.
  24. I believe kohl is lead sulfide...so all kohl contains lead. umm...i believe it's hadith to put on kohl so there must be many benefits to it.
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