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  1. Salaamun alaikum, Does anyone know what happens to the mawakib along the Najaf-Karbala road after Arbaeen? I heard they are abandoned however, a few are operational. Does anyone know where I can find out which one are operational? and what do they do in those mawakib on a daily basis?
  2. I think it’s a beautiful thing as well, on the condition that the conversations are done respectfully. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  3. Thank you for your post. I’m not sure what "logic" of mine you are speaking of. You can elaborate if you’d like. My question is not about major problems and issues because I don’t suspect that would happen. My question is asking about the frictions - points of conversation that would need to be addressed whether before marriage or in the moment. If I, a shi’a, marry a non-shi’a and want children I would want to discuss before the marriage areas where there may be friction ie. What madressah will we send them to, how will we teach them to pray, how do they pay their khums. I hope that clarifies my question.
  4. Thank you for sharing. That is definitely something to discuss beforehand as it can cause a bit of friction. That’s a good point.
  5. Thank you for sharing. It does sound like it’s possible that rulings may be confused in this type of marriage especially when teaching children. Ie. Your child follows one marja and asks you a question about a ruling, but you confuse the two rulings. For example, how khums is paid. That would entail that the parents know the basic rulings of the marja the child does taqlid of. thats a really good point so thank you for sharing.
  6. Im sorry I don’t understand what you mean by this. Where have we come and whose wives? Yes, 100% we come from the same source and return to it. thank you for sharing your thoughts. To all, Never thought there would be any major issues. You all seem like you’ve experienced a lot on shiachat to have taken this question offensively. I’m sorry that you have experienced it. Conflicts between marriages between people that come from different countries or cultures exists even if they follow the same marja. I’m sorry, although I do respect the kind answers received, I don’t quite buy that there will be no frictions. For example, if I asked what are the frictions between people who come from different countries. An answer would be: they would need to discuss where they would live if they wanted to live together. Mind you, I posted this is the family section not in jurisprudence. Im not asking about the permissibility of this marriage. I know the differences between the maraja. Thank you for your input, however. The meme is funny so also thank you for sharing.
  7. Salaam With respect to all the maraja, May God give them all long lives for the truth they share with us, I wanted to know what sorts of frictions of conflicts one can foresee between a marriage of two people who strongly follow Sayyid Sistani and Sayyid Khamanei, respectively. I wasn’t able to find the question elsewhere; if it exists, please do kindly share it with me. I don’t suspect there be any major issues but I am just looking into the topic for personal reasons. I’m especially curious if it will make it difficult for children who come from that marriage if no agreement for the influences the child will be exposed to was made beforehand.
  8. As salaamu alaikum - I am wondering about the daughters of Imam Ali un Naqi al Hadi, and Imam Muhammad at-Taqi. However, firstly, I hope you can help me clarify something - in Kitab al-Irshad, compiled by Shaykh al-Mufid, the children of Imam al-Jawad are listed as, I know Imam al-Jawad has a daughter, Sayida Hakima, who taught Sayida Narjis when she married Imam al-Askari. Are one of the names written above, Fatima or Imama, referring to Hakima khatoon?
  9. Salaam, Shah Abdol Azim (buried in Ray, Iran) compiled a book with the sermons of Imam Ali predating Nahj al Balagha by 150 years. Does anyone know what the title of the book is in its original language and know where to get access to it?
  10. Lady Zaynab says the words "I saw nothing but beauty" to Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad. Can anyone help me find the Arabic script? Thanks.
  11. bumping this again because I have a question. I've heard many reasons why one loses a ring such as it's good, or it's bad, or the ring doesn't suit one. Is there a real reason why one loses a ring?
  12. "your remedy is within you, but you do not sense it. your sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it. you presume you're a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire universe. You are indeed the evident book, by whose alphabet the hidden becomes manifest. Therefore, you have no need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you, if only you reflect." Apparently it's in Nahj al Balagha, but I can't find it there. Could someone shed some light on the source. Thanks
  13. I am so grateful!!! I hope this isn't a challenging request Here's a dropbox link .https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5jlbuzrc1qucq6c/AAArDU_86PdNdLc5BQGzI7k0a?dl=0. In whatever way you prefer to send me the translations, I'll be happy to accept be it by email, direct messages, here etc :)
  14. Salaam alaikum, Is there anyone generous enough to help me translate these 40 short hadith I have into english? It was a promise I made 4 years ago but I've recently regained hope. example -
  15. Went there a week ago. Barely anyone was there since it was a weekday so the English lecture didn't go on. I wish they started up the youth group again so I could get to know some younger people
  16. Salaam, I know there is a way to slaughter a chicken so that it's halal. Can someone guide me through it or send me a link?
  17. Some sisters don't like to play games. I wouldn't want to "grab a cup of coffee" with any guy because God knows what he actually wants. A lot of women with honour will appreciate you for thinking about marriage. Tell her through a mutual friend that you're interested in getting to know her for the purposes of marriage. You can say it directly to her but some girls might find that too direct. Remember, you're putting her on the spot and that might make her uncomfortable even if she is interested.
  18. Salaam Alaykum sisters and Shahr Ramadhan Mubarak I'm looking for a French language partner I can speak with on Skype to practice my oral and written. I've talked with people but they're strangers so it's very scary if they tried to stalk me. I don't think a Shia sister would try to hurt me ;P I need someone who is serious about helping me améliorer mon français and I could help you practice English. Est-ce qu'il y'a qqn qui peut m'aider svp?
  19. Salaam Alaykum and Shahr Ramadhan Mubarak I've always wondered how the mosque programs work at al-Hussain foundation centre in Markham. I don't know anyone there so I haven't gotten the courage to go in since I'm not Arab. Are there any youth here from that centre and does al-fajr youth sill exist?
  20. Salaam, According to Sistani, hand sanitizer is permissible to use. however, are we allowed to eat something wet with our hands after we use hand sanitizer? Is this type of alcohol permissible to consume?
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