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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. plz provide the source with arabic matan
  2. this is harsh reality which every 12rs should accept it no doubt some Quranic verses which have been interpreted of each sect (according to their madhab) should not impose on others, the issue arises when 12rs try to claim and prove their 12rs imamat from sunni source which they are not capable of neither they can do.. believing in both are not part of our asool e deen neither we ever claim that these things are clearly mentioned in the holy Quran, fundamental part of Islam like Salah, zakah, and Hajj are cleary mentioned in the holy Quran, so as those names should also be clearly mentioned if it is fundamental part of our deen. agreed, and as i said earlier scholars have interpreted verses according to their own sects.. we have no objection if any 12rs claim that imamat is mentioned in shia books, the objection comes when 12rs quote the sunni interpretation to prove their claim.. we are never confused about this hadith, surprising fact is 12rc quote this hadith every time to prove their concept of imamat.. y shia never quote their own authentic hadith on the subject (if have) to prove their claim.. AFA this hadith is concerned, if you read our books with open mind, u will easily find name of these people in our hadith books, so by referring this hadith, ur argument becomes v weak in order to prove your claim isnt funny that many days have been past since this challenge has been given and no knowledgeable shia come forward to prove his fundamental concept from sunni books.. in other words you are agreed upon that shias can not prove their imamat(in any case) from our books.. what i assume farid intention was not to let down the shias by proving them wrong when they always quote sunni hadith in order to prove their concept, rather thn he wants to give a clear idea for new comers (in islam) who becomes v confuse whenever they read these things on different forums, so via debate purpose was to give them clear understanding of this fact that both shia and sunnis are different madhab, and this thing will lead and help them to chose the right belief.
  3. without going into details, i would say Asqalni simply erred, and you can find these contradictions in shia hadith science as well.
  4. وقال أبو جعفر بن جرير : حدثني أحمد بن يحيى الصوفي ، حدثنا الحسن بن الحسين الأنصاري ، حدثنا معاذ بن مسلم بياع الهروي ، عن عطاء بن السائب ، عن سعيد بن جبير ، عن ابن عباس ، رضي الله عنهما ، قال : لما نزلت : ( إنما أنت منذر ولكل قوم هاد ) قال : وضع رسول الله - صلى الله عليه وسلم - يده على صدره ، وقال : " أنا المنذر ، ولكل قوم هاد " . وأومأ بيده إلى منكب علي ، فقال : " أنت الهادي يا علي ، بك يهتدي المهتدون من بعدي " . وقال ابن كثير « وهذا الحديث فيه نكارة شديدة» (تفسير ابن كثير4/545) أخرجه الطبري (7/344) وهو حديث ضعيف.وقال الذهبي «رواه ابن جرير عن معاذ بن مسلم ومعاذنكرة فلعل الآفة منه» (ميزان الاعتدال1/484).
  5. 1053ز- حدثنا عبد الله حدثنى عثمان بن أبى شيبة حدثنا مطلب بن زياد عن السدى عن عبد خير عن على فى قوله (إنما أنت منذر ولكل قوم هاد) قال رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم- « المنذر والهاد رجل من بنى هاشم ». Shuayb al Arnaut said: إسناده ضعيف وفي متنه نكارة “Chain is weak, and there is rejection in the content”.
  6. One of rediculous point I ever read, in other words you r saying every one of ur imam failed to save his govt nd even preserve the Quran; because Quran which sunni hve tidat is not the one which has been preserved by ur imam
  7. hopefully u also show no mercy for hazrat Ali RA as well because he also didnt give the fadad back to his family when he became caliph.
  8. A new attempt of Rawafidh to refute Minhaj as-Sunnah
  9. @TheIslamHistory, all your posts are irrelevant.. my arabic is bit a weak ... so wuld be gr8 if u point me towards the right hadith where all 12 names are explicitly mentioned.. plz keep in mind i m not asking for the word "12" , but wht i m looking for a single authentic shia hadith which explicitly mention the name of all your imams..
  10. dont you think so tht its a strange concept tht the name of the man we had to follow after Prophet Muhammad SAWW is not mentioned explicitly. Yes, all 124,000 prophets do not need to be named because they have no relevance to us, but the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) has special relevance to the Muslim, so He is clearly mentioned in the Quran. i am not asking all your imam names but atleast the fist one should be mentioned explicitly if He and his divine appointment of Imamah are the fundamental part of faith. ? 99 different names for Allah have been mentioned in the Quran. 6 entire chapters are named after the names of the Prophets (yet not a single verse let alone an entire chapter is about an Infallible Imam). Luqman, Aziz of Egypt, Zulqarnain, Abu Lahab, and Zaid (ra) are some of the few mentioned by name in the Quran. 4 different angels are mentioned by name, 5 different mosques are mentioned by name, etc. So why is it that Ali’s name (ra) is not mentioned a single time in the Quran? The Quran is supposed to be complete, and yet the Shia are saying that the fundamental core belief is not even in it.
  11. i was asking only shia authentic source.. though the first one is also frm shia source but here i will b more focus on the 2nd narration..i tried to find hard to locate al fadl book (كتاب الغيبة).. wht i know abt him tht his actual work was lost.. so may i ask, do you have his book ? when this book was reprinted ? can u provide me original scan page of this book ? i have already replied you so dont want to waste my time more on this topic..
  12. almost 1400 yrs hav been past but still shias are failed to present a single verse which is clear proof of their divine leadership.. criteria ? yes if we can find all the usool e din in the Quran then why imamat is missing ? If Ali RA and his divine appointment of Imamah are the fundamental part of faith, then where are the Quranic verses that mention Ali RA ? even we have the name of Hazrat Zaid (RA) in the Quran but not a single verse with the name of Hazrat Ali (RA) (the first Infallible Imam). To the Shia, the religion revolves around Ali RA, so shouldn’t he be mentioned in the Quran? The Prophet (SAWW) has been mentioned numerous times by name and his position as prophet and messenger are mentioned in multiple places.
  13. there is no need to give me a link or a whole page. it would be gr8 if u provide any single authentic shia hadith which explicitly mention the name of all 12 imams ..
  14. i was only answering the above post which was regarding the names...nd there is Not a single verse in the Quran mentions the names of shias Infallible Imams.. hope it clears
  15. imamat is part of shia usool-e-din (fundamental of religion), and we know tht all the usool-e-din are clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran with their names other thn imamat.. naming Sahaba was not important, since its not our usool e deen neither we claim that they are divinely appointed by Allah , so does not matter if they are mentioned with or without name.
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